Geeks + Gamers Halo TV Series Trailer Reaction Feels RACIALLY MOTIVATED! -

Geeks + Gamers Halo TV Series Trailer Reaction Feels RACIALLY MOTIVATED!

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Geeks + Gamers uploaded a reaction video to the new trailer Paramount+ dropped for the Halo Tv Series and their Halo TV Series Trailer Reaction was incredibly poor resulting in it coming across as racially motivated and instead of mainly discussing legitimate issues with Paramount’s Halo Show they talked about the diversity and how the show gives off “last Jedi vibes” (totally BS’ing).

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0:00 Intro (Geeks + Gamers)
2:25 Geeks + Gamers Halo Tv Series Trailer Reaction
12:55 (Geeks + Gamers Halo Series)


  1. Don't let this man play halo 5 campaign, I know the campaign is but for him to play as a black spartan instead of a white one must be terrifying for him

  2. while i do actually think this "halo" series is going to be utter garbage because it's going so far against the established canon,lore and storyline that it's downright disgraceful and while i do think it will fallback heavily on the identity politics i do agree that G&G and Jeremy are gone so far down the path of the anti-SJW that they've become downright delusional and they are overly negative about literally everything and see wokeness even when there isn't any there.

  3. This is one of those people who act as if they know everything but know nothing. Black and Asian Spartans as well as half of the Spartans being woman have been a thing since the beginning of the franchise, does he not know that Sergeant Johnson exists in the games since CE or Kelly, Linda, Grace etc. in the books since “Fall of Reach”? The Spartan II Unit is based off of real life Navy SEALs (more so SEAL team Six/DEVGRU) which guess what, is a diverse group that has Black and Asian personnel in their ranks. In no way is this pushing a woke agenda. What he said is an insult and I find that offensive being black myself.

  4. 2:52. That’s probably the dumbest thing I heard come out of your mouth. Saying Cortana needs to look weird just because Paramount TV is bigger than the Halo fandom is still a moronic excuse for making a character look different. The director of the Sonic movie acknowledged all the backlash to Sonic’s awful design and changed it to the more recognizable design.

    Later in the video, I by no means understand all the lore of the Halo story, and I don’t know when this will take place in the Halo timeline, but you can still make your own story while being faithful to the lore. Look at the Witcher games: They take place after the novels, which had a dogshit ending, telling its own storyline, but is still faithful to the characters and events from the novels.

  5. It has nothing to do with not being white enough AND more to do with intentionally NOT casting white males because they are racists… I am so sick of the politucs… just make a good show

  6. I keep seeing people somehow knowing for sure the show will be woke cause all other media. I see that as an excuse of having no real examples of the Halo TV trailer showing wokeness

  7. If this dude is calling Halo “woke” because of the cast and such, then I’d rather not be sleeping. His attitude needs to be left behind. End of.

    As a Halo fan, learning this show is not exactly canon does make me happy and sad. I’m glad it means more people can get into it without having to play the games to understand what’s going on; on the other hand, I wish it would start with the fall of Reach and Halo Reach to begin the stories for TV viewers. Some nitpicking, I know, but that’s me. I’m wishing Steve Downes was still voicing but I can live with it. I think seeing Cortana without her purple hue is weird but maybe that will come down the road later.

    Still hoping for good things and I will be checking it out.

  8. Everything is a target when you have a victim mentality like them.

  9. I do believe "lgb representation" is an agenda because it is. They are appealing to the woke media to get free press, the company doesnt care about anything except money and press, and its cringe af when companies cap hard and act like they care whatsoever about that. No one cares what your sexuality is anyway, get over yourself, thats the way I look at it. Even if they did a sci fi fps game is not in any world where that "representation" should take place.

  10. I dont wanna say his racist but damn he sound like he got it out for every race but white men

  11. The show looks like a bait and switch. The first episode will have a big budget battle with Chief and the rest of the show will be about these other people with Chief making cameos once an episode.
    It’s a trash formula and people hate it but because the cast IS so diverse, all critics can just be called racist and dismissed.

  12. well if Hollywood is willing to destroy a multibillion dollar movie franchise like Star Wars in order to push their woke agenda…. then anything is possible. well just have to wait and see

  13. Your point about non canon being good is what I’ve been saying for the past week to people. I’m glad it’s not canon cause it means it will not fuck with the established lore. But I hope they don’t make it an excuse to make something way too far from halo’s style. Exploring new things and stories is fine but the story shouldn’t be 100% changed, and from what I’ve seen that’s not even the case. It’s still going to have some iconic stuff from the actual timeline (like the keyship and high charity, and if you know the character partially inside of that ship it makes it even better.) and also about him being racist, women and mixed race marines have been a thing since Halo 2..

