Captain Keyes Fire At Master Chief In the NEW Halo TV Show / Halo TV Series -

Captain Keyes Fire At Master Chief In the NEW Halo TV Show / Halo TV Series

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This was my second favorite scene from the first episode apart from the fighting in the beginning. For some context in this scene Master Chief does not follow orders and the higher ups want him stopped and dead. He takes control of the pelican and the UNSC wants him shutdown and they order Captain Keyes (who looks like a badass in the tv show) to fire at Master Chief.

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  1. Stop looking for reasons to dislike the show, people. Just be grateful, ffs.

  2. Now I see why everyone says this show is just “woke trash”…. “Everything woke turns to 💩”- Trump

  3. His relationship with Halsey makes absolutely no sense to me….

  4. No offense to the actor but the guy that they cast as Chief does not match the character's energy at all

  5. Chief's helmet stay on. Always. End of.

  6. Wait firstly, why is Captain Keyes black?
    Secondly why does master chief not have a helmet on?

    This show just looks like trash.
    Frankly master chief should always have his helmet on. I know the actor probably wants exposure, but it just ruins it.

  7. How to know if a sci-fi soldier is a rebel?
    They dont keep their helmet on.
    It shows they dont respect regulations.

  8. "Keyes" in this show is basically my reaction to modern media culture.

  9. This show looks like shit. Master chief showing his face is trash. Caca.

  10. I think people are overacting personally, he was given and order to knock Chief down, and since this takes place before Halo, it could be that this is before Chief and Keyes develop trust for one another. We don't know what their dynamic will be like for the rest of the season

  11. Why the fuck is Chief's helmet off? Fuck this show.

  12. fuck this tv show and everything it stands for, they are ruining a good memory.

  13. Why isn’t he wearing his helmet. Like half of the suits functions require it to be on

  14. Nope they ruined if for me master chief should gave kept his helmet on and the voice doesnt even sound like him forward until Dawn chief was more accurate

  15. God this show keeps looking worse and worse with everything I see of it

  16. I feel like the end of episode one was the end-of-a-season kind of material. As if this momentus event would have been slowly building up over the course of the entire show. The retconed backstory of Chief with the his memory blocks and his Silver team (sigh) team-members would at this point be fully fleshed out, from their conscripton as children to their fights with insurgents shown. One of which resulting in the death of Kwans' mother and only showing hints at the greater threat of the Coventant at this point.

    That would have made the face reveal mean something, that would have made the spartans disobedience impactfull. The betrayal of the UNSC sting as much to the viewer as to John.

    They wanted him going rouge, but they didn't want to earn it. Having an action-filled, grueasome sequence being the most memorable part of the episode is not a substitute for character development!

  17. Didn’t watch the show. Is this a different Keyes? Or Miranda’s father?

  18. So … THIS is the show the Halo shills (I don’t gotta name them, you know who they are) watched and said it was GOOD? 😂😂 WHAT KIND OF SHIT ARE THEY WATCHING! THIS IS AWFUL WRITING 😂😂

  19. Why the fuck is Keyes black and why the fuck can we see John’s face?

  20. Tfw they made him a generic badass dude when his book description would have been way cooler.

  21. They had to SJW affirmative action Cap Keyes role.

  22. They really ruined the chief by taking his helmet off didn't they

  23. So you're telling me they show Master Chief's face in this TV show. WTF

  24. So the small Mac Gun that’s used there, if it was lore accurate would’ve just vaporized the pelican in an instant, killing all aboard.

    Now I could be wrong but this series has more things they get wrong then they get right and the fact they gave Chief a generic dude’s face and just let him take his helmet off instead of leave it on pisses me off so much I lost total faith in this series as a whole.

  25. Why is Cpt. Keyes and Miranda Keyes black? Also why TF is Miranda Keyes a scientist? She was a commander following in her fathers foot steps. She's also the daughter of both Cpt. Keyes and Catherine Halsey. Why the fuck are They messing shit up?

  26. I feel as if they are trying to meet today's standards and have everything mixed to created diversity which is good, but still make it at least somewhat lore accurate, next thing we know we will have a white Johnson just no don't do it, I'm already mad about the helmet thing with chief

  27. All these years of waiting for a Halo movie or TV show, and we’re stuck with this shit. Should have built on the “Forward Unto Dawn” stuff, or the Halo ODST trailer.

  28. This is the Conrad Verner of Master Chiefs

  29. Gonna have chief helmetless for 90% of the show probably….

  30. From the trailer, I thought the person playing Keyes was playing the Sergeant. Oh man…

  31. Never should have taken the helmet of its a rule it works for Dredd it works for John it makes the character more impactful

  32. Wouldnt have suprised me for the face reveal that master cheif would of ended up black with rainbow colored hair at this point.

  33. Just like many other TV shows based on video games it seems this one is also total garbage. Halo 5 is already better than this disaster

  34. keys is white not black fucking woke bullshit ruining a show cortana sucks cheifs voice sucks guns sound wrong fuck this show

  35. Wow they really got it in for the white guy.

  36. That’s not Captain Keyes that’s captain tyrese

  37. I don't think the actor should get off scot free here. Karl Urban knew to keep his helmet on in Dredd, any actor playing MC who was worth their salt would have objected .

  38. Ummm… if that's captain keyes, then I'm nelson mandela

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