Bethesda Just Got Some SHOCKING News - MORE Fallout Leaks, QuakeCon Reveals, & Classic Games Return! -

Bethesda Just Got Some SHOCKING News – MORE Fallout Leaks, QuakeCon Reveals, & Classic Games Return!

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Starting off the week, Bethesda has a surprising batch of news as their QuakeCon schedule shines a spotlight on what won’t be present. No mention of Todd Howard, Starfield, or any celebrations for Fallout’s 25th anniversary. Beyond that, Bethesda is bringing some classic games back and one of them involves a very neat collaboration that could be a sign of things to come. Of course, we also have more Fallout TV show leaks because this is the worst kept secret.

Retro Rebound:

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  1. I’m so tired of your click bait titles. Matty, you just lost a subscriber!

  2. Years 2006 – 2016 was the golden decade of Bethesda. So many good games. No years and years of production, but a lot of good games.
    Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas (by Obsidian), Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE. Bethesda can go to hell with these huge 10-15 year gaps we are getting now.
    I don't want to wait my favorite games so long just because Bethesda got bored and decided to do something else instead. And top of everything no remasters.

  3. These hype trains are so long, I already feel like I’ve played RedFall. I just want longer trailers of their 2030 releases at this point.

  4. Love me some Walton Goggins. His character in SOA as Venus was fantastic.

  5. Hoping to see a Quake 2 remaster this year

  6. Singularity was an absolute gem. A game that never got the credit it deserved

  7. Its time to buy another skyrim franchise edition. Oh wait…

  8. I got so excited when Phil Spencer mentioned "I think they got Hexen" when talking about Bethesda's portfolio….. Looking forward to a next gen Hexen and Quake

  9. No one cares about red fall or fallout 76 or anything other than skyfield or elder scrolls 6 those are the only games from Bethesda people want to know about

  10. Wish people would stop advocating for the death of fallout 76 when they don't play it. It's a good game the monetization is not bad it's more fair then most mmos are. If you don't like the game fine, but a lot of us that love it don't want it to end bc your still crying about it 3 or 4 years later.

  11. yea well Konami was amazing also back in the day, that does not mean I trust them now. Just because you were friends with someone in the past if they keep stealing from you normal sane people would usually keep there distance from them in the future.

  12. Anything being made by BUGthesda is going to be a disappointment just like the upcoming game BUGfeild

  13. im tired of studios remaking games. lets pay $60 for the same thing but it looks a little better

  14. 23Like a north wind that brings unexpected rain is a sly tongue—which provokes a horrified look. [Proverbs]

  15. Shocking news? Sounds incredibly important, gonna give it a watch and update below:

  16. Can we get AA Fallout games? I want the universe so fucking bad. I'd love a Mass Effect style 20 hour experience in the Fallout universe.

  17. Arkane is a shit-tier studio that pumps out flop after flop

  18. they need to be showing off what sets it apart from their other entries to pull in new peeps, bethesda fans need no marketing as the smart ones will wait a few days for reviews to come out

  19. You know, seeing the parade of monsters. in starfield at the start of the video… Does anyone know a game where one type of monster has random features, like color changes, spot, deformations… Why games never do that, why is every type of monster a 1:1 copy of every other monster of that type in every game I know? 0:31

  20. I worked at BGS for a few years in QA while far down the ladder, there is no interest in porting or remastering new Vegas or 3. Reasoning would be speculation but mostly because the company aims to always be “looking forward” And the fact that the games are future proofed by being on Xbox game pass/games for gold/Microsoft store. We got it memed to death for Skyrim because the technology of that time was porting games up and seeing what cross platform really meant

    BGS would only go for a port of fallouts if the audience convinced them money wise it would be worth it. Because fallout is so divisive-it’s my opinion that we’ll never see those ports unless there was a piece of tech that made porting old games marketable again
    BGS will look at

  21. Haven't been on YouTube in a hot minute. Crazy to see how far your channel has come. You were always my goto when it came to fallout news. Been a subscriber since the early fallout 4 rumors. Survivor 2299 I think is what it was called lol keep up the good work bro love to see it!

  22. Can't wait for quakecon so I can watch chat filled with "NEXT" "zzzzzzzz" "SKIP" "TRASH" 2 seconds into a trailer 👍

  23. I remember how confident you were about that Fallout 3 remaster….

  24. I gave fallout 76 a shot when it was at 15 $ price point . It had its amusing parts but it never felt like a fallout game to me. They may need a reboot because they messed with the lore way too much. Bethesda has dropped the ball too many times though .

  25. Elder Scrolls III Morrowind and IV Oblivion Remasters
    Fallout 3 and New Vegas Remasters, Fallout 4 Current Gen Update.

  26. I think Starfield is still 15 months off so i do not think they will be talking about it till early next year.

  27. Here’s some news Marty…. The fallout 76 servers have been down for 11 hrs. Can you find out why?

  28. I would love to see a fallout 2 remastered or even better being remade as a first person shooter like fallout 2 for quest would be my favorite even tho new Vegas is my favorite game but the quest from fallout 2 and character were a little but more rememberable

  29. I swear Matty trolls people with those faces he uses for his videos. Everytime I see it , the “ that’s bait “ meme flashes in my head .

  30. We need a fallout 4 X/S optimized and a New Vegas remastered

  31. after F76 its obvious Bethesda don't give a shit about fans

    Im gonna start pirating their games. Todd and his owners are not getting another fucking shekel from me.

  32. Salutation bro just tell me if there is leak Abt quake reboot or remake bro pls man I waited for long Wolfenstein doom have took their modern take pls quake should also have the same treatment

  33. Ppl want news on fallout, elder scrolls and quake just give out something for heaven's sake

  34. Sorry, that was pure filler. You told us what wasn't coming, what a downer it was and a few 'maybe' rumors. Why did I waste my time watching this? Normally you're better than this, Matty. I'm a bit disappointed, I'm not going to lie.

  35. I Don't care about Bethesda games; all I want is a new QUAKE game to be revealed at QUAKE-CON…

  36. 7:25 completely disagree. Quake-con is mainly aimed at Bethesda fans like yourself.

    Gamescom has a broader appeal.
    At which con would you show content if you wanted to get Starfield out there to as many gamers as possible.
    Like you sad, Starfield is a new IP and lacks the name recognition ES and fallout have.

  37. "We have nothing." –Todd Howard's rejected Quakecon keynote

  38. 9:35 "More resurrecting the past". Because creatively bankrupt dev teams need to get ideas from somewhere.

  39. Cooking class with Todd Howard
    Stand in front of microwave for 5 minutes
    only to find the center is still ice cold

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