Confirmed Covenant Species in Halo TV Series -

Confirmed Covenant Species in Halo TV Series

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  1. He really just pronounced sangheili: sang-gay-lay

  2. The Lekgolo (Hunters Worm Creatures) also look like they will appear in the TV Series.

  3. Halo fans when someone slightly mispronounces the name of one of the alien races.

  4. I know he's getting a lot of heat for that helmet scene (which are the scriptwriters to blame, not him), but I do appreciate his attempt to say Sangheili "San-Gay-Lees" instead of just 'Elites'.

  5. I hope we get to see some truly brutal brutes 🤞

  6. Man. Some of you guys just bitch and whine about literally everything. So what if he said "sangheili" incorrectly? It's basically an alien language or the equivalent of someone saying a foreign word incorrectly.

  7. “Sengaylies” ☠️☠️☠️

    Fool, it’s “SANGHILI” this man does not know of the great journey 😒

  8. I loved your vids ace but unfortunately I don't like the Halo woke tv series. Sorry but I'm going to have to unsub, thanks for the vids though.

  9. Did anyone else notice that when the marines get blown back when the jackal appears, that the battle rifles barrel is bent to the side?

  10. Your videos start getting to look like click bait. You did this many times yet.

  11. Awesome, good to hear. I thought we might have to wait another season for Brutes.

  12. Tv show seems pretty good, idk what’s up with all the hate, people expect too much now and days, I understand it’s a little bothering with the voice and helmet scene, but it’s not hard to look past that

  13. It just me or does that kig-yar have a sangheli energy dagger equipped.

  14. Kinda sucks how the show was forced to be a separate continuity I really wonder how much different I'd be if it was the actual continuity.

  15. Can we start a petition to have Kurtzman jailed for his crimes against sci-fi?

  16. Ya know, imma give him some credit for trying.

  17. It's scary when you find out grunts are almost as tall as you

  18. When Ensemble studios was making Halo Wars, Bungie was quite upset that Microsoft was lending out their franchise to other studios. So Bungie constantly micromanaged Ensemble and made them redo stuff that wasnt exactly accurate to lore and had their own writers comb through every detail of Ensemble's story for even the smallest inaccuracies. In the end though, they made a really great game. Fast forward to today and now youre giving people who havent even played the game $10M an episode. This is utter lunacy.

  19. Ahh yes, my favorite covenant race, the sangalies

  20. The Remove the Grunts, cuz it Offends Peter Dinglage.

  21. They should change the Covenant's Skin Color, cuz they Remind them of Space *rcs.

  22. Even these lousy "actors" dont even know what the hell they're making a series on.

  23. He cant say the name of the elites race properly.

  24. Imagine if this show took place after halo 3 in a split timeline where chief was frozen for hundreds of years

  25. This is old news. This was announced even before the first episode.

  26. I also believe the lekgolo was in one of the trailers as well

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