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GOOD GOD… The Halo TV Show Has Evolved… *queue the Flood theme*

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0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Episode 3 Begins…
11:16 – The Great Journey

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  1. Is it me or do all the soldiers in the series look like the less than 6 foot, with the exception of the Spartans of course and the other characters like Keys, Dr. Halsey, even Ackerman?

  2. The whole “it’s a soft reboot” was a straight up lie to get us to watch again. Nothings changed. It’s still focused on random characters and plot lines with Spartans that don’t act like Spartans.

  3. 12:47 highly disagree, keeping the covies mysterious like this has been fantastic, that's very Halo to me.

  4. I really enjoy Kwan Ha story line. Also, it's not a colony like on a planet. They are on asteroids. There isn't a lot of people.

  5. This show is so boring and dumb that even this recap is boring me. Everyone needs to stop watching these bad adaptations.

  6. Can you just come out and say that the show is shit?! "starting to show promise"?! Seriously? Its like an 8 episode season

  7. Tbh what do you all except it’s a tv show it’s not the game we know and love they have to make it interesting and make other plots in the series or doesn’t become a show tbh I think the show is great I mean that’s what makes it interesting it’s different from the game and it should be give us another look at halo I think if the show needs something it needs more human vs convent scenes but thats it

  8. Nothing happens in these episodes, at least the tone is set

  9. To make the Chief mentally unstable is disturbing.
    They had decades of source material to gain from and they chose to go off on a ridiculous tangent.
    I fast forward through the asian girl scenes and the scenes from the Rubble, pointless.
    I know they will retcon them in somehow and that is a travesty unto itself.
    There are female Spartans they could have centered on and did not need to invent any other characters.
    They changed Cortana in this season! WTF!
    Even her storyline has been "re-imagined".
    They race swapped Keyes.
    Will they race swap Johnson? Never!
    I know this is all a build up to the Flood and I hope the series lasts long enough for them to get there.
    I will keep watching though as the scenes of the Chief fighting the Covenant are awesome.
    My 17 year old Master Chief half sleeve tattoo will go with me to the grave as will the real memory of the true storyline.

  10. I have so many questions and zero answers….

  11. I wouldn't dislike the Rubble storyline as much if Kig-Yar pirates were involved.

  12. 2:51, I will say, having their 'visors' just be covered in shadow, and when the light is shone on them, they're just pitch black, is a really damn cool visual. It works especially well as a parallel / mirror to the golden / orange visors of the Spartans.

    The idea is lost a little because Silver Team already have that black / grey military aesthetic, but still. It's nice.

  13. Is it just me or do all the Halo series social media pages have a lot of bots in their comment section now?

  14. Glad Hidden watches this shit and tells me about it so I don't have to gouge my eyes out watching this dumpster fire of a show…

  15. Even most halo fans don't realize in the original books, Spartans regularly take off their helmets. Shows that your not a true fan just biased to the video games lmao. Dumbass people honestly.

  16. Kwan I would assume has some sort of special DNA implanted in her lineage from the forerunners. After meeting up with her ancestors that were speaking with the oracle, maybe they unlocked something in her as she is meant to be a protector of madrigal that is meant to open the way to halo.

  17. It's almost like they really wanted to make Firefly but are contractually obligated to make Halo, so they slap the Reach plot on a B tier space pirate story

  18. Just restart the whole show and recast please. And just make Cortana look how she did in halo 4. They can even use the same actress. Also why can’t they use the same voice for Cortana as well. Besides that the show is absolute trash I can’t watch it.

  19. Does anyone else notice how all at once everything we used to love and enjoy is just getting ruined by Hollywood and woke America lmao 😂 I’m out they can have it all halo, Star Wars, marvel, DC, and anything else. Not like it’s making money anyway

  20. Been watching every episode with about 15 of my coworkers. Most have never played the game, and never will. Everyone really enjoys the show. Hard truth is that likely majority of the shows viewers only care about it being a good show and not identical to the games.

  21. Halo Landfall was 1,000,000 better and it was 12 minutes. A 12 minutes short is better than a 50 million dollar TV show. Let that sink in.

  22. I feel like there is a big issue they NEED to fix to make this show actually feel like halo. They are in the completely wrong genre. Halo is meant to be Action Sci-Fi. They seem to think this show should be Drama. Maybe it's just me. If they can't because of budget because its on Paramount Plus, they need to switch services and increase the budget. It is halo after all. Not that Microsoft and Xbox care about halo anymore, mind you.

  23. I love season 2 so far, I have no idea how anyone can think forward into dawn is better

  24. Why isnt MasterChief black … This show is clearly racist

  25. I love how low the bar is now, Halo is such a joke lol

  26. Someone should make a "faithful fan" cut of season 1 and 2 that edits the scenes to better suit the characters and remove the cookie cutter bloat that pulls back the shows overall quality.

