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Everything You Need To Know About The Halo Tv Show: 6 Months Later

Ms Precursor
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0:00 Beginning
2:53 Cortana Recast
5:33 Official Set Photos
7:40 Alleged Leaked Photos & Military police
10:40 Move to Paramount+
12:29 Anger over Master Chief’s tweets
13:55 Filming At Korda Studios
16:00 Interviews from Cast & Crew

Halo TV show interviews of interest to read-
Pablo Schreiber interview
Charlie Murphy interview
Kiki Wolfkill interview
Another Kiki Wolfkill interview

I’ve always been one to value quality and relevant information in videos, which is why I wanted to wait so long to create the next Tv series update video, I don’t want to make a click bait 15 minute video every time a small bit of news comes out. So I appreciate you all being so patient with me and waiting for this update.

This is only my second video using Adobe Premiere Pro, I’ve been teaching it to myself from scratch, just because video editing is really becoming a stress relieving hobby of mine, and if I get to make something Halo fans will enjoy that’s a win-win!

I don’t want to become a big creator, and I’ve had a few people ask me about Patreon or starting a discord server. Here’s the thing, I love Halo and making these videos and chatting with halo fans but I don’t have the free time to be involved like that with a 40 hr a week job and college. So if you want to come chat with me about Halo how about you join this Halo Discord server that I am a member of. I am actually a “Loremaster” which is just a title for cringy halo book nerd who can answer questions, but if you want to chat why don’t you catch me there! The invitation to the server is below.
-Ms Precursor

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  1. we were so wrong. oh god. the horror. i wish i could go back to dragon ball evolution

  2. yo long time no see. You seen the trailers? they look promising for the future.

  3. You're covering a live-action adaptation and don't sound enraged, like the world is going to end, like this'll ruin the franchise in its entirety, or anything. I can relate to the bearded Hercules at the end, "this isn't my world", only not disappointed.

  4. I really appreciate you. You’re one of the few people who’s as excited for this as I am. Thank you for the update!

  5. Hey, thanks for the video. I am hopeful for this show… They just need to respect the aesthetics, the tone, and the already established emotional context for this show to be appreciated by the fans. Oh, and the soundtrack or whatever music they incorporate into the show better be something we can recognise as Halo. If the music sucks, that's it, the show will suck for me, even if they have bombastic action scenes with warthogs, pelicans and space ships.

  6. Ms Precursor!! I'm thrilled to see you've posted a new video

  7. Hey you are back glad yo hear from you. Hope to see you more

  8. WOOT VIEWER 92 HERE!! THATS A BR-55 YOU NERD!!! Get rekt, 360 no scope hype 9000!!! Also I still think that dude posted that pic for flack. Possibly a cosplay for all we know but thank goodness you hide his identity. That poor birds vocals tho.

  9. Great video… and you should start an online detective agency for clingy ex's…

  10. 116 views
    We were this close to greatness. This close 👉👈

  11. Nice in-depth video! Wholesome to blur out the MP actor as well, nice thinking there.

    I slightly hoped you saw the sneak peek from the investor stream, trying to find that, but sadly no success. It should be in the ViacomCBS event of the 24th of February, you can watch it live on the internet and hear an introductory presentation about the show, but the sneak peek got cut out into a "be right back" screen sadly. If you haven't seen it, it is at 1:11:00 mark of the video, but I think you did 🙂

  12. Wow, why does your voice sound so familiar?? Do you ever do voiceovers for other YouTube Channels? You remind me of one I watched recently!

  13. If Parangosky is head of ONI durning this TV series then it takes place before Halo 4. If thats the case I wonder if it will have the Kilo Five squad in it.

  14. Late to the party, but good stuff! Pretty excited to see our beloved Halo show :))

  15. Just look at the huge production crew and their merits! They are really packing for this show. Just the art department consist of 75 people and headed by a person who was executive for all Harry Potter's. There are many other executive personnel with emmy and bafta nominations from productions such as Batman the dark night rises, game of thrones, Bladerunner 2045, Vikings etc. There are 200 people in addition to the actors working on this! The show is in good hands!

