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Dr Halsey CLONED Herself and Creates CORTANA in New Halo TV Show

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  1. We f**** Halo Jesus what the f*** are we doing people, put a f**** needler in my goddamn pee hole

  2. I’m not too familiar with the written canon of Halo, but I have played most of the games. This sort thing isn’t what Dr. Halsey would do, right? I would assume she despises cloning another human being. Can someone confirm?

    Edited: alright everyone, I get the general gist of Dr. Halsey and cloning. She cloned herself several times, which lead to the eventually creation of both Cortana and The Weapon.

  3. where was she supposed to get the brain if she didn't use clones?

  4. isn't cortana suppose to be a halsey model? Cortana is basically a younger version of her.

  5. This is semi canonical. She cloned her brain to make cortana, but a full body isnt necessary. In halo organs can easilly be grown for transplant and replacement for injuries. Shes the first to use it for AI.

    Show still fucking sucks.

  6. And? Im pretty sure thats exactly how that happened in the books. This is like when people were shocked palpatine cloned himself in the sequels. That happened in the star wars books. Whatever your opinion on the show (or the sequel trilogy) these elements didnt come out of nowhere

  7. This is all heading towards something extremely generic….

  8. Jesus. I’ve never realized how horrifying Halo lore is

  9. Anyone think the flood will make an appearance in this show

  10. She did that multiple times in the OG lore

  11. Although Cortana is based on a brain map of Halsey, Cortana was never clone or human. Otherwise, I don't think Cortana would have died, nor have gotten rampancy.
    This show is doing its own thing.

  12. So Halsey, who is blonde and speaks British, clones herself and used it to make Cortana. But for some reason in the trailer, Cortana has black hair and has an American accent?

  13. So diverse and inclusive
    Stunning and brave 👏👏

  14. So basically this version of the unsc doesn't have ways to make holograms via brain mapping

  15. General derka derpa: A derpa derpa Allah alllah jihad.. burpa derpa derka derka..

  16. I really didn't mind the first episode,
    don't know why so many people hated it, yeah CGI is a bit wonky and they messed up the lore but the action was good
    If only master Chief didn't lift his helmet, i think alot of people would have gotten over it but that was the thin red line.

  17. If only Halsey used clones of the kids rather than abducting them and erasing their memories. From the cloning of herself to make smart AI, we know that the clones also share the same brain structure. Also, they could be designed genetically from conception to have stronger bodies than their original counterparts that were never born to be soldiers.

    And I'm sure some would say it wouldn't make for great storytelling, but if Master Chief ran into his original self during some battle or whatever, it could easily work into the story of him questioning everything then going awol at the end of the first episode.

  18. Wait wait wait you guys think that this person is Halsey hahahahahahahahhahahaha oh thats almost as funny as captain jacob keyes being blac….oh fuc-

  19. Can't wait to hear the voice of Jen Tayloy again.

  20. I had a feeling this series is sort of a prequel to Halo 1! Cant wait for more episodes! 🙂

  21. … Yes. Anyone who played the games and read the books knows this. "The Queen and the Pawn go back in the same box," to paraphrase.

  22. I don't understand how cloning is supposed to create holographic AI. Are they going to do deep learning tutorials and eventually code it for you while you continue advancing cloning tech, or….?

  23. This is also how she created the Weapon… sort of

  24. We can manage Master Chief voice but A Bald Cortana is where they cross the line dudes

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