  27. Whoever think that this episode was good is either delusional or just plain crazee! Now we have a homosexual Spartan and all the S2’s are over emotional miscreants, the MC is now a bootleg John Shepard from Mass Effect (smh) Kwan is still a viable character (her character is absolutely garbage and now she’s an expert combat practitioner,smh just pitiful) and any reference to the rubble and Sarens family is just not needed, period! This show again is not about Halo, it is a “woke” agenda based on show to promote elements of the woke movement,nothing more,nothing less, if you can’t see that then just look at season 1, lol, this series survives because we keep giving it the benefit of the doubt only to be showed again that this series is not about Halo ( just uses the fame and fan base of the game) but rather about a movement that cares more about promoting their agenda instead of giving the audience a great product. What’s sad is that more movies and television shows will fall prey to this nonsense.

  28. We can save the show if Johnson and Thel ‘Vadamee team up and cause the Great Schism between Kwan’s eyes.

  29. Master Chief: "I'm gonna go rogue and disobey orders. The UNSC will accuse me of treason and ONI will try to have me arrested".
    Silver Team: "Noooo! How could you?!"
    Blue Time: "Whoooo! Let's fucking go!"

  30. The rubble side of the story is just a cheap knockoff of the expanse, and the reach side is just painful. You feel the potential and gives you copium but it’s just filled with disappointment

  31. The rubble or should I say rabble like Quan all about DEI and inclusivity run amuck. The Master Chief character is desecrated more with each episode. The actor needs to go back to playing a pollock in The Wire.

  32. Ep6 is called 'Onyx', so it's a safe bet they're setting that book up as the B-plot for season 3, just replacing Kurt with Kai.

  33. FUCKING HELL for a moment I forgot they made Keyes a black dude…

    Whelp, I'm gonna go watch the Mona Lisa flood horror movie… again…

  34. Imagine a Halo Flood game in the vain of Outlast. I'd shit myself out of fear.

  35. As someone who skipped season 1, and just went straight into season 2 I couldn’t be more impressed with what they achieved! Of course it’s too late for a vast majority of people to do what I did, but going into it blind as basically a clean slate makes the show far more compelling. Naturally I started watching knowing that in all essence this is an alternate version of the story compared to the game, but the bones of halo are there. Not knowing what came before leaves so many interesting questions that frankly don’t need to be answered, and are better left unanswered!

    The only comparable scenario is the fact that I didn’t watch the first two seasons of Picard, and just went straight into season 3 (which much like this show had different showrunners who actually respected the history of the franchise that came before). Of course with Picard there were some continuity problems that those directors, producers, and writers were saddled with which they had to work around, but good writers like the ones who are currently working this season of Halo can find ways to enhance the story regardless of the previous seasons short comings. Naturally now that Steven Spielberg is working on the show makes it leaps and bounds better than it was! How the hell they got him to do this I have no clue, but I couldn’t be happier as his fingerprints are all over the resurrection of this once waste of a show. If you’ve read this far please give this season a chance; if it fails it’s highly unlikely a big studio will ever touch the Halo franchise again, and there are so many worthwhile stories to be told… so many alternate takes (like this season) that deserve a chance to flesh out their story. Speaking as an unbiased Halo fan of 20 years whose life was changed by this franchise I’m so glad that we have a chance to see a new take on the story we all know and love!

  36. "That was an improvement, but its not hard to improve on garbage. try it again."

  37. Are people still stupıḏ watching this rubbish Hollywood TV shıt show?.

  38. halo tv show is all about esg and directed by arrogant hacks who think they can do better than an established universe by having master cheeks smash some actual cheeks. esg and feelings

  39. There is a 2 part glitch on halo 3 that I found with a friend I have never seen anyone talk about. We did it in split screen.

    Where the second skull is. You and the other guy do a combination of crouch jump and grenade jump on each others heads. You will get to the top of the concrete.

    There is a death barrier there but you will respawn and trade places. As soon as you spawn he dies over and over. But keep running up the hill Trading deaths. Eventually you will get past the death barrier.

    You will find an crashed pelican. Doesn’t seem to be used anywhere in game as far as we could tell. Going further past it you will find a area past it that will show your teammates screen and it’s trippy. It worked in co op split screen on the 360. Never tried it in mcc.

  40. Ngl going into this season with the mindset that it can't be worse than S1 is massively helping me enjoy the new season so far. I just have to constantly remind myself that it's not canon, Chief is allowed to remove his helmet, and that they are attempting to recover from S1. Alsp, Pablo is 45 and that is insane to me.

  41. my hot take – two main story lines ,1 chief / reach, 2 Thel and his story arc leading up to arbiter (character development for future). also GET RID OF THE RUBBLE/QUAN

  42. Venom Kwan has returned… A SOLDIER TO SURPASS MJOLNIR

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