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Best Scenes Episode 1 – Contact Halo TV Series (Paramount)

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  1. Cgi is great, props are great, but the narrative sucks. It isn't even about "an alternate timeline". This is how to bucher a great character.

  2. 0:13 I did that when I defeat the hammer brute in the final boss fight of Halo Infinite

  3. That scene was so silly when that dude had his big 'tough guy' moment right before that elite picked him up and was like.. "Wort ok.." Then just casually impales him like it was just another tuesday.

  4. I never had a favorite scene. I hated all of it really

  5. When the spartan charged the plasma pistol and just MELTED the elites head. Easily best part of episode 1 for me.

  6. The elites look, move & act like brutes. They’re not like the elegant elites from the first 3 games.
    These are more inline to those abominations in 4.

  7. I kind of wish they got the actor from the game

  8. The one with the moron who engaged in melee, with an ELITE armed with an energy sword, no less.

    Apart from that, my favorite of all time is the end credits…

  9. You mean best scenes season 1? Because this is the best it’s going to get

  10. The show at least does a good job at showing how badass chief is. I didn’t mind the first face reveal but after seeing the trailer for next episode I really hope they stop showing his face.

  11. The CGI was far worse than I expected based on the trailers. Chief jumping on that elite looked like a PS2 game.

  12. I feel like the elites have been designed as being as beefy as I'd expect the brutes to be. I can't imagine how big they've made the brutes now

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