  16. Part of the Halo Community is like that of most other franchises, really really really nitpicky and afraid. I already saw people being totally let down and worried by some relatively minor things (Makee the Covenant child and the such), but how can you be so negative if you haven't even watch those things in context? I'm not afraid by some minor inconstencies with the books/games as much by the attitude some people already have with this show, pointing out every difference and things that sound a bit odd instead of appreciating the characters, the setting and the story, if they are well written and shown in a compelling way.

  17. idk how i missed this video until today…
    Anyway, speaking a little about the movement from Showtime to Paramount plus, i think it can only be a good thing and i am gonna explain why.

    Both paramount and showtime are part of the same company (ViacomCBS), right now ViacomCBS is investing a lot in Paramount plus to have as much content as posible so they can compete againt disney plus and hbo max amongs others. The fact that viacom has decided to move Halo to paramount plus means that they are seing in the show the capacity to attract people to suscribe to their service (In the viacomCBS investors conference they said that it was an strategic decision and they believe the show is gonna be inportant for the service, they used the term four-quadrant appeal aswell).

    Sorry for the long comment 😅

  18. Absolutely wrong and disgusting destroying cannon history of the halo universe CAPTAIN KEEYS AND MARANDA KEEYS WAS NOT BLACK FFS 🤢🤮

  19. atriox is probaly going to be in it….
    those puppets are EXPENSIvE

  20. ngl the ships have been kinda important to learn about

  21. im just gonna pirate the show of youube like everything else.

  22. CBS owns showtime so it’s not showtime giving it up so much as cbs taking the series to pump up paramount plus.

  23. The armor kinda reminds me of halo CE having these big metal armor pieces, from what I've seen this is the most realistic take on UNSC Marines, police looks, and the quality of it looks pretty good, but even if the show is good, I'm afraid it wouldn't be a popular as the Mandalorian, unless there's very good world building, action and etc

  24. Thanks for updating with this information. You did a wonderful job collecting all of this information together and organizing it. Greatly appreciated.

  25. Hello there! Just wanted to give you an update that i found today: the cast of the show has been expanded in the IMDb page and there are also the prophets!!! I'm really happy for that 🙂

  26. Face reveal? Also, I love your narration. Read me more Halo stuff pleeeease

  27. Is Steve downs gunna be master chief’s voice actor, or is the actor in the suit gunna be the voice actor?

  28. Do we now know what MC looks like bc of the actor??

  29. great vid, idk how I feel about the show tbh. I think it will be really hard to see anyone else as the Master Chief other than Downes but I guess we'll see. good to know that Jen is able to voice Cortana though as like with MC it would be weird hearing another voice come from Cortana. i hope it will be good but not going to hold my breath

  30. I love how in-depth your research has been. It's great that there is a community still with alot of faith in Halo. I was 3 when my father introduced me to Halo back in 2004 (when I was able to wrap my mind around a story and use a controller). I've been waiting for a TV show; I remember being excited for the "leaked" trailer back in the late 2ks. Now I'm 22, a father myself, and the show is finally happening!

  31. The only question that I have about the Halo TV-show is: Will it air on Television as well? Or can it only be watched on Paramount+?

  32. Although I'm extremely hyped for this show, is it really hard to understand why people are so worried from what we've heard so far?

    I.E. a human being raised by the covenant?

  33. Hello there! came back to share an update about the series with you. Apparentely the show's budget is sick: 200 million dollars!! Just found out on this interview to one of the directors of the series, it's dutch but you can translate it with youtube, just go to 12:05, enjoy! https://youtu.be/Me2ilWGl4xQ

  34. As a Halo Fan I just came across this clip and your channel. Thank you for your hard work and fantastic presentation you are so talented. I think I call you now my new AI, your voice is so beautiful and calming to listen too….
    Keep up the great work and stay true to Halo, very exciting times for us, and it’s amazing we can all share this together in unity.
    Take Care 💕🍀

  35. Her voice is sooo soothing..almost like an ASMR…after show comes out..please review it.. but in ASMR style 😉

  36. HALO SHOW TEASER IS HERE!!! PLS tell us what you think:D

  37. Jacob and Miranda are black. Not canon. Not Halo. Will boycott.

  38. Why it’s got to be on paramount+ what other programs

  39. Guess its time to make the follow up video 🙂

  40. When are you dropping a video about the trailer and leaks about the show?

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