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All Halo TV Show Leaks

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I’m super hyped for this show I think they are going to have a lot of young John in the show because on a imdb page it shows 6 episodes for young chief and one for teenage chief.

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  1. This, like most other video game adaptations, is either going to be really good or really bad.

  2. You think Jim Henson’s Creature Shop’s involved in this tv show to provide the covenant races?

  3. truth be lookin kinda like a rubber mask :/

  4. Was that… The rubble? From Halo: The Cole Protocol cause if so, that's awesome

  5. Chief better not be some strong woman with a victim complex…

  6. that last one looks more like some sort for concept art involving necrons than anything halo

  7. If these turn out to be real I might have a heart attack

  8. The Covenant better be people in costumes.

  9. Why the Prophets? They don't show up till Halo 2.

  10. I can't be the only one that thinks the prophet looks like Samuel L Jackson right?

  11. Will chief be voiced by Steve downes though?

  12. I don't know why but I'm getting like Star Wars Mandalorian vibes

  13. Im hoping it goes exactly like the game went Halo CE to Halo 3 all lvls and all that crap

  14. I already know its gonna be ass lmaoo. High hopes for it though

  15. Why do all the images looked like they were captured on a potato?

  16. Didn’t this end up getting cancelled? Because of an awful script?

  17. Whether these leaks are real or not, they are still better than the early Sonic Movie leaks. Not that I hate the original design, just saying. I only like the original design trailer better becaue it feature more action and serious stuff than comedy and jokes.

  18. Bro, it's never ever gonna happen, it's been rumour for like 10 years. Forget this stupid shit, and even if it makes it, it's gonna be trash.

  19. This very much looks like a "What if…" scenario where Blue Team replaces Grey Team in black ops missions

  20. wait… what if theyre just from the multiplayer seasonal trailers. still looks cool tho

  21. The art direction looks solid as of now, and I am interested in how they handle the fact the UNSC are space nazis that humans only rally behind to avoid extinction.

  22. “When you first saw halo tv show we’re you blinded by it’s beauty.”

    Me: yes

  23. Wait, is this real? I played the video thinking it was a joke

  24. They are probably running the entire first trilogy idea.

  25. Oh my god I cant, I just looked at the IMDB page for this series and whoever translated the short description into german made a massive mistake. They translated Aliens as 'Ausländer'.
    Just so you know, Ausländer means foreigners.
    The text basically says: Foreigners threaten human existence in an epic 26th-century showdown. TV series based on the video game 'Halo'.

    I just cant anymore, I'm laughing too much. How does that happen?

  26. I hope it’s dark and gritty like Halo landfall was

  27. What if it’s just cut scenes of halo infinite

  28. Should have CGI’d the Prophets instead of making those disproportionate costumes

  29. Not too much information but all I can say is that it follows official cannon and uses the books for episodes

  30. Well the fan cries have began, Star Wars fans be careful you have an opponent coming…

  31. Bro if I see the letters CW when I start watching im finna cry

  32. I much prefer an adaptation of the master chief story into a single narrative instead of another “master chief shows up and kicks ass” canon event to be carelessly shoved into the timeline.

  33. Prophet looked like Steppen wolf from justice league snyder cut

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