Cortana Awakes in the Halo TV Series -

Cortana Awakes in the Halo TV Series

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Cortana Finally Awaked in the new halo tv show

What are your thoughts about Cortana in the halo tv series ?


  1. Cortana staying blue is good.
    But haters gotta hate because "it's ruining the lore and its non Canon"

  2. So she is a fully a person, not an ai? and i bet touching the object makes her glow blue from then on.

  3. That isn't Cortana and this show's Master Chief isn't even Master Chief. The producers are just using the success from the games to push their own story with the Halo Universe as a base. The writing for this is terrible, so terrible I'm just gonna guess that this Master Chief is related to The Blessed One ahead of time.

  4. In the end there Cortana looks like Max Caulfield.

  5. I feel like people are getting butthurt too much. Paramount is just doing what they did with star trek. Adapting from one format to another. I kind of like the show. It's like robocop.

  6. They should have made her a hologram and a really bright light..pixelated even..and inwouldnt feel so baaaad..

    Its like Coca Cola selling "pixel" soda

  7. I don't mind that she isn't really blue as long her character is the same as in the halo game series I'm happy enough glad they didn't change to another actor and use the original actor for contana no one dose it better then Jen Taylor herself

  8. This series actually made me realize how good Forward Unto Dawn is. It's not that bad but FUD did most things a lot better.

  9. I know its his name we're all familiar with, but, do you all feel more comfortable with her calling him "Master Chief", "Chief", or just "John" in their personal or intimate (non-romantic) moments. Felt weird hearing her say "Master Chief" all the time in her Infinite dialogues. That could just be me.

  10. Excuse me is Cortana a robot ? And not a digital AI in chiefs suit? I thought i could stay and bare the mistakes just to see it through but this i cannot ignore nor continue to support . IM OUT

  11. Silver Timeline, meh. Human and Covenant working together, meh. John becoming the Mandolorian and no grunts or Brutes to be seen, meh.

  12. Sooo.. she’s a physical/solid Android?

  13. She's not an AI in this alternate universe!?

  14. She needs to emulate Cortana in the games more closely.

  15. This gonna be 🔥 ppl needa stop complaining and enjoy if you don’t….don’t watch it

  16. I'm sorry but the more I see of the halo show the more it just looks so intentionally Hollywood washed, where all creativity, atohospher, and even original voices go to die.

  17. fyi thats not cortana thats the clone halsey uses to create cortana shes going to disect that clones brain an make cortana

  18. at least, this version is much better than Cortana in Halo5

  19. This is the best Cortana has ever looked. And while the show may not be perfect, I'm glad they brought in Jen Taylor. The only person for the job. Good on you, Paramount.

  20. Not sure why y’all complainin, it’s freakin Jen Taylor playing Cortana

  21. Didn't Halsey's clone consist of just the nervous system? All she needed was a copy of her own neural network so that the AI could use it to build it's own framework. I don't recall her cloning an entire whole-ass copy of herself. I've been wrong before though.

  22. Cortan HAlo: Sourc engine (hal-flife 🤢)

    Corana Tv sho: Unrel engin (Fortnie 😍)

  23. They picked the best person possible for the role, but I just wish she looked holographic

  24. why even make spartan when you can put a A.I into the suit.

  25. Thanks for ruining Halo 343i and Paramount! Great job!

  26. Wtf? I was done with the tv show but god does it look like shxt hahaha

  27. Maybe this time the chief can fit himself inside her 😅😅

  28. She looks a hell of a lot better than she did in that trailer in February.

  29. We apparently got 70s glam Cortana for the Silver Timeline.

  30. 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  31. How did she got hair, blue eyes, and blue skin? Or went from living fleshy human clone to hologram?

  32. The way they’re going with this with cortana as a fix for chief going rogue is interesting

  33. Only way how they can save this dumpster gire is if cortana is sassy and funny like in the games

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