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Dr. Halsey’s Computer: Weeks 3-5 – Additional Halo TV Series Lore

Halo Canon
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As y’all may or may not know, the Halo TV series has a website that updates after each new episode, providing additional lore and details on the Silver Timeline! This will cover the update from the last 3 weeks, for episodes 3 through 5. I have a previous video on the first two weeks here:

0:00 Intro
1:04 Website Front Page
2:25 Week 3 Content
9:47 Week 4 Content
13:36 Week 5 Content
17:54 Planet Profile – Mamore
21:03 Planet Profile – Eridanus II
22:40 Outro

Ending music: “John-117” by Teknoaxe

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  1. In 5 episode, when J. keys shoot from machine gun in Phantome, he shoot directly in blue ligth on front side“wings“, just like in Halo ODST


  3. unrelated question could a spartan join the banished?

  4. I don’t think I can stay subscribed any longer. I truly resent this tv show and having it plastered on my sub box isn’t doing me much good in forgetting it exists. I really enjoyed your content up until now though. Hopefully when it’s done I can comfortably resub 🙂

  5. Why did you not mention the Halsey key card that an Easter egg can be seen under uv light?

  6. Thank you for putting this all together. It’s a good idea to keep doing these week to week so the changes can be properly archived. Halo has a history of lore-essential websites getting shut down and much of the info getting lost.

  7. I think it would be cool if you made the michinima in infinite

  8. Shows battles are a 10 the story a 5 maybe 4

  9. Loving the details. I appreciate your time.

  10. I’m waiting for the”she is a monument to all your sins.” Cause that line really fits Halsey

  11. You think Halsey hid some details on the Spartan problem from the top brass of ONI like core canon?

  12. Can we make spartan 1337 cannon in the silver timeline since he's not in the core cannon? I think his clowny personality would make Quann Ha's segments more entertaining

  13. For pellets that are supposedly very important to Spartan operations, they sure as hell seem to come out easily enough. You’d think they’d be buried deeper

    Also, its great to hear that Mamore got cetacean pods settled there, if nothing else. Space orcas for the win.

    March 5th is also a bit of a reference date as well, as its the birthday of one of the Bungie art designers and was first seen on the Scorpion in CE (the number on it being 03051986 I believe, or March 5th, 1986), and then of course it being Jorge's birthday too.
    Of interesting note, its also mine. Take that as you will.

  14. I’m glad someone else finally noticed this

  15. What’s the link for the Instagram account for Halsey’s codes?

  16. Thanks so much for all.the work you put into your videos. Being a newbie to Halo via the tv series I'm learning tons of stuff about the Halo universe!

  17. So season 1 only has 5 episodes? Wow short season.

  18. Many thanks for this comprehensive and thoughtful video! Really appreciate your excellent coverage of this series! Your work to surface all the detailed lore is awesome!

  19. why are they even expanding on the "lore" on this failure. It is suppose to be a one off thing. They need to focus on core canon and not this poor excuse for an alternate timeline.

  20. It’s so cool they’re doing these, it shows how much work goes into expanding the show and making it it’s own. Thanks for covering it!

  21. Love these lore videos! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  22. Thank you very much for this update. All of the parallels once again show just how much the production did their homework for this tv series. I’ve had the feeling that Halsey has an alternative agenda for John and that she is enhancing him in order to protect him and the other Spartans.

  23. I’m so glad you’re drawing out comparisons to Hunt the Truth where able. The HTT vibes to the pilot episode were what really hooked me, and the hope that we might get to see more of those themes explored is what’s keeping me going. Great video as always.

  24. No idea why the show got changed to Thursdays but I like the characters so far. Especially Miranda, she's just an adorable bunny putting her nose in all the wrong places lol.

  25. I think Halsey's lax attitude towards Jon and his divergent behavior is more than just a play to get the artifacts, though she certainly doesn't do anything without a greater plan in mind. I think she does want the Spartans to become their own program fully under her command and her funding.

  26. You know you're a true canon channel when you treat non canon with just as much respect and dignity 🥂

  27. I’m sad but happy sad that the show isn’t true halo and to cringe for me to get pass the first episode but happy a lot of people are new to halo and trying to learn more about the original lore thru this guys lore videos and ultimately just grow the community in general

  28. Just watched episode 6 and damn it got really interesting. (SPOILER ALERT DONT CONTINUE READING IF YOU DONT WANT TO ME TO SPOIL SHOW )

    At the end of the episode we finally see a halo array

  29. I wish they made all the Spartans enlisted rank instead of having Vannik and Riz as officers rank.

  30. Can you honestly say you like silver timeline better than the original?

  31. This show goes from weakness to weakness and I hope it isn't greenlit for a second season because this level of laziness shouldn't be rewarded

  32. This is why I feel like Halo's TV canon contradicts itself. The pellets function to create a control system, but the Spartans still show signs of individuality and behavior that negates them. It feels like they're only there for the UNSC's sake of saying they can control the Spartans, but Halsey is starting to show signs of her Core Canon counterpart's tendency to let the Spartans act on their own.

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