Chief Reveals Halsey's Secrets...😬(Halo TV Series Episode 4 None Spoiler/Spoiler Review & Breakdown) -

Chief Reveals Halsey’s Secrets…😬(Halo TV Series Episode 4 None Spoiler/Spoiler Review & Breakdown)

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Episode 4 of the Halo TV series dropped today and it was good, but not the best… Here is a full nonspoiler and spoiler breakdown of Episode 4 of the Halo TV Series! Chief Reveals Halsey’s Secrets…😬(Halo TV Series Episode 4 None Spoiler/Spoiler Review & Breakdown)
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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – None Spoiler FULL Review Halo TV Episode 4
3:18 – FULL Spoiler Review and Breakdown Halo TV Series Episode 4

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  1. Episode 4 was good, but not my favorite… I'm looking forward to more Human – Covenant combat in future episodes!

  2. The Halo Show is Badd Ass! My Halo Show Scores:

    Episode 1 Score: 9.5/10
    Episode 2 Score: 8.7/10
    Episode 3 Score: 8.6/10
    Episode 4 Score: 9.2/10

    I'm going to view Episode 4 for the 4th time in a few minutes and get back to work!

  3. I wonder if we'll see any forerunners in later episodes, or in season 2 maybe.

  4. I appreciate your take on the show, I agree on literally like every point! I am giving the show a chance, and it's kind of frustrating that people just want to hate hate hate on it on other channels.

    I personally think it's intriguing, despite all it's flaws, and I want to see where it goes. The only thing is, like you, and alot of people, I don't care about Kwan Ha's story lol.

  5. It is becoming difficult to find a channel that does not speak ill of the series or gives importance to absurd things…. It seems that I found something moderately critical and constructive… Totally agree that perhaps the weakest thing of all could be the Kwan plot. The story is developing and diversifying…Many people complain that there is little action and that there is little helmet and little Covenant…I don't remember if there was so much controversy with Game Of Thrones…I personally like the series and this chapter opens the story in terms of perspectives… I hope that of Makee assuming her humanity in this story… Humans who behave like machines, humans who are little compared to theirs like Makee or Halsey (apparently )…Too emotional and deep for people who just only want to see gunshots and aliens dying?

  6. Gottavsay i loved this episode, plus with Kai going pelletless lol i think they will all end up like this and thats what will make them even more of a team in the end

  7. Soren killing his father is a reference to his back story mentioned in the Halo Evolutions short story

  8. Thanks for your insight and enthusiastic review – much appreciated! I'm new to Halo and really enjoying this series! Character-wise, think they might setting up conflict between Kai vs Riz and John vs Vannak (human vs spartan.) I am doing my best with the Kwan storyline but, hey, desert mystics next week. The director went to much effort to frame Miranda with squidly arms in the big lab tube – what's up with that? Cheers!

  9. Thanks for actually talking about the show instead of just a rant like other channels. People hating that he takes his helmet off and not right out of the games but you can't get all the emotion just looking at his helmet. In the games you never saw his face to make you feel like you were Chief while you played. They don't need to do that in the show and I can get past that. Others just can't seem to though.
    Imo I like not know what's gonna happen next instead of a 1:1 of the game. They're even starting to reference the first book in this episode which I think is pretty cool.
    One thing I can agree with the haters on though is I really don't care about Kwan's story lol

  10. Anyone else feel like the size of the needler was huge?

  11. It will be so cool if blue team was on the show

  12. I really like his episode, but it’s not my fav. Next episode based on the new promo that came out, the clips from trailer 2, and the new images will be a really big battle against the UNSC vs the Covenant, I’m so excited for so much action in that episode! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 And we might see some Grunts and Jackals.

  13. I don't understand why everyone keeps downplaying how bad this show is so far. Believe me I wanted to love this show…. I love Halo. I've played all the games, read all the novels and comics…. But this is terrible. Reviews keep calling these episodes "story building"… The only story it's building is one no one cares about, while leaving out all the core canon that literally made Halo and the master Chief awesome. They literally hijacked the characters and setting of Halo to make some crap that no one cares about. It's insulting. Can only compare it to a train wreck that's so terrible you can't look away. I can't believe they spent $10,000,000.00 an episode on this. "Halo Forward unto dawn" did a way better job telling a story within the Halo universe despite having a fraction of the budget, and not introducing the MC until near the end of the show. This is why Hollywood keeps producing crap bc of all the idiots that eat this crap up and call it good.

  14. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on each episode and less retelling of the whole episode. Great channel.

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