After 9 YEARS we have the Halo TV Show RELEASE DATE!! -

After 9 YEARS we have the Halo TV Show RELEASE DATE!!

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We FINALLY have a release date for the Halo TV Show as confirmed on Twitter, which we will see a world premiere trailer at the half-time show. Halo Infinite has been out a couple months with fans loving the campaign and multiplayer, apart from the store/shop, but hopefully, the Halo TV, on Paramount+ can bring in more fans to enjoy the franchise.

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After 9 YEARS we have the Halo TV Show RELEASE DATE!!


  1. Here's to hoping this isn't as bad as the Star Wars tv shows. At least with this show being in a silver timeline, it can't permanently damage the Halo brand like the Last Jedi etc did for Star Wars.

  2. From what I can gather, this show is the MCU and the games alongside books and media are the comics hence why they’re in separate continuity meaning they can pull pieces from the games to integrate it into future seasons.

  3. Would have been sick if it dropped on Feb 3 (day of first contact, AND my birthday!) but March makes more sense I guess!

  4. 9 years. 9, long years. That’s how long it took to get the Halo TV Show release date back.

  5. Hyped af bro. I don't care it isn't 101% canon lore blahblah. It's fvcking Halo.🥰

  6. “Nothing happens in March!” Hmmm… looks at The Batman*, *looks at Moon Knight yeah nothing too special

  7. I'm veeeery sceptical about this show. All the things they've mentioned so far is a huge red flag. The Covenant raising a Human, turning Miranda Keyes black, not following the canon, the actor for Chief refusing to do impersonations… It all sounds like a recipe for disaster. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I just wish that these writers and actors would respect the source material for once. It's the reason why every live-action videogame adaptation fails, and they seem to be making the exact same mistake once again with this. I'm expecting a dumpsterfire, ngl. Hope I'm wrong though. I've wanted a Halo movie or TV show for as long as I can remember. I really want this to succeed

  8. I just hope they stay true to the lore and spruce material. I know I might sound out of no where here, but I’m been disliking recent movies and tv shows that have gone against the source material in favor of some political bias and shilling. The screenshots look amazing, I can’t wait!

  9. This video is number two when I search up halo tv show, can’t wait for it to come out

  10. I'm super hyped, but I will not be watching a Football game to see the trailer. I'm sure it will be on YouTube within minutes.
    It will be airing in the middle of March Madness so maybe they will do some promotional crap lifting basketball players up as heroes like they did for the Football players.

  11. I saw the reclaimer symbol in a promo image released and was immediately on board 100% after that. This show has such crazy potential

  12. Hope it gets a release on a streaming service over here. Don’t wanna have to subscribe to fucking NordVPN lmao

  13. Hollywood ruins too much for me to wax gullible.

  14. Me birthday happens in March! & pretty close to the release date, so there’s that_ I’m looking forward to seeing how the show is received. I hope it does GREAT!!😊

  15. Jack Fletcher sounds like the name of a character in a novel that’s a secret agent.

  16. I feel like they really missed an opportunity to have Steve Downes voice the chief in this show.
    If he sounds off to me, it's gonna kinda ruin the experience tbh.
    I mean they got Jen to come back for Cortana. Why not Steve too?

  17. Chiefs suit looks like plastic. In the teaser trailer there's a female spartan walking with this stupid sexy swagger walk. And chief just looks super stiff and thin. Not skinny, thin. This show better be good but I'm already telling you guys it's gonna flop.

  18. You're voice and video have been out of sync lately! Take a look to it!

  19. Ill be passing on this woke dumpster fire of a tv show. Which sucks bc ive wantes a live action Halo show that has good production quality and cgi. So disappointed.

  20. 9 years and now we will have halo wokeified like so many other beloved series

  21. Ohh, ho!!!!! I am Most Abso-fraking-lutely Hyped for it, my dude!!!!!

  22. Halftime show is saved for the final game of the season this is play offs the final game is feb 13

  23. after 9 years its here! and its woke as shit!

  24. I'm really put off by how fake the spartans and the pelican looked in the trailer. Comes out on my birthday too

  25. Youre literally not going to believe this but i got this commercial by paramount on this video like literally what are the odds

  26. So glad this shit isn't canon and is it's own thing with how much they changed and added in. Looks pretty good for what it is.

  27. It looks like cheese, I’d be happy to be proven wrong. But idk.

  28. I Know what happens in March My birthday XD

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