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“CORTANA is The Upgrade” – Halo TV Series

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Cortana getting introduced by Dr Halsey in the New Halo tv Show and talks about her plans with the Spartans in combination with the ai called Cortana

New halo tv series episode 2


  1. this "Cortana" looks like Infinite's "The Weapon"

  2. Yeah the show plays this Cortana to be like this central hive mind like thing for every single spartan and turning them in literal meat puppets

  3. I'm going to watch Forward Unto Dawn just to feel better about what a real Master Chief Live-action show should have been like.

  4. This is the stupidest shit I've ever seen

  5. so right from the start Cortana will be super special because… she's a new type of human…while chief is one of the few true sucessors of the forerunners

    is this Disney star Wars?

  6. So they are gonna make Cortana a spartan?

  7. I don't know if this show is HALO or damn ROBOCOP

  8. the only thing that truly matters in a Halo series is MC being a Stoic badass. some other stuff that should be important is the human race working together to defeat the Covenant, the accurate portrayal of the Marines, and the introduction of various firearms and vehicles. none of this was done well.

  9. This show gave me herpe. Not herpes, just one herpe

  10. Halsey is as bad as the show in general, so, yeah, fitting.

  11. They reduced the Master Chief to a mere weapon and now Cortana is the next level of human evolution…

    yay… another woke disaster I'll have to skip. Shame what they did to such an amazing source material.

  12. the fuck is this about Cortana being the next step in evolution, she's an AI meant to support humans.

  13. Not a bad Halsey. They really had the resources to pull this show off but judging by how little thought they put into making a show for halo fans, can’t pay for it. So many of the individual pieces are good but just squandered

  14. I’ve built myself a cabin from all this wooden dialogue

  15. I find that people are much more forgiving in this day and age of media consumption. This would not have been even remotely enjoyed by anyone 14 years ago but now we seem so accepting of mediocrity. This is a decent sci-fi show at best but nothing worthy of the name Halo. People expect concepts to carry entire films and shows now, its kind of sad.

  16. After watching two episodes, why do I get a "Starship Troopers" vibe after listening to UNC command?

  17. I’m completely unsurprised that halo lore/story is being completely shit all over. You deserve it if you didn’t see any of this coming.

  18. If they just made the live action ODST commercial into a full movie or series it would be 1000000% better than this shit

  19. So… the role of Cortana and AI in general is basically almost entirely different than it was in the games. Cool to see this show continuing the trend of doing nothing right.

  20. The casting for Dr Halsey could've been better. Not saying she's a bad actor; Just doesn't fit the character. Halsey, much like her Spartans, is void of emotion, blunt, and ruthlessly pragmatic. Something about Natascha McElhone's demeanor isn't selling that. I think its her eyes; Too doe like.

  21. So where’s the footage of the thumbnail? Just wicked click bait 😒

  22. Wasn't it the Spartans who were "the next stage in human evolution" and "our destiny as a species" and that Cortana was a "tool to maintain [that] efficiency"?

  23. The lady from Californication is Halsey? Ok this is hilarious

  24. Even if people hate the show because it’s not “Lore accurate” you have to admit that the creator looked at the halo lore and saw something in it, and decided to make their own take on it. Like I mean the fact that they really are focusing on the ethics of Spartans, I think it’s something great. Because it’s a side of halo I don’t really think we got to see

  25. I'm sorry, did I just hear the UNSC say "He's a human" with Halsey saying "He's a Spartan"?!?!?! Like, yea, bitch was crazy, didn't mean she saw them as machines. That was the UNSC that did that. For fucks sake they can't even keep ONE SIMPLE THEME CORRECT.

  26. 343 really knows how to ruin the beauty of its female characters. Miranda in H2A and now this, what a shame. Maybe that’s a current thing though cause during Halo 4/5 Cortana was still fire.

  27. every single one of her lines sounds like it's been ADR'd.

  28. I still don’t get why they didn’t bring the voice actor of Master Chief from the game in to the show

  29. They really f’d up her origin and the lore. Cortana picked John, she wasn’t assigned to him to keep his emotions in check.

  30. damn, this series is a big F you to people who love the lore of halo. This should have never been made

  31. I think it's corny how Halsey says the Spartans are the next step to human evolution. She said it better in Halo 4, about them being our destiny as a species

  32. I don't like that in the show the Spartans have their feelings suppressed. Good old fashioned Spartan IIs from core Canon are disciplined enough to not let their emotions cloud their judgment. I don't like that Master Chief had an emotional outburst in the show

  33. "emotional pellets suppress his emotion"
    Didn't know that previously but it explains a lot

  34. But why the British voice…also that's not cortana that's a crack addict in the making

  35. Hahaha next human evolution? That's what the Spartans are, Cortana is an AI, wtf are these axxholes doing with halo? It's not halo anymore

  36. Some times this series looks like a porn parody

  37. The MOTHER PF ALL SPARTANS people! (insert sarcastic clapping meme here)

  38. They're ruining Halo… Im so dad… My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined…

  39. The acting in this show is pretty bad I have to say, I cringed through ep 1. I will give this show a miss.

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