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Halo 1×08 Promo “Allegiance” (HD)

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Halo 1×08 “Allegiance” Season 1 Episode 8 Promo – Master Chief, a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier, defends humanity from the alien Covenant in the 26th century. Watch new episodes of Halo every Thursday on Paramount+. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Halo season 1 promos in HD!

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Halo 1×08 Promo/Preview “Allegiance”
Halo Season 1 Episode 8 Promo
Halo 1×08 Promo “Allegiance” (HD)


» Watch Halo Thursdays on Paramount+
» Starring: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana


  1. This show is awefull… there is nothing worth watching in this series.. I wish that they would just not bother and leave things alone.

  2. Dude they're teasing a spartan vs spartan battle.

  3. Ain’t that the man that kidnapped Olivia 🤬🤬🤬

  4. With the expection of Kwa whatever and Soren this is a very good show. Yes, I am not a "fan boy". My first Halo game is Infinite – but the game is great and the show very watchable.

  5. If it is the falling of reach, I want to see Noble 6 making an awesome appearance with music of the undertaker or John cena

  6. I do not know if the girl is on the Covenant side or their side. The mystery not knowing is frustrating not knowing but also intriguing

  7. I wish they would’ve kept aspects of this storyline for later. I don’t mind Master Chief going off the rails a little bit, but one touch from the Forerunner artifact shouldn’t have set it off. It took the events of Halo and the Flood to make the Master Chief question his allegiance with the higher ups of the UNSC, along with Dr Halsey. I think this show would’ve been more successful with long time fans if they kept it simple, showing the horrors of the Human-Covenant War and how they got cornered into extinction.

  8. Who knew you could make Master Chief so daddy 🤤 The games have really done him a disservice. Look at how Witcher, Mass Effect, Metal Gear and Metroid impeccably balance the fan service and gameplay.

  9. This sucks I stopped watching after episode 3 haha it’s such woke weird ass shit that has nothing to do with halo


  11. Roberto Daniel Barra Villaroel (LATAM) says:

    Where is KWAN? We need more Kwannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  12. Finally after several episodes of literally every character ignoring the possible extinction from the covenant, we get some kind of emphasis of the supposed war they never mention

  13. The fall of reach begins time to start digging

  14. ارقى مسلسل

  15. Maybe getting betrayed by his new love interest will get his head on straight.

  16. Man relaese all your epispde season at once

  17. so far the show is a 4/10. Good sci fi but im a halo fan and the emotional wreck of master chief is kinda doing me in. the episode where kai removed her pill had me waiting on a lesbian scene with her and amanda. i also dont like how they already know halo is a weapon.

  18. You’re too late, the show fucking sucks

  19. Oh look an actual episode about the character we want to see

  20. E1 Kwan Fathers hated Chief and shoots at him.
    E7 Kwans Family are Protectors and ment to help Chief.

    How do you break your own show in under a season? I firmly believe this whole season was written on one coke filled weekend, never proof read and just approved.

  21. meh i just watched cutscenes on the original halo games makes more sense.

  22. I can tell the series didn't have the funds to give us more action, so we get drama instead. Still appreciate the special effects. The covenant, the energy weapons, unsc, it all looks like live action.

  23. Bad writing and Hijacking a source to tell your own story that cant stand on there own, with out a wellbeloved franchise holding them up. Yea thats dirty work.

  24. Halsey acting like she is the only hope that everyone needs

  25. I hope it's a planet besides Reach that got glassed offscreen, so later we can see it happen to Reach real time.

    If we only see Reach destroyed after the fact through a video I will be salty

  26. The series is really cool, and now it looks like we're going to see what we expect…. please remove that ep 7, it looks like it was made to fill sausage!

  27. Can’t wait, I skipped the last episode, wasn’t of my interest. Kwan puts me to sleep.

  28. shit show is so god damn good. i just can't understand how there could be negativity towards it. the reorganization of the plot points is masterful. it brought the hype perfectly.

  29. I need master chief in full armor and helmet now. And for the rest of the episodes. This is making me very upset.

  30. Just have chief in a space Speedo already and get it over with !

  31. If they show one more episode of Kwan , I'll riot!

  32. I do like this show in some ways but it always feels so small scale. Like the UNSC is just skirmishing with the Covenant. There only seems to be 4 spartans too…..

  33. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now eight episodes into this series and we have not seen a single ODST.

  34. This show fucking sucks, i grew up playing halo, probably have over 10,000 hours into the games combined and this show sucks, i like the actor but he doesnt need to be out of his armor and a drama queen every fucking episode, dogshit fucking show

  35. Basically a below average bshow of Halo , in my view, main character got side lined ,i.e. 'Master Cheif', and CORTANA is ugly as hell, and the story is too much focussed on politics of USA rather than story of Halo , and what is going on in USA , did Americans lost their mind ?

  36. Where the fuck is this guy's helmet?

  37. Halo fanboys must love to bitch about the helmet, but the production design on this show is worthy of merit.

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