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Halo 1×07 Promo “Inheritance” (HD)

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Halo 1×07 “Inheritance” Season 1 Episode 7 Promo – Master Chief, a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier, defends humanity from the alien Covenant in the 26th century. Watch new episodes of Halo every Thursday on Paramount+. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Halo season 1 promos in HD!

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Halo 1×07 Promo/Preview “Inheritance”
Halo Season 1 Episode 7 Promo
Halo 1×07 Promo “Inheritance” (HD)


» Watch Halo Thursdays on Paramount+
» Starring: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana


  1. Please covenant glass the planet so we can all be happy and move on !!!!!!!!!!

  2. She looks absolutely ridiculous with that hair 🤣 I imagine it just makes the fans despise her that much more

  3. there is no need of these useless character were good with master cheif and covenant

  4. Looks like it's a bye week for halo. Turns out there's only actually 8 episodes. Might be worth skipping this one.

  5. Can we skip this episode? She getting on my nerves . Ahhhhn fkkkkk I have to wait 2 weeks for episode 7

  6. Thanks for the heads up, i am not wasting my time on this

  7. Thought I would like her when I started halo but she just keeps wasting episodes that could be spent on master chief which I hate her for

  8. Am I the only one who likes Kwan Ha's character, hehe? Despite only seeing her for a smidgen in episode 6, and the way she appeared to MC sim to episode 1 on his ship scene tells me that she might become an important character to him/in the series. She's the more human side that the show needs, it appears. Also, I have to believe the show-runners not only had MC reveal his face to her from the first episode, save her life, only to take her to Soren and chat with 'crazy guy Reth' about the artefact in front of her likewise the way Reth not only looked at her, then said her name multiple times for a real reason. Not JUST because they needed to fill us with… fillers.
    After all, she's been there from the get-go. I mean, I have some ideas circling my head about her character, however, I just really want to be wowed from here on out when coming to her. And like they did with this recent episode here, I truly hope we'll have our jaws dropped upon them revealing something about her if those are the mystic folks her Aunt mentioned to her from episode 5. Or was it 4?. Either way, it was hinted that Kwan might have a larger role to play in the series when her aunt told her about her father having changed when he met the mystics living in the desert. Something about a larger role in the greater scheme of things. Also, we must remember to be patient as the show just started along with remembering that it might not be wise to skip an episode as views are what help shows thrive for more seasons. On another note…SOREN!!! YAY!

  9. We don't want a far cry story, we need halo only just like episode 6 and most of 5!

  10. Please don't tell me that episode 7 will be all about quan….please please don't do this to me. I will not make it through this…..rip

  11. She is so annoying. Enough of her already. She talk tough but as soon as the shooting starts, she needs to be saved.

  12. This girl is so cringe I guess bad episode waiting for us

  13. She must be the daughter of someone powerful in hollywood 😅🤷🏽‍♂️ I mean that's the most useless character ever created for Halo, a big franchise… they fuck it up

  14. Is Kwans character supposed to be hated by the audience? As each episode passes her character just pisses me off.

  15. I can't stand this character. #1 she's useless. I don't remember her showcasing any special skills or fighting ability when her city was massacred. And all of a sudden, they want us to believe she's some kind of great warrior? She has been literally running scared everytime there's been fighting – since she was introduced? I'm so confused right now, and disappointed 😞 not looking forward to this next episode. *yawn

  16. Who is “HE” or “SHE” in the story? Or game……? My god…

  17. Finally another Kwan episode I've never played the games.

  18. There we go, channel your rage toward the wrong bad people again. A very brave ep coming up.

  19. I'm actually enjoying the series but this Kwan part just kills the mood, especially after last weeks episode. Just a moody teenager

  20. Ahh the Madrigal storyline with Kwan where unfortunately HALO grinds to a halt every time to switch to it. Not sure what they were thinking with this arc but it absolutely destroys what otherwise is a decent show. Despite the Halo Game Purist who naysay the hell out of this show I quite enjoy it and am very curious where they take it MINUS the boring, horribly acted, lame Kwan arc.

  21. Why? Who is she? Why is she so important for the creators of the show? I don‘t get it…. it‘s calling Halo and not Madrigal: A Kwan-Ha Story 😵‍💫😩.

  22. I am definitely skipping this episode! Kwan gotta go!

  23. Aaaah finally an episode just for the favorite character of everybody, who cares about Chief, Cortana and the tanned Keyes, Now this is Halo!

  24. Seriously?
    Humans and the Covenant are racing to find the first ring which could potentially destroy all life in the galaxy….
    Why is her story line relevant?

  25. if it couldn't get any worse. lets have a whole episode with the most hated character in any media ever seen.
    episode 8 master cheeks and the covenant pet make a baby!
    episode 9 fall of reach, but the game halo reach will always do it better!

  26. Oh brilliant a whole Madrigal episode….so probably no Master Chief, no UNSC, no covenant, no Halsey. I've been defending this show, but struggling to see how this episode is gonna resemble Halo, in any way

  27. Kill Kwan and focus on Soren…. dunno how much more of her character I can take

  28. They need to cut kwan out entirely she just drags the show down so much and is a truely unlikable character I just want off the screen. The master chief still gets small glimpse of good writing and acting but Kwan just doesn't fit

  29. We get Master Chief being Batman and Anakin Skywalker and everybody else except Master Chief in the last episode, now we get something which looks like Guardians of the Galaxy. Reminder: they did not play the games at all. They do not know how the game is played.

  30. Why? Just why are you dropping this when the series started to become good? This madrigal-madness is awful.

  31. What is this dune? What does any of this have to do with halo?

  32. Don’t want to watch any more of Kwan story 😕 so unnecessary

  33. How can they have such contrasting irrelevant storylines going on??? Its completely unnecessary almost like a whole other show within halo and it bloody sucks. The last episode was easily the best one yet because it didn't involve this crap. Guess we all skip this episode then.

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