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Did They Forget?

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What’s going on over at 343, only one can imagine…
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  1. this is just sad the UI probs can't support it… i'd kill for fiesta btb

  2. I will kill for long slayer and infection please 343 add it into the game!!!

  3. i love your videos 🙂 so funny XD and learnable

  4. Frankly I just want a way to filter out things like BR slayer, I hate using the br outside of tactical slayer so it’s really annoying for me to want to relax with some slayer only to force myself to use the br whilst I run around like a headless chicken looking to something ti swap it for

  5. I feel like the whole drop pod idea will be scrapped and forgotten about

  6. This game has no vision or direction. What a complete failure

  7. Same could be said about the bandit rifle shroud screen and quantum translocator, from what we've seen in the leaks, all those things are seemingly polished and ready for release, so holding the bandit and the shroud screen back is stupid, and they haven't even talked about the quantum translocator

  8. These big companies really need to learn from the modding community on how to deliver. 343 especially.

  9. He remembered the halo tv showww?!!!!

  10. I'm sure the management are idiots who don't relate to make us dry of content

  11. Man halo is in a bad place right now.. I somehow still have hope….

  12. 343 just lies lies and lies that’s all they do that’s all they ever do is sit there and lie that’s what they were doing last week

  13. Joe was one of the big three at Bungie (Jason and marty being the other two). By the time he was hired on at 343i he wasn't much more than a figurehead for them to use as a marketing ploy. He had less than a year to do anything and 343i had already finished the story save for fixing visual quality.

  14. Why? Because they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing with the game. They’ve had no plan since day one, and they’re just going back and forth trying to decided what their service model should even look like.

  15. I don't understand. They're playable, but not in the game?

  16. Hopefully they come out tomorrow with the Yappening.

  17. I know I sound like a boomer but, brining ex bungie members doesn't seem to work at all despite the legacy they left. We also gotta remember that people can change over the time. Some ex bungie members might not be who they were before.

  18. The bandit is in the game, fully playable
    But wait just half a year to get it

  19. The game is made by a bunch of Democrats. The franchise is falling apart and nothing makes sense.. like America under Biden

  20. Also remember the DMR is probably ready as well as the shroud screen

  21. They forgot lots of things. Like how to make a Halo game 😁

  22. I hope they didn't forget about PvE, firefight or warzone would be a godsend right now

  23. I hate to say this @Shwardo but You should consider covering other content/Games…I'm sure Your fanbase will support You, Your style is awesome (Short and sweet). You got lots of potential! Don't let a dying game change that.

  24. Why the hell is ANYONE still playing Infinite multiplayer????

  25. Keep up the good work, keep the pressure up, expose their lies

  26. Blueberry Pancakes.
    If you know, you know, make it so.

  27. Gotta be the UI being trash. They had to rotate out this seasons game mode LSS just to add duo's. Sure no one really gave a crap about LSS, but in an already content starved game, rotating game modes is insane, and they gotta know that already. Whoever designed the UI done fucked up big time.

  28. Imagine they pranked us real hard and all the new content comes out.

  29. I understand for the bandit rifle and shroud screen, since they seem to be tied to a season, but modes like escalation slayer and juggernaut, where are those?

  30. Wait and see how MWII will smoke this game with less dev time. It just shows how lazy 343I is.

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