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Episode 5 Trailer 2 – Halo TV Series

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New trailer halo tv series episode 5


  1. ……….I’ll finish this season to see where it goes then after this I’m done

  2. It’s annoying he has his helmet off half the show

  3. So we had 4 episodes of non stop talking and like maybe 20 minutes of action. Wonder how much ACTUAL FIGHTING there'll be in 5

  4. You know it's going to be garbage when already he has his helmet off in the trailer several times. Garbage show and I hope season 2 is canceled

  5. I want to like this '"Halo" series but, man. Master Chief keeps on removing his helmet, it really ruins the immersion of Master Chief

  6. i still cannot believe these losers producing this show cannot go one episode without showing “chiefs” face

  7. Draw out the down time, make people hungry, then feed them

  8. Enough of showing Chief's face just give us action

  9. What’s with this shit ass the editing? If you can’t upload the actual trailer then don’t.

  10. I fucking knew it
    I bet the action is the literal last 10min of the episode if that long even
    All just to complete a month subscription and you have to renew for ep.5 of such a cancerous show that very much has SO MUCH DEPTH IN LORE that I could have easily been a ground breaking show
    But no, we got Halo:Woke Wars

  11. if you saw how the boss ran in the direction of the attack it is very fast

  12. Omg idk why "fans" hate this series when is not canonical, i have played halo sinsce i was a kid and i think this series is not bad (even good), is a alternative history so there is not reason to be angry.

  13. "Helmets on!"
    "Less talkie, more shootie!" 🔫
    -Halo fanbase

  14. Baited, there will be 90 seconds of action, 30 seconds of cheeks and 45 minutes of kwan the walking justification for late term aboration.

  15. Silver team on the front lines going about 60mph – YES

  16. Im going to say this now, for myself in my opinion.. Thats not Masterchief. Thats Master Cheeks. A master chief wanna be

  17. This actually looks really good. This might be the best episode yet.

  18. Can someone please help the Chief find his helmet in this episode.

  19. Can chief put his damn helmet on and keep it on

  20. More disappointing than the Book of Boba Fett for sure….

  21. Idk man that human girl thats allied with covenant is straight cringe

  22. Thank god for the social and political commentary in this show about space war. I wouldn’t know what to think without it.🙄😒

  23. Watch it’s only the first ten minutes of the show

  24. Spoilers like all trailers so not really spoilers: we seen all the action of the episode already.

  25. combat comes only once in a blue moon, cherish this moment for it may be the last

  26. 0:38 Way to go, Kai. It looks like taking out your emotional regulator made you forget how to take cover as well.

  27. Finally some damn action for a show based off a fps franchise

  28. Finally get to see the Marines battle the Covenant.

  29. 0:35 so cringe who ever thought of this idea as a character needs to be in jail

  30. ธนกฤต ทองช่วย says:

    Can't wait to watch another episode of "The book of masterchief "!!

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