A Surprising Game Reveal Teased And Bad News Hits Xbox's Big Deal? | News Wave - gametvseries.com

A Surprising Game Reveal Teased And Bad News Hits Xbox’s Big Deal? | News Wave

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In the next few weeks several events are scheduled and rumored to take place. With Konami appearing back in the news it looks like more sources are pointing to some big remasters set for reveal.

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00:00 – Start

00:45 – Steam Deck Could Include A Streaming System

2:01 – Assassin’s Creed Mirage Revealed

3:17 – PS5 Still In Stock On PlayStation Direct

4:20 – Microsoft Activision Deal Comes Under Heavy Investigation

9:14 – Famitsu Sales Chart

12:40 – Metal Gear Solid 1-3 Remastered Rumor

15:36 – Halo Infinite Updated Roadmap For 2023

18:44 – Poll

19:41 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. I have to imagine that split screen co-op accounts for less than 1% of potential players. If it takes that much resources, axing it is the right choice.

  2. I would buy MGS COLLECTION Day One for my Switch OLED, & PS5 WITH COOL HEPTIC/TRIGGER EFFECTS !!!!

  3. Ever since Konami decided to throw most of their chips in with pachinko I have done my best not to give them any money. They have come close with these collections, but that's all their putting out. I feel like they are just trying to fool me into giving them money again for games that I can still technically get and play already.

  4. 343 should just make split screen co-op exclusive to Series X/S consoles, sure everyone will be mad but at least we have it. My guess as to why it was canceled is because the VCR Xbox couldn’t handle split screen co-op.

  5. Crossing my fingers the metal gear rumor is true!

  6. A God Of War bundle for PS5 would be lit.

  7. ngl i wanna see xbox make all future cod games exclusive because i enjoy the fanboys going at each other and i need some entertainment XD

  8. I regret not buying F-Zero GX back when I saw it for $4 at Gamestops bargain bin years ago…

  9. jon withGlasses: lets go over the news
    Jon with contacts: I'M GONNA TELL YOU THE NEWS

  10. If I am to buy MGS 1-3 for PS5, I hope they at least give MGS2 a 3D camera already.

  11. The PS5 is still sold out where I live. I also checked the direct, still sold out there too.

  12. Aaaaahhahaha so much for Halo “infinite”. What a bad joke

  13. Would love to see some oracle of seasons and Oracle of ages renewed.

  14. Its dumb for the Government to step in and treat COD like a public utility

  15. Microsoft is handling some 🔥 property and are working on some 🔥 wall management lol

  16. I will buy the Metal Gear Solid Collection in a heart beat.

  17. Predicting it now, Halo is going to be handled by the Call of Duty devs in the future. Probably the team that handles Black Ops and have the Modern Warfare team move forward with future COD entries.

  18. I really hope the next crash bandicoot game wont be a xbox exclusive😭 bc thinking about it really hits home

  19. As long as Konami didn't bin the source code for the Metal Gear games like they did with the terrible Silent Hill 1 & 2 remasters years ago and actually give the staff the time and resources they need… It might turn out really good.

  20. What kind of adult has time to dick around gaming when they leave the house?

  21. Hey shout out to you bro i finally got a ps5 for retail

  22. If you want a Playstation 5 from Sonys Store.get ready cause its a whole thing

    you have to Sign in an Be registered through their Store an only then you can

    be Selected to buy a PS5//its kinda a Hassle i think but not my Problem really

    cause i got one ages ago 😛 GL to you all~~~!!

  23. The issue with Konami is they will see the positive feedback for MGS and then release another metal gear survive, when they should just be selling the rights to Kojima, or at least working with him again.

  24. Finally cod on gamepass let get it that a w

  25. Windows Phone isn't a thing and hasn't been for a while now…

  26. Well, I guess we won't be getting halo. My husband and I were waiting specifically for split screen co op because we don't like halo enough to play it just on our own 🤷‍♀️

  27. If I was Microsoft I wouldn't take it away. I'd just set it up to get a bigger piece of the microtransactions pie

  28. Walmart still has the bundle in stock since yesterday

  29. As a Switch and PC player, I generally just get Gamepass PC every so often as a supplement, then I cancel it after a month or two. Any big Microsoft game I want to play consistently, I just buy on Steam–this would still be true with any Activision/Blizzard game.

  30. Wait till the holiday season when everyone wants a ps5

  31. All The PS5's are out of stock now 😢

  32. I find it funny that Sony is fighting the merger of Activision Blizzard so hard. They have had a dominant position in the HD console market for the last 10 years because of third party exclusive content and games.

  33. nobody cares about your famitsu sales charts, this isn't news

  34. In order for steam to make the steam deck a streaming machine, they will need to work a lot on their current streaming code. I can play ps5 and series x games via streaming over WiFi with better results than using the steam deck streaming my gaming laptop via Ethernet.

  35. Yup the horizon bundle been easily available for weeks now

  36. What are you talking about it makes more sense for them to keep Call of Duty on Playstation they're making more money by keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation yes they will have to share the revenue with PlayStation but that still extra money

  37. It's pretty obvious Microsoft's true intention is to eventually keep COD as a Microsoft exclusive. It what it is.

  38. Best Buy has plenty of Xbox Series X/S consoles just have to order them.

  39. Remastered Rerumors: Definitive Speculation Edition

  40. Twin Snakes remastered would hold up great I think next to MGS 3 and 4. The cinematics got more over dramatic or not as big of a deal that it was to some back then; accused it loss somehow "realism" in the cutscenes being a bit too anime, if I remember right. I always thought it was just MGS that played and looked like MGS2, on a Nintendo console, impossible to complain.

  41. WHY can’t I buy Metal Gear Solid 4 from the PlayStation Store????? I know this sounds weird, but I WANT that snake damnit…. I want it…..

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