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HALO (2022) Ending Explained!

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The controversial Halo television show from Paramount Plus based off the hit video game has just finished season 1. Check out my full video explaining the ending, season 2 theories and details you missed!

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  1. If they wanted to remake robotcop in space they should have just done that.

  2. This show is so different from the game why call it Halo. It could have been it's own thing but nope just a cash drain that a lot of people hate including me.

  3. Thank you for this review. Other than a few deserved jabs towards this series, it’s nice to see someone just tell what happened than give their opinion/rant about it.

  4. Thankfully no Kwan Ha ridiculous side story full of one stupid dumb decision after another. I actually enjoyed the last two episodes because of it.

  5. I feel that the show had potential to be way better. Wasn’t overly terrible but wasn’t so great either. I feel most movies about video games always end up not capturing what made it popular in the first place. I feel like resident evil is a good example. Just slap a umbrella logo and have zombies then you have a “resident evil” movie.

  6. One thing that non-Arabic speakers can easily miss, is that Halsey's jacket has what I think is the work "صُلح" pronounced "Sol'h" which means "Truce" in Arabic.

  7. This episode remeemed the whole series for me, absolutely deserves to go on for many more seasons. Of course there are definitely things that could have been better, but it's truly a unique way to introduce a "lore accurate" Master Chief from the games. When this show improves tenfold and there's 10 more seasons of this, we'll look back on this version of Chief in a better light since it's the most "human" we'll ever see John, as this entire season was the birth of Master Chief. Plus it's pretty cool that the real John was the one that gave Atriox his scar. Surely even if Halsey finds a way to bring the real John back, there has to be some caveat and maybe she can only do it partially. She'll also probably just have another Cortana ready for Master Chief, which in this case would explain Cortana's "perfectly perfect" speech in Halo Infinite. I also think it's pretty cool they kind of flipped the Mandalorian script here, having Chief take off his helmet first episode as John and finally keeping his helmet on in the last episode as Master Chief. I'm interested to see where this will go and how Chief's character as a whole will progress from here.

  8. People only hate it because it’s not a carbon copy of the video game, I’m glad it’s different.

  9. The part at the end where Halsey is wearing the white coat has an Arabic word across the back of her coat. صلح
    look up the definition.

  10. To bad it was garbage. Sorry not sorry. It sci fi show and they slapped the name halo on it

  11. The show got 100x better the second Cortana took over Master Chiefs body and he stopped talking/ taking off his helmet. Gives me hope for season 2

  12. Final,,, an episode that wasn't cheesy. The part when it went "1st person" was badass. As someone that played Halo1 since 02 and played all the games… I've been waiting for something like this for 20yrs…so I won't complain about anything…but I enjoy Season 1… #finishthefight

  13. The girl they saved at the very beginning, the one who watched her friends and dad die, she is such a bad actress, i couldn't finish it bc of her, i was hoping that the aliens would get her the whole time watching the first episode of it

  14. Maaaaaan idc if this halo series is not following it’s original format. Just seeing master chief and Cortana once again makes me relive my childhood. So I’m down for season 2.

  15. Cortana taking over is literally the best thing happened to the show.

  16. I like the show so far but I’ve never played Halo.

  17. Merece una segunda temporada. Sobre todo con ese final. Espero que haya algunos ajustes para complacer a los fans del juego, aunque es teoría es una linea alternativa, así termina el acoso a las caras visibles del show.

  18. Paramount renewed the show even before it came out. They didnt know how much of a massive failiure the series is gonna be. Paramount Plus free trials are gonna be over soon. And they are gonna realize how nobody really cares about the show and the only yt videos about the show that get views are the ones clowning it.

  19. So she now controls a corpse that will be decomposing inside the armor?

  20. I honestly don't know why tf I was expecting Steve Downes voice when Cortana took over 🤣🤣

  21. So can Kwan Ha just get cut down by an energy sword in the the first episode of season 2? Please?

  22. I like the show and hope it has many more seasons.

  23. I'll say this, Kai-125 stole the show. I just wish the other Spartans had a chance to be full characters as well.

  24. I've heard of "Halo" games before and they're making a tv series of it. Was mildly interested after seeing so many "hate" videos on youtube. So, decided to check it out and I LOVE it! (because I love anything scifi!)

  25. Ah it's fine. Definitely worth the electricity my TV expends to display the moving pictures and audio. Better than SeaQuest and Space Precinct. Not as good as Space Above And Beyond or Earth 2. Not even in the same league as FireFly, Foundation, or Raised By Wolves.

