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Celebrities REACT To The New Halo TV Series..

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Celebrities REACT To The New Halo TV Series..

Welcome back to Recap Report. Today on this channel we are going to feature Halo tv series fans and celebrities reactions. Halo TV series reactions are in, and we see many of them on line, more specifically on Twitter.

Paramount+TV series, Halo has given fans the very first taste on how their favorite video game looks live-action. And based on the Twitter reactions, it looks like a split for those who like it and those who don’t. Check this video out as we are going to feature Halo tv series fans and celebrities reactions.

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  1. You know this video is bad when even without dislike button you have 11k dislikes (I have dislike extension)

  2. Quick review. This is click bait and sone one who is a new fan.

  3. Your video seems to be just as good as the tv show….

  4. This is why removal of the thumbs down was a bad idea

  5. Holy shit , this title is as unfaithful as the show


  7. What a scummy click bait title, that’s how you get a quick “don’t recommend me this channel”

  8. When somebody asks you to go to a franchise series or movie with an open mind that means the story sucks and the serie or movie should have not been called as the original franchise 😛

  9. Episode 1 was awesome. It has gone downhill from there. The Kwan Ha character needs to go. Halo is all about Master Chief and not characters that detract from the John 117 story. Also, we have only seen action sequences in the first episode and Covenant in the first three episodes. If it doesn't begin to show more action, this show is doomed. And for God's sake, put Master Chief's helmet back on!

  10. I dont know what fan's like this show but none are in my group of friends the show is a insult to the series

  11. Imagine having one of your videos disliked 11x your subscriber count

  12. I'd recommending clicking away from the obvious clickbait, but it seems worthwhile to report it for spam before you go

  13. Just in case if anyone forget, the halo tv series is different, it's their own show so could everyone stop comparing it to the game

  14. This guy says mixed reviews are in. Then says its 7% positive? Thats not mixed. Ones a one sided hatred. Plus no celebs in this review. Clickbait. Do not watch video as its lying to ur face even with their facts like 7%.

  15. Twitter is a safe haven of positivity? Yeah and Jada Pickett smith is a faithful wife who would never betray her husband.

  16. Nobody is grateful that the show came out in the first place, and also they bitch and moan about how inaccurate to the lore the show is.
    See it as a sequel to Halo: Legends, except it's live action and its one story, pretty good one ngl, when looking at it from an unbiased mentality. Definitely knitpicked here and there, but the show is good so far, in my opinion. But god damn do the cretins give everything a bad time, no matter how long or hard the work and effort was put in anything ranging from the video games, to movies, to TV shows. That goes for all the other franchises out there, not only halo. Smh.

  17. Clickbait title, he just talks about how twitter and reddit reacted to it.

  18. Nine years that’s nothing. Look at how long they’ve been trying to make the BioShock movie since that game was released, look at castlevania there was only created because Netflix decided buy it and make it CGI instead of live action

  19. Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】 says:

    Biased review with no evidence of such claims on top of the blatant clickbait title and thumbnail. Reported for misleading content.

  20. I heard he don’t do the voice so that’s a nono For Me🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. Block this page, downvote it and flag it. This video is a lie and as accurate as the Halo TV flop

  22. A second season is good news??? Uhh… the opposite actually.

    I only started being a Halo fan recently, but I fortunately started with the games and lore built around them, so I know what Halo is supposed to look like. The entire TV series so far can be summarized by three words: This. Isn't. Halo.

    Halo's story has always been built around action. Heck, it's a first-person shooter. As Chief, you're in the middle of a universe where two militaries that vehemently hate each other are fighting. So far, there's been only one scene to indicate any sort of conflict between the Covenant and humanity, so if there's a war going on, why are the two sides not attacking each other.

    People actually like Kwan? Why? She's an impatient, annoying teenage girl who acts as though she's invincible at any given time because the writers gave her the necessary plot armor to do so. I still can't get over her presentation in the pilot when she threatened a military officer even though there was a supersoldier nearby who was quite capable of killing her at said officer's whim (I know he sides with her in the end, but no one–not even the supersoldier himself–knew this as the time, so that doesn't justify Kwan's confidence).

    The Covenant are completely misrepresented. Why is there a human serving Mercy, one of the Prophets and probably the one who hates humans the most? And how does Makee's origin story make sense? The Elites should not have exercised any restraint because she was a child, and they should not have treated her any differently than other humans at the colony, because she is still human. They should have grabbed her, dragged to the gravlift, gone back to their ship, returned to High Charity, and thrown her to Mercy's feet, who would then force her to use her unique connection to the keystone to the advantage of the Covenant. And another thing that's bothered me: Why is the Flood serving Makee (and by extension the Covenant), and what does that make the rings for, because those were directly referenced in episode two. When the UNSC encountered the Flood in Combat Evolved, they were shown to be enemies of both humanity AND the Covenant. And in every other part of the franchise where they have appeared, that fact hasn't changed.

    Cortana is designed more like the Weapon than Cortana, and she just doesn't look right… that's all I'm going to say.

    The only character who I have any appeal to so far is Soren. He's a cool guy with a memorable personality. His backstory is intriguing, since he was a member of the Spartan Program but deserted when he became disillusioned with the goals of the program. In hindsight, I wish the show followed him, not this new Chief.

    Why does Chief go AWOL in the first episode? I was waiting for the explanation, but the only one I ever got was him saying "I don't know" and him touching the keystone and staring at it for several seconds while Kwan holds his gun, even though I would assume that she has no experience using one, since she just stood there during the attack on her colony instead of grabbing a weapon from a fallen soldier. I doubt I need to say that Halo 5 was bad, but at least it had a reason for Chief going AWOL. In that game, he had a clear reason: find and bring back Cortana. In the show, his only motivation is based on a bunch of memories that he randomly sees which may or may not be his in the first place. And then he just surrenders in the next episode. ???

    I could go on and on, but I have better and more important things to do with my time. Like quitting with this show and replaying Halo 5.

  23. Title of this video is stupid…but this show is fantastic. All the nay sayers are missing the point.

  24. I don't know many shows that get worse with every episode. Halo is one of them so far. (4 episodes in)

  25. This isn't Halo this is propaganda. This isn't Halo I remember the first day when halo first came out. I played the first Halo on my Xbox back in the day I played one two and three hack even four. They're awesome video games. But this is just lots of propaganda. There's a lot of political garbage in this show and it completely destroys the source material. I'm getting tired of watching movies playing video games and then realizing. That some dumb companies just going to make another version of it to try to make everyone feel accepted in this country they're going to try to spread political garbage to brainwash everyone in this country. Halo shouldn't be about political garbage it shouldn't be about communism it shouldn't be about multiculturalism it should be about Master Chief should be about Halo this isn't Halo. This is nothing.

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