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Today’s vid is on the Sony X90K and it’s improved picture quality in regards to Gaming and it’s local dimming. It’s also now an excellent value as well as performing better than ever.

Special thanks to Value Electronics for supplying the Sony X90K for extended review and please consider making your next AV purchase through them or call them directly at 914 723 3344 and ask for Robert or Wendy and please mention Brian at BRIAN’S TECH THERAPY. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Picked up the 85inch X90CK and played with the video options. We had some people over and everyone was blown away. It was so fun rewatching movies with the amazing picture. Ps5 games are a dream too

  2. Wow, it don't support Dolby Vision, on sites specs, they say it support Dolby Vision, weird

  3. Is the x95k in an 85” way better (dimming zones) vs the 85” x90k?

  4. Is the max for 120hz 1080p? Or can it do 1440p/2160p at 120hz, for both Xbox series x and ps5?

  5. Hi, how is the panel uniformity? dse? I had a sony x90j and it was so and so.

  6. The 65" being $1K right now I think makes this a no-brainer. I'm gonna go back to Costco and see what I really think about this TV in person, because I kind of also want a QNED85 or even a B2, but I wouldn't mind saving the money and just dealing with some blooming and lifted blacks.

  7. Well now I know I can't get my PS5 to Perform 120HZ 1440P with my TV ( 2:46 ), but at least I have native 120hz, and not stuck at 60fps.

  8. Great video Brian .. this tv is my short list of possible purchase.. any chance you can show any improvements in other content the update has improved? ..thank you ..

  9. How is the input lag for this TV? I see what RTINGS has put, but i want a good TV for shows, movies, and gaming for my xbox series x. I do play games like Destiny 2, Apex, shooters, etc and want to know if this TV really feels responsive and will be good for it? Because i am looking at the LG C2 as well. Thank you 🙂

  10. Not Going To Lie, Having A Terrible Time With The Samsung S95B Big Time!!! Keep Having Connection Problems and Some!!! I Have to Get This 1 Fixed ( HDMI Panel Issues!!!) And Sent The Last 1 Back. Blue Screen on Standard Picture Mode And Didn't Get 120 Refresh Rate For Some Reason And Was Told By Tech On Phone to Send It Back And I Love This TV I Really Do Especially When I Got To See The Second 1 Which Picture Was Like We All Know It To Be 120HZ And Picture Settings All Good But Connections of Devices Like Fire Stick And The XBOX SERIES X Losing Signal Constantly Rather Through The Denon AVRX6700H eArc Connections Or Straight To The TV Itself Didn't Matter!!! The Nvidia Shield ( Check The HDMI Cables And Yes They Was Good enough For LG CX And Denon AVRX6700H So I don't Know Why Not For The Samsung??? ESPECIALLY When The 4k Amazon Fire Stick N XBOX Series X Comes 🤔 With It's Own HDMI Connections/ Specifications!!!! How 🤔 Can 1 Miss On Those 2 Fars Their Own Connections Assigned!?!?!?) Hey Whispers, If The Sony, That Your Showing Up There Or Good Enough ( Yeah No QDOLED Or Oled Picture I'll Probably Like It Or Adjust To It!!!!) Kinda Like The Samsung S95B, Then I'll Take It!!! Especially If Samsung Tech, That's Coming Out, Can't Get This Right, I'll Probably Check Out The Sony X90k!

  11. I think X90K is a good combination between x90h and X90J, the x90h is great tv but have lower brightness level, the X90J improved but have lower color coverage, the X90K improve in brightness and color coverage..yes there are other review that X90J had slightly worse blooming, but it's still acceptable ( rtings give score good overall)..not to mention the price range on the 65 inch is under $ I agree the X90K is great value..

  12. Hello Brian! What do you think about this X90K vs X900E? Is it a worthy upgrade?

  13. Thank you so much, mate! You're the only TV reviewer who's paying attention to this major update and keeping us in the loop. 

    I have the X95J( 2021) , and to my understanding, the X90K is a repackaged X95J but at a lower entry level (same number of dimming zones and the same processor as well). A surprise update that made love my X95J even more! I am sure the X90K is similarly impressive.

    Thank you for your excellent coverage. All the best with your channel. Just so you know, Google issued a statement acknowledging the lag and the poor perfomance of Google TV and promised future updates will focus heavily on perfomance and reducing the RAM usage by the OS which I am hoping will make those TVs even better.

  14. The best value in gaming is a 65in C1, my dad just picked one up for $1050! for his apartment that he rents in Oregon for work. His house is in Texas and he has a 82in Samsung Q70R there and he said that he can't stand to watch it anymore. Told me that I ruined that TV for him by telling him to get a OLED.

  15. Maybe it's making up for the 900H that was suppose to have great gaming.

  16. The link in the community post for this video takes you to the 8K discussion with FOMO. I blame Shane 🤣😅😭

  17. just picked up the x95k, might be the best tv i have seen this year along with the a95k 65. i ended up picking up the x95k since it packs the most serious hdr punch compared to oled and has amazing motion, which oled made me feel sick and gave me vertigo. last of us part 1 look amazing on this set, and forbidden west at night with the bright highlights of glowing objects is a sight to behold.
    most underrated tv this year. go to your local best buy or mom and pop shop and check one out for yourself, I am a big believer for mini led right now, especially without having to worry about burn in always in the back of your might or dimming on oled.

  18. my x90j also enjoyed this amazing vrr+local dimming update!
    Was a game changer!

