CBS Applies 5TH BLOCK/CLAIM! - PERSONAL MESSAGE TO CBS - Our Original Halo TV Ep 4 Angry Review -

CBS Applies 5TH BLOCK/CLAIM! – PERSONAL MESSAGE TO CBS – Our Original Halo TV Ep 4 Angry Review

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CBS has manually Blocked Worldwide our Previous Upload V3 172,000+ Views. Taken down 4/20 around 8am.
CBS has manually Blocked Worldwide our Previous Upload V2 338,000+ Views. Taken down 4/19 around 3pm.
Our PREVIOUS, Previous Video V1 was 140,000+ Views taken down less than 14hrs from original upload 4/15 at 9am.
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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex discuss the 4th Episode of Paramount’s Halo TV Series, Kwan’s Quest, MORE CHEEKS REVEALED and Not much else! So much better!

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  1. this plot is far better than halo. They should cancel that shit and just air these videos

  2. No matter whats cbs does. Hallllo show is a pie piece of garbage. But foundation is even worse. They are making garbage just because…

  3. Woke shows and movies suck. They cant take feedback. They claim it. Fight Back.

  4. Kwan is literally just a far left liberal gen Z symbol. You realize that right? All propaganda

  5. Perhaps change the name from Halo to A-Hole-O

  6. Anyone else hope episode 5 sucks too just to see what happens next or is that just me?

  7. They can’t stand how bad their show sucks and someone is actually calling them out for it…..hey CBS how about make a good show first instead of making a bad one and trying to block bad reviews .

  8. It's worth watching this again just to see how much Joe has changed the footage lmao

  9. they are giving you even more clout as well

  10. Disgraceful! I hope you get satisfaction! I hope Youtube corrects this $h!t

  11. 5th take down, 5th like, 5TH TIME WE WILL SUPPORT JOE AGAINST THESE MORONS!!!!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Some intern at CBS really has it in for AngryJoe.

  13. Can we all agree to:
    1. boycott CBS. Idc if your fave show is on. Fuck CBS. Support your boy, not them.
    2. Get a donation going to help Joe go to court so we can fight CBS. Anyone in the Angry Army a lawyer? Even better.

  14. Fight the good fight, somebody needs to make an example about this kind of abuse. The whole community would stand behind you. Bullies shouldn't get their way.

  15. Fair Use law means nothing if these companies can pull this shit

  16. Fucking well done Joe! THIS is why I love this guy.

  17. I wonder if they took you down if you made stick figures in MS Paint to represent each character and just plaster it on screen…

  18. There might be a case of defamation against whoever at CBS is doing the blocking here, since copyright claiming is also a form of accusing someone of criminal behavior.

  19. Sounds like their pissed that they aren't doing a good job capturing the magic of the Halo franchise. You call them out, and they find ways to crap on you for it.

  20. Freedom of the press violation. There in violating your 1st amendment rights.

  21. I'm just mad that Cortana is blue instead of purple, like she should be.

  22. censorship affects everyone. i wish the lefties would wake up

  23. Corporations have become such utterly pathetic crybullies, now we know for sure why the dislike count was removed, keep up the good fight Joe.

  24. I don't care for this type of review, but I will back anyone getting bullied by copyright abusers.

  25. Joe, maybe team up with another channel like Red Letter Media to take on CBS

  26. I don't understand! The show is shit! Why the personal focus?!

  27. well i think i'll just drop watching that Halo shit alltoghether. Not that i'll be missing mutch aniway….

  28. You should just get CBS and HALO TV show Sucks image and put it over the center of the Screen

  29. CBS digging themselves a grave lol so sad.

  30. I'm more interested in your takes on this show than actually watching it now lol.

  31. tell him "frak you" – people wh oblindly follow orders saying "it is just my job" are one of the most evil people there are

  32. When the video opened and saw Joe's face, did you all whip your head phones off too and wait for a fffffffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk yyyyyoooouuuu? 😜

  33. Ever considered getting your content posted on Odysee? It'll open an additional revenue stream for you and fair use practices tend to thrive there a bit better since it's not left up to a bot system.

  34. Make this a angry rant, I am getting sick of this company bullying people

  35. Rape those fuckers! I'll watch every version you post sir

  36. CBS can pound Paramount's sand. Or vice versa.

  37. Hey look, CBS is being crappy, what a surprise.

  38. “That’s not a ring that’s a big booty whole comin”🤣🤣😭

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