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”Chief is a Symbol of the War Effort“ – Halo TV Series

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Master Chief is a Symbol for the War Effort and also a symbol for hope in the new halo tv series

Halo tv show (paramount)


  1. How did they accidently cast the right guy for Hood

  2. Another character in name only smh another trash adaptation

  3. Why did they change all aspects of Keyes !!! Why ?!?!? 😭

  4. Can't believe Johnson killed Keys and is larping as him. Smh

  5. Anyone else feel like they got Captain Jacob Keys mixed up with Captain Del Rio?

  6. Captain keyes is homie not enemy why halo show bad

  7. A true disrespect to the Original true Captain Keyes…

  8. Captain Keyes in this show is stupid not representative of the Keyes we know and love

  9. Sapani "Look at me…"

    Keyes: "Sure–"

    Sapani: "LOOK! at me.

    Keyes: "Sure.."

    Sapani: "I'M the Captain now."

  10. I’m not a fan of this keys… still haven’t given me a reason to like him… it’s like he’s the opposite of what he was in the lore

  11. This Version of Keyes is nothing more then a discount version of del rio 🤦‍♂️

  12. Don't ya just love all the Halo newbies telling the ones who've followed Halo since its creation, that they're wrong whenever they call out the bullshit in this show.

  13. Thats the dumbest thinking ever. Dude puts his life on the line repeatedly and they can't trust him and obsess over trying to control every aspect of his being. Idiots. Where's the trust?

  14. All colored and mixed actors, no whites to be seen

  15. If they’re going to make that guy go against the Master Chief why not just make him a new character instead of calling him Keyes? He already doesn’t look like Keyes. Plus Keyes is supposed to have nothing but respect for Chief.

  16. "What Good Is He If He Can't Be Controlled?" Ahhh Maybe If Ur Director And His Follower's Played The Damn Game's And Read The Books And Explored The Lore Before Releasing This Blasphemy We Wouldn't Be In This Predicament Now Would We Captain Keyes.

  17. its really like they never read a book or played a game when they made keyes

  18. Are these writers high? Let me break it down for you, showrunners:

    Spartans, from the perspective of the populace, are interchangeable. They can't tell one armor clad Chad or Chadette from the other, that's why they should only be shown with their helmets ON.

    The books realize this as well. Spartans are never listed as killed, only MIA. "No Spartan ever dies," as the saying goes and this is done to keep up the myth that the are invincible. If the writers of this show had any sense and a delete key, they would rewrite the scene to add actual stakes to their script:

    "The Chief's gone rogue. Contact ONI and have Sec-0 "erase" any trace of him"

    " bUt WHaT aBoUT tRoOp MoRaLe?"

    "What about it? Promote one of the other Spartans to Master Chief and they won't know the difference."

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