Google is Shutting Down Stadia - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.29.22 -

Google is Shutting Down Stadia – Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.29.22

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Google is shutting down Stadia and PlayStation Stars has some weird perks. Blessing and Tim talk about it all on today’s Games Daily.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:50 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:04:02 – Google is shutting down Stadia
00:17:18 – PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Currently Offers Better Customer Service as a Reward
00:23:54 – Saudi Arabia says it will spend $13bn to acquire ‘a leading game publisher’
00:28:46 – Ad
00:30:58 – Sackboy: A Big Adventure is Coming to PC Next Month
00:33:51 – Speaking of PlayStation PC games: Returnal for PC Seemingly Leaks, Includes DLSS and Ray-Traced Shadows
00:38:18 – Limited Run is publishing books!
00:42:47 – Sega has announced its first blockchain game
00:44:44 – Xbox Games With Gold cutting back monthly games
00:47:18 – Skyrim: Anniversary Edition Got a Surprise Switch Release Today
00:50:30 – Out today
00:53:12 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tim & Bless

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  1. I knew Stadia would shut down eventually because of their pricing strategy: a monthly subscription to be able to buy full priced games with little guarantee that you'll have those games after Google eventually shuts the whole thing down. Xbox totally shat on Statia with gamepass.

  2. What happens to all the people that got pulled into stadia like why Jared left kinda funny etc.

  3. Pretty disappointing. I liked Stadia a lot. It just didn’t have the games. People’s aversion towards cloud gaming also didn’t help. It had better cloud gaming than GamePass has. I cant play Gamepass games on the cloud with them looking like pixelated crap. At least on Stadia they were crisp. I beat Sekiro multiple times on it, and if you know FS games, you know they require frame perfect reflexes and any sort of lag would kill the enjoyment of that game but I never had any. I never had any issues connectivity with any of the games I played on it. So yeah it didn’t have the game library it needed to succeed, but I can imagine it was hard to sell developers/publishers on it when the majority of gamers shit on the service without ever giving it a try.

  4. But will they unlock their controllers to be used as a universal Bluetooth controller?

  5. Sad that they are closing down Stadia especially now when many quality handheld consoles are being released that are perfect to play Stadia/Cloud Gaming etc on 🙁

  6. Sometimes the conventional wisdom is wrong… but it’s a good idea to keep it in mind.

  7. 10 gig download? Here I am with my ~15-20 Mbps download in rural CA. Streaming games will likely not happen for a decade or two in places like where I live.

  8. I got stadia for free on Google stadia via voucher will I receive a £70 Google store voucher

  9. Gregg and blessing need to teach themselves to read and speak slowly. I love the content, but the constant fast reading and missing things is maddening.

  10. I bought the stadia controller just for the free chrome cast and it still wasn’t worth it

  11. Why it failed.

    1. They had MatPat from Game Theory advertise it. MatPat has become very disliked throughout the years.

    2. They walked right in the gaming market thinking people are gonna migrate to Stadia.

    3. The OUYA Effect. They hyped up the controller and the features and they said they were going to "revolutionize" gaming.

    4. They were arrogant about consoles and PC so people held them to their word.

    5. They closed internal studios.

    6. They waited until 2021 to implement a search bar….Think about it. Google is a search engine company and its gaming service didn't have a search bar on launch.

    7. They rushed cloud gaming.

    8. They had a developer that demanded people to pay developers ad revenue and stream revenue.

    9. They charged $60 for games that you can't download.

    10. They rushed Stadia for the holiday season.

    11. The Pandemic.

    12. They hired Phil Harrison…..the man who worked at Sony during the PlayStation 3 launch and he worked at Microsoft during the Xbox One launch. He blamed Microsoft's Bethesda acquisition as the reason why he closed internal studios.

  12. In regards to Saudi Arabia investing billions into the gaming industry, we need more outlets to grow a pair and express that this stuff isn’t ok. Ten cent is directly tied to the Chinese government and hardly any show bats an eye when acquisitions are being talked about from them. Saudi Arabia murders homosexuals and does countless other crimes. Vote with your wallets people, and don’t support this shit. And if you have a platform and a voice, you need to be much more vehement about these topics and what it truly means for a kid in Minnesota to buy a copy of *insert game title.

  13. Will they refund me for FIFA 23 if I buy it tomorrow.

  14. Waiting for the news that Phil Harrison is now working with Nintendo to launch the Switch 2.0 or some updated version of Nintendo online. Then he will have achieved ruining a launch for every major console maker.

