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Every Ship in Episode 1 of the Halo TV Show – Halo #Shorts

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The new Halo TV show is full of new ships. We’ll break down Episode 1 of the Halo show, and cover every capital ship, freighter, fighter and space ship. All that and more on today’s Halo Lore video!

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  1. The condor is an older variant of the pelican, though calling it a variant is stretching the definition. They were made by taking a normal troop transport and adding extensions (body and airframe), and extra mechanical parts (entrance engines and the big one, an FTL drive)Yes. It’s the only Pelican chassis with an FTL drive. And for that reason, the UNSC stopped using them. Too expensive. And problematic.

  2. The Halo TV show never happened. It doesn't exist. We don't talk about things that don't exist. Move on

  3. The Condor was just a Pelican with a stupid sounding name.

  4. That minute it took to learn this info was still too much of a time investment for the show runners to actually do any research.

  5. Wow the gay show paramount made which fucked everything 🙄lol

  6. You forgot to mention the giant Forerunner Dreadnought powering high charity.

  7. I can’t believe he said all of that in only one minute.

  8. We also see AK47, a Camaro in the 500 in the future

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