Fan favourites will be earned not bought - Halo Infinite -

Fan favourites will be earned not bought – Halo Infinite

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Earned via Halo Infinite’s Progression system just going off what Unyshek and Jerry Hook said previously. Definitely makes the most sense.

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  1. I want to be able to turn off the AI. It’s distracting, repetitive and annoying as hell. The announcer is more than enough.

  2. Even if the progression system didn't have any unlocks I would still grind it

  3. Where is EOD omg that’s all I want

  4. I'm just sick of the FOMO and challenges tbh. I wish it had a progression system more like MCC, even if it had a cash shop.

  5. Everything should be earned. EVERYTHING. Not bought.

  6. Why haven’t they Atleast brought the medieval armor from mcc to halo infinite?

  7. Damn I had something going on during the tactical ops event, so I missed it. I hope the Mark V comes back in the future, so that I'll have a chance to get it again.

  8. Favorite “Reach” items? Nah man. CQB is my favorite Halo 3 item

  9. Lies for the weak, beacons for the deluded.

  10. It boggles my brain that this is only now coming and not…ya know, just how the game was launched. But better late than never I suppose. Here's hoping Infinite can mold into the halo game we all want and know is possible!

  11. who gives a shit. give us more maps, forge mode and more ranked playlist like dubz, 3v3, time snipes etc. ffs

  12. i wish the armor was earned by challanges like halo 3 type challanges not the new system

  13. I’m still waiting for the Soldier helmet and other vaulted items to finally be unlocked

  14. Am I the only person that has seen people with the Mark 5 helmet

  15. u sounded like my favourite GTA Online modded outfit glitch youtuber

  16. Where’s EOD and military police am I the only one that wants those Spartan helmet to return

  17. I just hope desync is finally fixed or at least made more bearable by S3

  18. Sadly my favorite is ODST and that is in season 1 and it's been 8 months and I'm still not even to unlocking.
    But I just remembered that even if I reach to that level I still won't be able to unlock because it's locked behind a $20 paywall.

  19. Forge, co-op campaign, earnable cosmetics. The three things that just might get me to reinstall.

    Can anybody who still plays let me know wether or not they've fixed the latency problems that were leading to dying when you're clearly behind cover?

  20. What about the ones they already charged people for in the store already? Will those be able to be unlocked free of charge?

  21. Just wish the armor was earned through achievements like in Halo 3, you actually had to earn the armors instead of just grinding by playing the game like if you saw recon armor, it was fucking awesome because they had to complete all the vidmaster challenges which wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Casual players probably wouldn’t earn it, so it made the armor that much more special. I wish they would bring that back in some capacity.

  22. Ok this is great and all, but what about the people who spend hard time trying to max level their season passes?

  23. sad moment is that people will still have to buy the season 1 battle pass just to unlock the armor core if that's still even a thing in season 3 hopefully not but still upsetting to be real…

  24. We should have paid and unpaid currency like how some phone games work, like battlepasses must be bought with paid or battlepass earned currency while other items dont have that stipulation, then have challenges reward free currency of the same name but in the expanded balance it states it as seperate and free currency should always be used first. Also the store needs to be expanded to all previous items and the store front should be for deals. Remove fomo and return to a better place, everything should be earnable always, old event battlepasses should be purchasable, old weekly challenge items should be earnable(say with a yearly battlepass thats pro-rated based on how much you unlocked during the year and have that pass have the original specific challenges and require you finish the current week before it activates)

  25. That's if they don't change it when 343 and Microsoft decide it'll make more money to have those items in the store or a good portion in the store and a few to be earned. Let's be real they probably will.

  26. i was wondering if they would ever make those armor pieces available.

  27. What about your armor plate pieces and yori armed piece you know butterfly mindful means bundle can it be earned too?

  28. Too late. 343 shot themselves in the foot. I still can't even use Mk V because I didn't shill out for season one.

    Microtransactions are an EVIL CANCER and I will not support them.

  29. I just never remember asking to Pay for 90% of the in game cosmetics, halo is done they don't care, you play infinite congratulations your in the minority and will soon be in the negative for player count the p.r team couldn't get worse bit they have been surprising

  30. I just want my hazop helmet but noooo it was 20 dollars and only in the shop once.

  31. ODST was my favorite but that was a BP item 😭

  32. Season 1 & 2 were just a beta I say, lone wolves is only named this because teams aren't playing it, just loners.

  33. I garuantee they did this because of the feedback from the community. To everyone who's fought and argued against the progressively agressive monetisation. Thankyou, and keep it up!


  35. I'm done with halo man, been a die hard fan since ce all the way to reach but 343i really can't seem to pull their heads out of their a$$ when it comes to continuing this franchise. All they've managed to do is steer it straight into the ground. Tis what happens when you go from a group of dedicated devs to a team that are forced to abide by execs and stock holders putting profit margins over player enjoyment.

    We voiced our concerns all through infinites flights to deaf ears.

    The only contribution 343 have made to the universe is the halo 4 cortana model.

  36. Yay so hyped to have to earn them using the worst progression system I have seen in over 5 years.

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