  15. Nice lol. But this is google so…not unexpected.

  16. Only wanted stadia for Baulders Gate 3, glad I held off.

  17. And nothing of value was lost.

    Farewell, Stadia

  18. Stadia was a great experience for me. Happy I’ll be getting a refund though

  19. I think kinda funny is missing the fact that you actually do get tokens for real purchases by playing games with playstation stars

  20. I understand the backlash on the Stars customer service stuff but right now everyone gets the same shit customer service. With this at least some people get better customer service. It is impossible to offer amazing customer service to literally every customer as a tech company without DRAMATICALLY increasing your customer service staff (hundreds or thousands more)

  21. Xbox has done it right with Microsoft Rewards program. I get free movies or discounts on games every month simply by playing games and getting achievements. Playstation Stars is already behind the curve. It's not that hard

  22. Wow, blessing just going to ignore the price for skyrim. Ok🤣

  23. i had fun with stadia for a long while im glad ima get refunded on everything tho

  24. I tried Stadia during the time when they'd give you a free controller and Chromecast Ultra just for signing up for a free trial month of Stadia Plus (which was, frankly, an insane business decision). I'm sure your mileage may vary, and location/internet speeds play a big factor, but it worked great for me! Lag was imperceptible on controller-based games, and I didn't notice any compression on the 4K streams. I don't know about launch, but at that time, the tech was working as advertised.

    But the problem with Stadia was never REALLY the tech, it was the business model. Who wants to pay full price for a game that you can ONLY access via streaming, when you could buy it on another platform (almost ALWAYS at a cheaper price), and have a locally saved copy with no potential internet lag? Especially given that you'd lose said game if the platform ever disappeared, and it was created by a company, Google, that is notorious for shutting down services when they don't immediately take off.

    It's good that they're giving their users refunds, but even then, what about all of your saved games? Say you're 100 hours into Assassin's Creed Odyssey on Stadia, and this happens. Your data's not going to transfer, it's just GONE. You want to keep playing? You'll just have to use that refund money and completely start over on some other platform. It's exactly why I never wanted to buy any games on Stadia, which is in turn why the service never took off in the first place.

  25. sad to lose one of the best ways to play Destiny on the go… hopefully they eventually figure out a way to make it more compatible with Steam Deck or xCloud lets us play non-Game Pass games

  26. Saudi Arabia could literally buy the entire games industry. They pull billions of dollars of oil out of the ground everyday. No one or government comes close to the amount of money they have. It's trillions.

  27. See Sony? No one wants to play your stupid PS3 streaming games. Get your shit together and figure out backwards compatibly on the PS5.

  28. Those weird stadia backers in the Chats are hopefully gone now…

  29. Does he know that Portal 2 was made by Valve?. The company that owns Steam.

  30. This is my saddest day as a gamer. As someone who ran a stadia podcast (Speaking of Stadia) I knew the writing was on the wall eventually, but didn't think it would be this soon. While google deserves the brunt of the blame for flopping the launch marketing and such, the media also just sat there and made fun of it constantly and never actually tried it beyond the first week, which is a shame because bits a great service and the best streaming tech out there.

  31. Stadia was always likely to fail BECAUSE it was from Google. Google has a long history of fumbling launches and giving up on things.

  32. This high version of Tim is so chill haha his reaction after asked to write a book. 😂

  33. Sucks cause stadia was the best way for me to run destiny 2 on steam deck without installing windows.

  34. The problem was forcing you to buy cloud versions of games that only work on stadia and charging a subscription fee. Not features. Even if all those features were there day one it still would fail because every competitor lets you use a subscription based library or your own library.

  35. I've been playing destiny 2 on Stadia since beyond light launched. Stadia was on your Chrome browser, And when you launched it you didn't have to wait for Destiny to load it fired up. That worked exactly as advertised.

  36. Our inspiration for The Sounds of Stadia Podcast came from Kinda Funny, and 158 episodes later it's a dark day indeed.

    A small, but passionate community of gamers and employees just lost their home. Game on everyone! ♥

  37. I recall a patreon producer mohamed mohamed accused of chargeback cheating

  38. I don't want to be that guy BUT back in 2018/19 I told you all that this would happen lol.

  39. Stadia was dead before it launched. Every product google launches is spammed with the killedbygoogle website and met with complete skepticism over support.

  40. In a bit of irony, trying stadia is what made me get Xbox game pass. Loved the idea of cloud gaming, but wanted to pay subscription, and they had games I wanted to play

  41. The whole Google brand is poisoned forever.

  42. You could theoretically have bought skyrim 18 times with the new switch version.
    RE4 also have 18 releases counting the 3 versions coming in march next year.
    Skyrim wins with 19 if you include the fridge game 😀

  43. the tech was sound, but i think the writing was on the wall for Stadia the moment it was announced Phil Harrison was involved. he seems to be the opposite of the Midas Touch. how he keeps failing up is astounding.

  44. Hey BFs. About the PS Stars stuff, I work in insurance and with that comes front facing customer work… almost every customer I speak with preface their topics with;
    “I have been a loyal customer for * years does that count for nothing?! ” or a variant of this, seeking priority or preferential treatment.
    PS Stars seems to be trying to put an award system or something similar in place to appease this mentality.

    Ppl who spend more… want more, and adhering to that leaves a company in a precarious position with those who maybe can’t, but not doing something like that makes loyalty feel less valuable to those who can.

    Weird one! Is there a better way??

  45. For me I never wanted a streaning platform to be separated its just a way to play my current games using the same save, not a separate purchase

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