  14. Right Wing Extremists like G+G and other Anti-Sjw Anti-Woke youtubers
    uses SJW WOKE FORCED DIVERSITY as Alibi or an easy scapegoat
    when somebody call them out as Racist/Homophobic/Sexist.
    For Example:
    "Ohh the new halo has Women and Person of color characters, Im not sexist I have a wife, Im not racist but I have black friends but this new Halo series is an SJW WOKE FORCED DIVERSITY because theyre pushing an agenda and inclusion! "

  15. To be fair the reason y the last jedi had a bad story is bc pushing an sjw agenda was prioritized rather than yk making a good story.

  16. Apparently discount the Quartering exists, too, nice, very nice.

  17. As much as I give geeks and gamers credit when they get something right but I genuinely think Jeremy hasn't played played ANY Halo Games

  18. Looks like he was right. It is going to be like the last Jedi.

  19. Now he’s in deep shit for his Batman review

  20. RK, Clownfish, YellowFlash etc are so far up their own asses it's incredible. But yeah they are grifters… but I think they are actually believing their own shit, high on their own supply, consuming therir own brew.

    I think they are likely racist deep down since they've been pushing and buying this shit for ages.

  21. This video aged like milk, the people behind the show don’t even played the games or the books and obviously going to be a bait and switch,

  22. Racially motivated, racist, bigot, etc. Words so overused they mean absolutely, nothing.

  23. Original Video: Halo The Series From Paramount+ Has The Last Jedi Vibes
    Wow you're dense or manipulative, & I think it's the 2nd one. I'm glad I unsubbed from you within a day of subbing. I just still have stuff from you I threw on a playlist. There's a difference between how the all female Ghostbusters was framed & say, T2 Linda Hamilton or Kill Bill Uma Thurman. YOU are using hyperbole to cater to your fans you deceptive coward. It's not the simple act of a female or nonWhite existing you hyperbolic garbage liar with your deceptive framing. Maybe I'll keep an eye on you to see who I've never heard of that I should sub to, because this is 2 out of 2. You are a liar who can not be trusted who will bend things into your framing for your own advantage.

  24. Found your channel thru Quatum TV drama…. And saw you called out on this Geeks + Gamers on this…. Even tho the halo show is bad…. I do see Geeks + Gamers reaction everytime he sees a minority in the clip how he cringes… Typical Trump cultists afraid to go mask off. You have my sub Mischief 👍 these Anti-woke clowns (like the Quartering, Yellow Flash, Ryan Kinel, Baby Face) are the true BIGGEST snowflakes 😂

  25. So whites are truly a minority shouldn't we be more inclusive and have their representation skewed since they're a minority?

  26. Geeks and gamers is just a pathetic, reactionary hog

  27. Regardless, female spartans dying their hair is just wack. The fact that they aren't all sporting buzz cuts at the least is also wack. The show is decent but some of the cosmetic choices aren't it.

  28. Well you clearly pissed some people off with this video, and all you said was that bro may have overreacted to seeing some characters.

  29. Feels racially motivated? It IS! Geeks and Gamers is openly racist and misogynist. People like them and the Quartering have made a career out of white victimization and outrage. They even got called out for their racism by Zack Snyder of all people, who they used to idolize.

  30. Halo was bad because the story and CGI are atrocious. Not because of the casting. I don't agree with completely changing an IP as well.

    I really like G+G and agree with a lot of the things a lot of the crew say. But you're right about your points here. Jeremy really isn't a bad guy but his wordings and phrasings do get tiresome.

  31. I know I am late so I doubt anyone will see this but you are right. These anti sjws kept going on about this show being "woke" and a bait and switch. Spread the narrative that people behind the show didn't follow the lore Even big channels memeology where doing it. Its not any of that. There is no bait in switch it focuses mainly on the chief, There are a lot of references to the games. The only "woke" thing is the fricking race swap which I do admit is lazy and id rather they just make a new character instead of race swapping but its not the end of the world. These people are probably aware there narrative is wrong but there pushing it anyways.

    Don't get me started on the fricking fighting they try to start with fandoms. They wont stop with halo and sonic comparisons which is stupid since if your gonna compare the halo tv show compare it to past media like halo legends. Not a completely different franchise that also is made by the same people (paramount).

