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Episode 4 Trailer 2 – Halo TV Show

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Episode 4 Trailer 2 – Halo TV Series

Halo tv show new episode trailer


  1. Vannak Kai and Riz are COOL. Love them. Much better than this "version" of Chief.

  2. well they said its a non-canon story. As a stand alone series, I've found this pretty good, camera movement, the tone, spacing, design, music,… everything is pretty fine to be honest. Kind of get me engage in more and more. Kind of like the idea they get to build up Chief like this, a bit clunky in story building but its fine. I get that everyone get a little bias over the game, but if you get your mind free, its a good show. I copy my own comment though, I'm too lazy.

  3. Halsey must feel shame for her bastard

  4. I was posting hate comments in the first few videos but after watching Episode 2 and 3 I actually like the direction the show is going in. Cortana helps a lot.

  5. This is the show of remove helmet

  6. Kai-125 is just great i hope to see more of her character

  7. Aside from that critics, I just simply love this show.

  8. It's so sad seeing people trying to defend this garbage…..lol

  9. Kai and vannak are cool but I wanna see more of riz. Also also I’d love silver team armor in infinite damnit

  10. I cant comprehend why they would take the badass and leader that was Miranda Keyes and turn her into this sniveling moron.

  11. It'll be interesting to see how these three grow in the show, but I was kind of looking forward to seeing Kelly, Fred and Lynda again

    And in live action no less

  12. Episode 3 had some interesting parts with the chief and cortana.
    With a relatively short season I really don't want to spend a whole lot of time on these ancillary characters, they aren't very interesting and the acting isn't great.
    Episode 4 already and it feels like treading water.

  13. I may be wrong… but that artifact looks to be 3d printed… which is perfectly fine.. although it looks like they only finished half if it?

    The side closest (and most visible to the camera) is smooth. The other side seems to have crazy layer lines lol

  14. Oh my God guys STOP COMPLAINING… Everyone can have their opinion, yes, but It's episode 4… I can get the "OH MY GOD IT'S NOT LIKE THE GAMES!1!1!!1!11! THIS SUCKS" for the First 2 episodes… Now we are at episode 4, what the fuck are you all still doing here complaining? If u don't like the fact that they changed the story I can accept It, but stop watching and fuck off, u still here arguing? Let the people that like this show enjoy it without u under every trailer going "WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT!?!? IT WAS BETTER IN THE GAMES"

  15. We all can agree , silver team feels more Spartan than master cheif

  16. We need halo reach future car and they are just lazy for not doing it

  17. The show is decent. It is just protagonist looks confused af all the time.

  18. Love this show can't wait… can't wait to see if they others Spartans remove there pellets.

  19. We need action scene not some crappy emotional scenes and dialogues..

  20. I like that the writing is so bad, people educate themselfs on writing methods to find reasons why its so bad. Like show, dont tell. Or plot progression which was thrown away as chief questions his soldier beeing since ep 1. There are many more examples but I think its obvious that this show was either written by someone who doesnt know writing or guided by someone who doenst know

  21. 343 turned halo into a laughable joke. Halo was serious about its characters , mystery is a good storytelling tool.Though there are some good character development such as cortana , the introduction of " Haulsie" , i know i spelt her name wrong and a few others . I wish bungie had an iput into this .AndNeill Blomkamp ha directed the halo series of tv show.

  22. D.. doctor? You're not serious, right? Miranda Keyes is an active-duty naval officer, not a fricking doctor. Bloody hell.

  23. I'm having fun watching the show. I hope the writers acutally take time to play halo 1 – 3 to see how much fun it is since what they are doing with Halo is fun.

  24. I hope when reach falls it become very intense

  25. Think we can get some Spartan action this episode? They keep showing Chief in his armor fighting Covenant but it never seems to actually happen. They just keep stripping layers off him. Skin will be next, mark my words.

  26. I love how they are giving the other Spartans more of a story

  27. Love this. Love all of the Spartans in this show.

  28. whether the series fails or wins, hope the actors get recognized at least

  29. They did a good job on the Spartans.

  30. I'm enjoying this series so much. Thanks for these shorts.

  31. The show is making newcomers interested in the halo franchise and a lot of people are watching it despite it not doing well too the halo community. It’s doing some good

  32. The thumbnail looks like lord Saladin from destiny in live action.

  33. Spartan: You see us as machines… She seems to feel a kind of way about that
    Chief: I feel nothing , cus of this BS chip.
    Which is it dumb writers?

  34. Do uh, do we get to see her take her pellet out too?

    Like in the same exact way they had John do it.

    Master Cheeks and everything?

  35. Exposition as dialogue in itself isn’t a sin, but when the dialogue is amateur is doesn’t match the character.

  36. I'm going to be the first one to say it. There's no way that Master Chief would've taken his Helmet off the appease someone who doesn't trust him. ITS TOO RISKY considering he's NEEDED in a bigger war

  37. Kia seems awesome! Seriously spot on casting!

  38. Kai-125 is the only person that I like in this show.

  39. This person clearly has the full episode already.

  40. I'm actually enjoying the series not as bad as it's made out to be, played halo as a kid when it came out! Last halo I played was Halo 2 tho, is score the series a 7/10.

  41. Read fall of Reach. The prequel to the first game n the show will make alot more sense

  42. Yes please explain obvious information to us like we’re mentally impaired toddlers.

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