  26. I really enjoyed the show for what it was. Enjoyed all the Cortana scenes the most despite how badly people shit on her appearance. I am hopeful for season 2.

  27. Thank you, some of us didn’t have time to watch but you helped us.

  28. I liked it other than Space Mullet. Hope she gets hit with a neddler.

  29. i didn't play any halo games or read any books, so as a common can fan i enjoyed the 1st season. waiting for season2 !!!

  30. Atriox, joining the UNSC in the games. This needs a rectification haha

  31. This isn't Halo. This is a completely different show that was hastily rebranded as Halo. At least that's what it feels like.

  32. If you watch this trash and give it support, you are why shit directors keep getting hired to make shit shows.

  33. Cortana was a chatty character, her suddenly being a silent puppeteer doesn't make sense.
    It's not like she needs that much time to adjust.

  34. I hope cortana can give control back to chief willingly.

  35. If he would be like that Master Chief character from the games at the start, I would have been fine with it…

    But I don’t like the idea of him being a zombie, controlled by Cortana, especially not after he start feeling again. It just don’t feel right. I honestly don’t even like the whole Cortana character at all.
    The cliffhanger was so evil.

  36. This video is a "season one summary" way more than an "ending explained"

  37. Personally, I really enjoyed it as a halo fan (my first Halo was Halo 2). I think you just have to take a step back and realize this is Hollywood and it cant be 24/7 guns blazing. There's a story that needs to be told. That's why it takes place way before Halo 1. 10/10 for me

  38. Hated that they had to make Kwan Ha story more important that Master Chief's story… hope they make it worth it… and FINALY we get the Master Chief from the games.. No need to speak when you are a bad ass machine!!!

  39. The Persian word 'صلح' is written on Halsey's coat which means 'peace'

  40. Crazy to see so many people enjoy terrible writing.

  41. 🤔 I love it too. I really played only the first Halo on pc and that s all but I wish to play more. Also, I wished Makee would have stayed on the human side, but I guess it was not ment to be…

    Same for when touching the artifact before being killed by Kay. Maybe Kay could have only throw a rock at Master Chief to wake him up, not having to shoot Makee :)) However, as you said, there is no home for her, neither with humans, neither with covenant…Maybe on Madrigal? 🙂 with the magic ones? To activate the portal? Who knows?

    Beside that, it was really dope to see Cortana taking over and shooting without even looking. I wished she would have killed or shot Mercy as well (or those sacred guys, who just stayed and watched the fight… )

    Beside that, I'm confused with Halsey clone. I was not aware that they can communicate. I was thinking they have to die the next morning when waking up or something.

    Same confusion for Riz and the other spartan, who I'm not sure if they remove their palets or not? If they are still resistent to hormonal activity and have no emotions, did you observe them becoming more jovial in the ship towards Covenant planet? I was thinking that sarcasm could have been human trait as well 🙂

    I hope they find Halsey sooner and kill her or something . She was so close to being captured by Kay if the assistant guy didn't hit Kay with that metal thingy and got distracted… Damn Halsey is smart. Too manipulative too.

    I wish her daughter will lead UNSC better than anybody and that together with Kuan Ha and other good forces, they will find Halo or end this war.

    LOOKING for season 2. Can't wait.

  42. "In the games Atriox leads a group of Covenant who join forces with the UNSC". THAT NEVER HAPPEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. as long as season two wasn't shot before all of the backlash, it can very well do its job in making things right. They have a perfect set-up to do so. 
    Do away with the cheap "Firefly" sets, costumes, and writing, (not that I hate firefly, but it's a different vibe), bank on the Non-character MC, Keep the dope intro sequence, and we might just have something special on our hands.

  44. Great video!!! Thank you for this!!! HALO 200% deserves and will have a second season!!! Super excited but bummed it could take a while /:

  45. the fights and graphics are 10/10 but the story becomes worse with every episode. with the finale episode being cortana taking over john cause he can't fight on his own is the worst in the entire season lol. All the games we played is about MC destroying everyone BY HIMSELF, not some AI taking control and aimbotting for him wtf ???
    Cortana =/= cheatcode

  46. In the game there's a few halos, a powerful god like weapon that can wiped out all targeted beings, and there is one master halo that can make another halo, i guess that portal kwan guarded is the door to that, can't wait for season 2

  47. i love Halo, best series this year… i never played the game so i'm loving all of it. i'm not indoctrinated by the lore so all of it is entertaining.

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