  19. ​I have one Sony 75X95K and it is really good. Blooming is no a big issue with it. I had the QN90B and I did notice a little blooming a bit less than the Sony. Sony shadow detail is a lot better

  20. Brian.. thanks for the review. Between the x90k in 85 or either the a80k or c2 in 77, what would you pick? It’s going in a AV room and will be used 50/50 for gaming/movies. Interested in your take!

  21. 😢… Just send me an LG C2 at this point 😂

  22. I just bought one of these for the grand kids so they don't burn-in HUD's on my A95K, have you done Game settings for a A95K yet? If not any other games settings from previous SONY TV's relevant for use with a PS5 I can use ?

  23. I have the 48 inch A90K and I love it for gaming on my PS5. Everything looks super sharp

  24. Hi, I was about to get this tv but I bought the Lg C1 Instead. Do you think the x90k upscales better than the C1? Which one sacrifices less picture Quality in game mode?

  25. My Z9k got the local dimming update but it is a early set. Any idea why they pulled it? Its still available on the UK web site.

  26. Thank you for this video bro! I've been waiting and waiting for some real gaming footage on this X90K. I've been having my eye on the 85 inch or 75 inch. I'll be getting one soon.

  27. Hi Brian. Are you going to be doing a gaming review for the LG QNED85? I'm in-between choosing the X90K or the LG QNED85. For mostly gaming purposes. But also I do want something that's good for movies and shows a little bit to

  28. Well I don’t know what to do. This Black Friday I’m all in for a new set for my basement H/T and was really excited for the X95K with local dimming added to game mode but my hopes were dashed when I found out that there is only two ports and one is eARC. That just won’t work for me as I have both consoles and I need eARC free. I won’t be upgrading my AVR(Yamaha RX-A2060) until probably November 2023-Feb 2024 so I’m now looking at the Samsung QN90B/95B S95B and the LG G2. I really like the brightness of LED so I don’t know how the S95B or G2 will hold up

  29. does it make any sense to buy this one over the QN90B if i can get the samsung for cheaper?

  30. What's your opinion on the x95j vs x90k now that you used both?

  31. Hello Brian! I choose between ix95j and ix90k, for games and movies in a dark room in 65 dioganal.Which of these TV do you recommend?

  32. Any user here that went from X90J to X90K and if it’s worth it ? The low price of new K version is sooooo tempting.

  33. Hi Brian, great update..very much appreciated..How is the brightness on the x90k, is it true that X90K is dimmer than X90J as reviewed by rtings? you have reviewed both tv's, how is your experience related with brightness ?

  34. Good job Brian, like i said in other section on your channel, i like those revisiting reviews, especially for value sets, thanks bro

  35. Thanks for the video! Brian Bro keep "Reality Creation" on Auto, this is a Sony Feature that is responsible not only for the sharpness of the picture. I'm not trying to teach you not to think so, but the experience of using this feature is better, because it's not only related to Сlarity.

  36. Brian you are the only one doing stuff like this. Re reviewing a TV to show people what has improved. Kudo's buddy.

  37. Best Value TV is the S95B, but I think you are close hitting the Nail when it comes to Budget TV's, except I'am looking at the X90J at 1199 $ 75" to purchase for my Mother. It has all the Features the A95K has, except it's of couse a very limited panel, but I think for the price a no brainer, too bad Sony refuses to make the X95J and X95K more Budget friendly, I think it's a missed opportunity for them to dominate at least the Lower End market.

  38. Would you pick an Lg qned85 over the Sony x90k?

  39. Brian Great review as always, I like how you do content reviews and game reviews. Real tech for real people right!! I bought the 75x90k, I really wanted the 75x95k. but that price difference is huge. I think that this TV in a Dark room is perfect, I'm thinking of replacing my projector with this in 85", having this in my living room with bright lights though washes the picture out greatly and makes the off angle worse. But at night this TV is absolutely great playing games. I found a x95j that I'm going to buy to replace this for the anti glare screen. I would like the x95k but I'll wait for that price to drop. I've seen the 75x90k and the 75x95j right next to each other and the 95j is pretty nice, the 95k didn't seem like that big of a jump over the 95j thoughts? Also can you do another gaming video with the x95k with the new VRR update? I think that would be awesome as I've not seen anyone do it and people complain about the blooming. that would be great

  40. Hey Brian you mentioned that Sony was lacking the game optimizer. But the Sony has a better picture in game mode over the Samsung. But if the Sony with the PS5 atleast on the x90k and the x95k has the HDR tone mapping and a great game mode and now with VRR, ALLM and the Local dimming now. What else is the game optimizer going to give you over the sony? This is a question I've never got answered yet. if the picture looks great on the Sony and will do VRR with out really having to mess with a lot of settings, that's pretty convenient.

  41. For those of you wondering if you should get X90K or x95K get X90K. Sony first Mini led TV is horrible this year. X95K blooming is unbelievable bad to the point I couldn’t believe how Sony thought it was ok to release a product that so overpriced with its bad blooming control and blacks being not as black. I highly recommend people to not get this overpriced tv when other brands that offer mini led is vastly better then the x95k.

  42. After a few days with my 75” version of the X95K, just love it. It replaces my Sony 65” A8H OLED. For me, it’s a huge step up as I wasn’t very happy with OLED in my often brightly lid environment.

  43. Don’t if you notice, but your mic crackles a lot. Just quick blips every time you start speaking.

  44. Sony definitely did a twist this year, last year x90j was actually somewhat better then x95j, this year x90K did worse then x90j yet X95K did better then X95j

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