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Cry About It

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People are angry at the Halo MCC new Spartan armour… Don’t care stay mad LOOOLLL
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  1. Look, I personally like these armors because I used to be a big tokusatsu fan (which seems to be the common theme of these armor sets). But I can see that if these sets were referencing other kind of media that I wasn't already a fan of, I would feel different. There's a big difference IMO between adding effects like hearts or a skull visor for a helmet that it is already in the artstyle and adding cosmetics that so directly change the visual style of the game, shattering the illusion of the world.

  2. Some people just love to hate 343 for no reason

  3. *spartan helmet that looks like a bug

    Everyone: "You, you cant do that.."

  4. No no no, time to blow mind; what if I say they were doing this because they attempted to expand franchise to broader audiences like those across the Pacific Ocean? OHHHHH! Maybe this time Japanese players can actually give a F about Halo rather than let’s say something like Apex or even Destiny….

  5. I don't mind samurai, gundam, japanese looking armor it does look unique but doesn't feel like actual halo armor. I do recall the ninja armor from halo 3 that bungie got the license of team ninja to include mainly because of Team Ninja's dead or alive 2 where a spartan was included. So samurai or ninja armor has been apart of halo since bungie

  6. im fine with more silly armors and such in multiplayer, but not campign unless its an easteregg, and overall I want the armor to fit into halo's more blocky, gritty, but still toy like artstyle, which MCC has done a decent job of.

  7. This is the exact reason I really want YouTube add the feature where we can post pictures in comment section, some of those toxic halo fans deserved being treated with memes lol.

  8. Damn people have different opinions? I'm just shocked that every human isn't a hivemind that thinks exactly the same way.

  9. There's a difference, bungie was slowly adding in cool cosmetics and some funny stuff for over a decade. 343 is just pumping out ridiculous looking cosmetics for mcc instead of focusing on fixing infinites issues. Plus when bungie did release ridiculous stuff 90% had a great meaning behind it, like how the flame helm was hard to attain, or how the skull visor was incredibly grind worthy. 343 just sprinkles random stuff in that doesn't have much meaning and looks bizarre.

  10. The "problem" is that they aren't in Infinite as well (Idc tho cool armor in any halo is still cool armor)

  11. Once you knew how closed mind this community has become over these years, there is really not much to stay in this community for anymore, thanks to 343 and the long halo has been missing in the public eyes, this franchise is bound to continue falling deeper into the void bit by bit…

  12. What catches your attention more a grizzly bear or a squirrel?

    I don't like the armor effects but they just aren't as much of a eye sore compared to those ridiculous armors.

  13. Hate when the other older fans do this bs every time

  14. The armour is being made by 343 and not their Almighty Lord bungee they can never do any wrong and could execute children and do unspeakable things including war crimes and still be better than 343 in their own warped and twisted Minds

  15. Did people forget that a huge inspiration for Halo was 90's anime and Gundam?

  16. It’s because it’s not tastefully done. Bungie knew how to make some spartan swag

  17. I think the the important thing here is what we can mentally accept as Canon and what isn’t. Like we accept the Rouge, Hayabusa and Recon helmets as Halo 3 canon but the flames on the helmet, we can see that its a fun cartoon Detail and we can just not pay attention to it much. Same thing with the armor effects in Reach and Infinite. We accept it as video game cosmetics and we can just look past it. But actual Gundam armor makes that line between reality and fantasy harder to notice. Smaller details are easier to take as jokes or as fun but whole armor sets is where it gets confusing

  18. That’s the thing. I don’t like armor effects or the skull. I hate all of it.

  19. Been loving the recent armor additions. Not many people know that Gundams were the inspiration for Master Chiefs design, so this set is ironically "more halo" than others sets of armor

  20. What I don’t understand is why Halo fans are so entitled, Gundam had collaborated with many other franchises in the past years, they even had work with Hallo-Kitty once, and I didn’t see nearly as much complaining in those collaborations as in Halo community, not mention, half of the community don’t even know what they want…

  21. The problem is halo fans will find anything to complain about just because the don’t like 343

    Even when 353 do something good people complain

  22. Thing is, it would be stupid easy to make referential "fun" armor that still looks completely normal. I'm not a great artist, but I'm personally trying to refine a design that mashes the character of Jetstream Sam with Mjolnir armor — it's going well, probably because I'm more disciplined about honoring what came before. I'm assisted by a bias for designs that aren't horribly cluttered.

    What's the problem this time around? It's not unlikely they're gonna keep fucking doing it until 90% of all major cosmetics look like they come from anything else. Rarity is what makes it cool instead of annoying.

    Anyway, the only thing that actually ticks me off is people who take pleasure in fueling the fire with banal videos like this, whether they're on "my" side or "yours." Seems like those people usually care more about who the developer is instead of what they're doing. And put a lot more effort into being mad or toxic about the small stuff without appreciating the big things like all the awesome stuff in the impending update (30-second well-edited video vs. short pinned comment).

    Also I never agreed with the MTX being a problem, at least not for season points. The unlock system is so dull anyway, it's not that cool to have a tier 90 unlock, just means you've done more easy challenges than someone else, so I totally wouldn't mind being able to buy those. But turning my own words on myself, I guess it's not unlikely it'll get worse and worse if we give them this inch, so I understand the backlash.