    You want to know something funny about that too? When halo infinite removed the gender option yellowflash made a video saying halo infinite was woke and that battlefield 2042 would beat it. FUNNY how that ended. These people are just pinning things against each other when in reality most of these things probably all agree with each other.

    Alot of these people aren't even fans of halo. Cause if they where they would know that most halo fans feel mixed on the show, They aren't "DESTORYING IT" like they claim in there videos. The show is making a lot of money and getting mid reviews. Its not "destroyed by fans". Its actually doing pretty well so far. I just hope season 2 can be more like the games.

  32. I agree with Geeks and Gamers on this one. (Im not white btw)
    The Halo TV show is way too woke and has too much far left bs to have anything to do with Halo. I never got the impression that Halo was a multiracial circle jerk but a generic american sci-fi game where a guy in sci-fi armor shoots stuff (with a generic token black guy). You say these Spartans are from around the world but if that's the case why do they all express in American culture which only means all the show does is replace the default White Americans with Non White Americans solely to make the show Non white. This is what Geeks and Gamers are talking about.

  33. If non-canon equals bad story telling, they nailed it. I mean, I thought non-cannon simply meant that it was outside that which is cannon, but Halo went straight for a dumpster-fire rating. It wouldn't even be decent by itself. The storytelling is terrible. I'd be surprised if the show's writers have ever even read a book in their lives. I will agree Geeks & Gamers was way off on the Last Jedi comparison, but by no means in any way is the Halo tv show good.

  34. The most triggering thing about this video is watching you fail to fully clear that building and miss/pass shit up. I'm totally OCD in games like that I HAVE to get EVERYTHING

  35. your videos are fkng ridiculous, trash talk here, hate there! and watch your fkng words kid! you earned nothing, the whole purpose of this channel is to talk shit
    but i hope you'll grow up and just cringe one day!

  36. Well the show is terrible, woke, and was made by people who don't care in general about Halo. None of the characters look or act like their video game counter parts except the voice for cortana, no one even acts like a real person. It's so far from the games it's not even Halo anymore.

  37. Pretty sure geeks and gamers just doesn’t like black people and women

  38. I hadn't watched the trailer, so I just did. And just to defend this Jeremy guy whom I've also never watched. The trailer feels very "box-ticking" (though admittedly, it doesn't feel like TLJ).
    In many bad shows that come out these days, the main character is always white with another important white character, and then the box ticking begins like "oh we have to have a black sidekick, and an Asian, etc".
    As in, Hollywood is racist enough to not make black or Asian fronted shows, but will just pick those as side characters to reach the quota.
    And when disconnected people like that are in charge, the result is without passion.
    Quod erat demonstrandum.

  39. Lol think geeks and gamers has lost his marbles.

    Once supported him for the Star Wars fan wars but the dude seemed to have stayed on Twitter too much and changed.

  40. When I show deviates so much from established lore to only put in characters to fit an ideology that has racism as it's core tenant then I cannot give it any love. It is like a show the being based on a book about black characters and then the studio race swaps them because some minority of white people feel under represented. Do you not understand how stupid this is? I am tired of studios using "wokeness" as their new virtual signaling moment. They can offer stores about different races without preaching and definitely without trashing an already beloved franchise for brownie points. Nobody can disagree with this as they act like Black people or woman have never ever starred in any motion picture ever. This is getting ridiculous and needs to stop. I am watching Superman and Lois right now and they have Lines in there like " because I am a black woman" or making basically every white man an evil person or treads legality (a.k.a Lois dad) except for the main character of superman. What is this hate towards a race of people. Why not make black movies about black stories that do not have rap, sports or drama in it? because these woke people all think that all black people do is play ball and screw around and maybe make some music on the side.

    Let's stop wokness and get back to GOOD STORYTELLING that anybody can relate to.

  41. Its getting really depressing to see people either for greed or for real see "different" and automatically scream woke, than proceed like its a bad thing because it doesnt conform to their ideology or religion. Truly makes me sick..

  42. The show is a trash fire. And it's funny how you mentioned TLJ failed because they disrespected characters then completely glass past how the show has been disrespecting characters, the story, even the chief has been altered quite a bit. Not how he looks but how he acts.

  43. All these anti-woke channels make me cringe, quite honestly they may be as bad as the woke channels

  44. Making the Halo Series for a wider audience was the worst thing they could've done.

  45. But the TV Show did turn out to be pretty woke just on racial preference alone.

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