Greatest Halo Trailer Ever(no one talks about) -

Greatest Halo Trailer Ever(no one talks about)

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Halo wars not only had the one of the best trailers, the cutscenes were way before it’s time. Halo infinite campaign doesn’t seem to have this level of cutscenes either #haloinfinite #halo #infinite

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  1. I always thought this trailer was awesome even if the final game was meh

  2. And your out here overlaying such a. Good theme song with ur crap

  3. Halo war is better than Halo wars 2

  4. I can't hear the trailer over your shitty ass music choice

  5. Putting mockbird over it was a nice touch

  6. You could have played halo music instead of a lions version of an Eminem song

  7. Tf …no. uh uh…..they had aive action commercial back in the day…THAT mf was awesome

  8. The greatest trailers are battlefield trailers except for bfv, although the war in the pacific trailer was incredible

  9. Do you know many fans love this trailer? More than you know

  10. I have halo wars and halo 4 for tbe xbox 360…and to tell u the truth the 2 halo wars games…r fucking amazing…idk why people hate on this game…they both have good gameplay machanics and…to top it off…they both had a great storyline…but honestly…the first one was the best…idk they wouldn't try and make a 3rd one…

  11. You just brought back memories. Some good some bad but most of all sad when I finished the game. Cause the game was finished. Just relived my childhood in sixty seconds. Thank you. The best halo cinematic in my opinion.

  12. Honestly still play this game so fuckn much halo wars was such n still is a great game if only they had more time to add more shit

  13. Still looking for those vehicles to be in the fps games. Can’t blame a guy to want to drive a grizzly, or a cobra.

  14. Why put Eminem in the background when there’s halo music already in the trailer

  15. Me with a nuke Tells all the Spartans to leave they all do it then just dropped the nuke checkmate

  16. I remember my friend got the steel case special edition….that is still my favorite case of all time

  17. Did you know that the trailer for Halo Wars was actually a cry for help from Ensamble Studios.

  18. It would be even greater if you didnt put the fucking piano over it.

  19. That's because these FPS players can't wrap there little heads around playing an RTS so they don't talk about it

  20. Halo wars was fire then halo wars 2 I was champ 90 freakin love the trailer tho

  21. The energy sword was THICC in this game

  22. I like the trailer but this music over lapping sucks

  23. Isnt this the trailer to spartan assault? Also odst trailer takes it easily

  24. Brooo i hope to god they make a halo wars 3, i love rts games like that, and halo wars is one of the only ones i play anymore, alongside the larger scale rts, empire at war (modded ofc)

  25. Replace this music with the halo theme, while muting the audio.
    Then it becomes a really sad trailer.

  26. I absolutely loved Halo Wars, definitely a different vibe from the other games.

  27. Halo wars was a big part of my childhood I’m super happy it’s lore now, and excited to see the spirit of fire pull up to help chief fight atriox in campaign dlcs

  28. Wars will always be in my heart, 13 star grizzlies till I die !

  29. My man says no one talks about this trailer yet this is the only 3 trailers we mainly got LOL. What a fucking child. Kid didn’t even play the game

  30. I remember this. You had the UNSC under your command along with a few Spartans on a few missions. Great stuff. And we saw a trooper take out an elite.

  31. I believe I can speak for everyone when I say this “the game nor the enemy matters. DON’T F**K WITH EARTH!”

  32. Dude Halo wars and Halo ODST had the most chilling trailers aside from Halo 3s “believe” trailer.

  33. halo wars 2 trailer was pretty awesome if you ask me

  34. It's because we are protecting the planet from the Covenant We are brothers in Arms

  35. If not

    Halo 3 ODST ( before it was called recon because it was going to be a dlc for halo 3 )

  36. I like how only one of the elites get a weapon.

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