  23. Not even hating the skins but don't compare armor effects it just reminds us Reach had cooler. this sounds like a dumb Marvel spaz just hyping up anything that's new. don't act like you know about Halo or what people want

  24. For me, its not necessarily the content, its the aesthetic.
    Bungie games always stuck to their aesthetic and made sure everything fit the games style and universe. Stuff like the skull helmet, and Hayabusa armor, which was another point of contention, still fit the style, and fit the universe. You can look at them and instantly recognize it as being from Halo. It made the games feel… I don't know, more grounded? Stuff like bug, Gundam, and Power Ranger armor does not feel like its from Halo. It feels tacked on for more easy content. It lacks consistency, and creates a disconnect.

    Stuff like the armor effects from Reach were a bit annoying, but not too bad. They were separate from the armors aesthetic. Stuff like the confetti and flaming head were callbacks to the Grunt Birthday Party Skull, and old Dev armor from Halo 3. Both of which are very Halo.
    Infinite is also failing to add armor that feels Halo. Its great looking armor, but its not the right aesthetic. You can easily look at it, and not even realize its from Halo. Newer Halo content has an identity crisis. It feels more like an off brand FTP shooter that just puts in whatever content they want, instead of adhering to the rules of visual design that was laid out for the universe. It feels messy, inconsistent, and very much not Halo.

  25. The problema is that we have to let the legacy games go and 343 too, all that work should be in infinite. 343 is crying for hans for people, and they are bussy in MCC

  26. The problem is the game still felt like halo, not it’s slowly not

  27. My fellow halo enjoyer, I do not like these new armors becuase they go against the art style and are too goofy

    The skull and reach effects are completely different as they were harder to get and also were still using different things from halo (haunted is the oddball inside the pilot helmet, and grunt birthday party was always a thing in campaign)

    Also these new armors don’t fit the theme of a military shooter, being a gundam transformer is different than having the skull helmet that could only unlock after you got every item (something I never got close to doing in the 7 years I played it)

  28. Thing is, why add Gundam armor, insect armor, and other strange looking armor, instead of making more normal Spartan armor ? Why not add Helioskrill for example ? I

  29. If you cant play Halo without using cringe looking Meme Armor, you arent a Halo Fan.

    I could care less about this junky Meme armor going into MCC because I can turn it off. But until 343 adds an off Toggle to infinite (which they wont because it will anger memelords and whales) they need to keep it out of infinite.

  30. Honestly the way I see it (and think others should as well since it is a stupid thing to be upset about) is that it doesn’t matter they’ve admitted it’s not cannon and they still add good armors that fit the general aesthetic of the games they’re added to, if you don’t like the new armor or anything the season has to offer, simply don’t grind the season or collect them. I don’t like the looks so I only play for the select item I want and stop when I get it I don’t complain

  31. I mean we could be living like infinite players and have no content.

  32. I don't care for new armors tbh, if they are making those it's because people buy it and it helps the game. I'm happy with my hazop armor 😙

  33. Mcc erased all of my local files. I'm done with 343

  34. UUUUH are you daft?!

    People DID complain about flying hearts, children crying and such when Reach came out because it looked goofy. Same goes for the skull, which even though it looked goofy was more of a trophy cosmetic. Need I remind you that to unlock that helmet you had to unlock EVERY SINGLE COSMETIC in the game?! Do you understand how much of a grindfest OG Reach was for cosmetics?!

  35. The helmet literally has the halo Symbol top of it

  36. The skull argument is stupid bc skulls always been part of halo, weather it difficulty skull or legendary skull

  37. True, but we also have to acknowledge that armor in Halo has ALWAYS been a very contentious topic. Since 2012, 343 has wildly changed the style of Halo. Having a skull inside your visor or an armor effect is one thing, but having your whole body covered in spikes, fur, ridges, blades, and horns is a giant step away from the classic armor. To add, the armor effects and Haunted helmet in Reach both took considerably more grinding to obtain than the MCC's or Infinite's gear, so it was seen much less frequently. Now, half the people in the battlefield have moving rainbow visors, swords and shields, literal Xboxes strapped to their backs (which is fine with me tbh), and more. It can see where a classic fan would find this confusing.

  38. People like that just make me laugh, like. Dude, its still halo, it's still mjolnir armor it just looks like a Roman legionarre

  39. I don’t even get this. You can literally disable these armor pieces in the menus.

  40. It would be cool if they started doing different cannon armors from infinite and put them in reach and put some reach armor in h3 imagine the haunted helmet in h3 aesthetic.

  41. That's what I've been saying! Thank you!

  42. This channel and people (343i shills) like you. Clearly don’t know the difference between bungie bungie and 343i. Y’all only know stuff that happen after 2012 (the garbage era). Why are y’all talking about a game series you never originally experienced 😂. Don’t even try to explain your OG-ness….you already told on yourself. Y’all are some 2012 starting halo/Xbox kids. Y’all don’t know what it means to have a complete day 1 game or games with uniqueness or integrity 😂😂😂😂. Y’all only know infinite sprint, season passes, battle royal, mirco transaction and horrible art designs and games with no integrity at all.

  43. You forgot to mention the katana sword in halo 3, grunts and some dialogues being too funny for the overall feeling of the series, and more stuff that I can't remember now. Again, fans being a little too "dramatic".

  44. Checking newest you already got ppl calling you a shill lol classic halo fans

  45. I think that the armor is fine but it just isn’t very realistic. Like what futuristic army would put cosmetics in front of functionality. U know, cause High powered rifle bullets travel at supersonic speeds and unicorn horn shaped armor is probably gonna catch a few stray bullets.

  46. Complaining about new free stuff being added to mcc is what the community should stop doing.
    Its also giving 343i reason to blame fans for future screw ups

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