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Everyone is Getting NAKED in the Halo TV Show

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Master Chief and Makee getting naked in the new halo tv series. Who is next ?

Halo tv series – Episode 4


  1. Equality, we have 1 male, 1 female so anyone else will aslo have to have an opposite gender revile themselves.

  2. Prophet gonna get that makussee in the next episode 🍑

  3. The Master Cheeks scene would've been lore accurate if he kept his helmet on.

  4. People are jealous because they can't work dem Master Glutes

  5. If we needed any more proof they never played the games and were never a fan of the lore.

  6. 100 bucks that chief and the woman from covenant will be each other’s antagonistic love interest pulled straight from rise of Skywalker

  7. Chiefs actor does have some nice cake though 😏

  8. "I said you can have a snack, not the whole kitchen!"

  9. Someone predicted that we might see chief naked in ep 3 ….and here we are 😅😅

  10. you'd think a Spartan would be far more muscular then that

  11. All I really wanted from this show was to see a full frontal from the prophet of truth, as a die hard halo fan I don't care about this show…

  12. Wouldnt be suprised if they hired Johnny Sins to write the script because he was cheap and listed as “overqualified” with tons of profession on his resume. Just so they can pocket more of that 90 million budget in their own wallet.

  13. A really good series that is growing on me. People getting naked isn´t a big thing (it shouldn´t be controversial in a modern society), haven´t we seen him semi-naked in throwback shots before?

  14. Lol i made a joke after the first episode saying it was gonna end up being blood and sand and now im not joking 😂

  15. The creators of this show made it out of spite 100%

  16. By next season we're going to see The Brute Chieftain Tartarus and his big gravity hammer! I've waited like 20 years for a decent Halo series or a movie. This show sucks I stopped at episode 2.

  17. Rise of the Spartans was a better non-canon halo show but I love this channel

  18. This is one of the largest franchises in human history! We need to appeal to a wider audience!

    Next minute; So uh… The actors contracts all have porn clauses and the special effects department wants to focus on gore.

    Cool cool. So…

    You can use the window. I'm going to go hang myself in the closet.

  19. Y'all come grab me when it's Cortana getting undressed.

  20. As far as I’m concerned that’s humanities ass (salutes)

  21. Seeing buff as shit 117 meme is one thing but this takes the cake.

  22. Somehow, I’m getting the feeling that we’re going to get a Halo edition of one of those fireman or raunchy calendars with a specific character of the month. I shudder in fear, just at the mere thought of it.

  23. “Masterchief what are you doing?” Exactly what I say every time I watch a clip from this shite adaptation

  24. So far we have seen Master Chief, Makee, Kai and Vinsher's ass. Now who will be next?

  25. I can confirm it is Kai, I witnessed it 👁️👄👁️

  26. Coming up

    Ep5: master cheeks and Soren kiss
    Ep6: the phrophets get naked
    Ep7: Miranda Keyes is a lesbian and kisses Kai
    Ep8: master cheeks goes into battle nude
    Ep9: master cheeks adopts kwan

  27. Not gonna lie, this recent Halo fanfic series has me questioning whether or not this is a parody.

  28. "When you first saw Master Cheeks, were you blinded by its Majesty?"

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