Grunt HIJACKS a Marine and Drives a Warthog in Halo (Meme Edit) -

Grunt HIJACKS a Marine and Drives a Warthog in Halo (Meme Edit)

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Short video and Halo meme edit I made. Halo tv show grunt hijacks a marine driving a warthog scene. Never thought I would see this lol. Halo tv show episode 5 is out now! If you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing! It’s free and you can always unsub! 🙂👍
Can’t wait for Halo tv show episode 6!

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Grunt HIJACKS a Marine and Drives a Warthog in Halo TV Show Episode 5 (Halo TV Series)
I added memes, music, and sound effects into the video. Meme made by SpartanMatt117 (myself)

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  1. Chief did that grunt a favour, if he made it back to High Charity he would've been executed for heresy

  2. The show is so visually amazing. I sincerely mean when I say, without any malice, that the writing on the show is some of the worst adaptational scriptwriting I’d ever have been able to imagine. It’s a colossal disappointment.

  3. I mean, it’s lore accurate to Silent Shadow. I know it’s post-bungie, but if this is a younger chief, that book had a younger Chief, this fits. The Halsey thing wasn’t but this definitely is

  4. Not going to like I was rolling when I saw the marine get vaporized by the needler it gave me halo 3 flashbacks

  5. Loved the Jackals with energy swords. Makes them a VERY different enemy that we have in the games.

  6. a jackal is the lowest tiered covenant species I could see hopping on a warthog like that. just goes to show this show was made by people who love sucking donkey testicles

  7. That’s why you always wear your seatbelt

  8. yes THIS, but with halo 1s story, no face reveal, thats it

  9. danm this show could have been great…goddanm you hollywood

  10. First Grunt on worthog he will be remembered by the name of hog

  11. Uhm okay, but how is the grunt gunna accelerate the warthog when his feet can't reach the gas?

  12. Moment of silence for the most badass Grunt in the Halo universe.

  13. He didn't had time to drive, he was immediately shot by Master Chief.

  14. Since when did grunts become such badasses?

  15. This scene was way better with One Final Effort.
    Imagine how good this show could be if "Chief" didn't take his helmet off literally in EVERY SCENE, wasn't a fucking asshole to Cortana, giving Kwan Ha's story some true effort, and playing actual Halo music.
    Imagine how much harder every scene with Chief would hit just from appropriate music.
    That warm feeling we've all felt.
    Oh, and there needs to be a patch in Infinite now letting Grunts jack hogs and rampaging dagger-jackals/skirmishers. That was pretty awesome.

  16. Brooo!!! What is that rendering they look super fake I mean damm dude wtf

  17. This scene makes me want to subscribe to a paramount+ account just to watch the series.

  18. My dude just realised he had short legs as he sat on the Warthog

  19. He probably would've been able to drive it if his hands weren't so big and his feet could reach the peddles

  20. He doesn't know how the game is played. I do.

  21. They could drop all the plot development and just make these scenes, they'd probably win the halo fans back that way lol

  22. How did the grunt land on the warthog? Looks like he jumped on it but it's impossible? It's torturing my mind

  23. This show respected the Covenants alot more than they did Master Chief here.

  24. Oh my gosh the jackals are hecka sexy

  25. No sé ustedes pero alguien me puede decir si el Grunt está diciendo "hijo de puta" o es mi imaginación?.

  26. thats so damn silly
    and not in a good way

  27. Best scene in the whole entire show by leaps and bounds

  28. What I hate about this show so much is that when the fights are happening between the Spartans and the covenant its so cool and badass especially when the finally brought in the jackals and grunts, but the story is just so god awful and boring 😴

  29. This is why video game creators are so special, the lore and stories they tell are so far beyond the political and marketing agendas of hollywood and the film/tv industry. Thankfully video games have not been pulluted by the industry which makes them so compelling, genuine and unique. Its no wonder when the film/tv industry tries to adapt to a video game that they will always fall short…

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