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Halo 2×06 Promo “Onyx” (HD)

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Halo 2×06 “Onyx” Season 2 Episode 6 Promo – Check out the promo for Halo Season 2 Episode 6 “Onyx” airing next week on Paramount+. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Halo season 2 promos in HD!

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Halo 2×06 Promo/Preview “Onyx”
Halo Season 2 Episode 6 Promo
Halo 2×06 Promo “Onyx” (HD)


» Watch Halo Thursdays on Paramount+
» Starring: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana


  1. Damn,I thought they're going to kill the male one and the female one will be chosen as master chief.
    Please let the female one be master chief pretty please
    It's not like you can't be more terrible at writing the show paramount.

  2. A little disappointed they didn't extend the fall of reach further. Like how we ssw the stories and the action unravel in the city with noble 6 in the game. I was hoping we were going to get that with chief and give silver team the send they deserve as they are hunted and mowed down by sanghelli elites. Oh well 🤷

  3. Man this show really fell apart. If you watch this series please pirate it dont support this trash

  4. imma say this again. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT. THEN DONT WATCH IT. simple as that. you pea brains are going to keep complaining? go read the books, play the games. simple logic.

  5. Why do I getting the feeling for next week episode, they’re going to show the reason and, why he was given the designation “Hyper-Lethal Vector” .

  6. I am guessing Chief might hate Kai now. I mean it is pretty obvious that she left Reach with Ackerson so Chief might say that she abandoned Reach and is no longer worthy of being a Spartan. Just my guess.

  7. Ive been looking at this show with a fresh pair of eyes. Something halo like or a complete redesign of halos story. Its not 1:1 with the games so we really shouldn't treat it like it is.

  8. I’ve have a theory. Because on everything what happened. Lost of Reach, lost of Spartans. 117 never get off his helmet and armor. He was nothing without it, so he keeps remembering what happend without it.

  9. Cheif is like: Alexa play

    Payback by james brown

  10. You took his armour away, you run away from battle, you bioengineered and trained a psychopath, could be one of just a few explanations. You being the biggest dickhead is probably the primary reward through.

  11. Paramount, WTAF are you doing! The show is utter trash

  12. My 6 yr old with a crayon could have written a better Halo adaption. This show is a joke. Time to find something else to watch because I am tired of watching Hollywood f@ck up already great stories.

  13. The Halo show is like those filler arcs in anime.

  14. Best parto the show is when you turn it off and go play Halo Reach, yo see the actual fall of reach

  15. Halo series makes me feel the SAME way i feel when i played Starfield. Disappointed, wanting more and why did they didnt they do this and that.

  16. I did know that the serie HALO was recently.👀

  17. Oh God now they are gonna bastardize ghosts of onyx

  18. This show is an insult to people who love Halo

  19. I like that this show is not doing the games lore and you know what I actually like it and also it’s live action it’s not video game cgi I mean Forward Unto Dawn was live action and what’s the difference in this show all the actors aren’t gonna be games counterpart in this show and I liked Master Chief without his armor it’s not Steve Downes Chief in this show at all that the video game Chief this show is a different Master Chief

  20. I'm loving this shit so far. Can't wait.

  21. This sh*t is just getting better and better

  22. Just cancel this trash TV Series already for Nobody cares about garbage useless Kwan and Makee, show the REAL Master Chief always wearing his Armor and Get the more colorful Green Armored Suit like the Better games, Show the REAL Cortana for she looked better in Season 1, Show more Covenant like Grunts, Drones, Hunters, Scarabs, Brutes and More of The Prophets cause they haven't showed any of them and they ruined The Fall of Reach, just like show More Spartan II's and Spartan III's, ODST Troopers and more Colorful Spartan Armor, Space Battles and Daytime City Battles.

  23. I feel like for the rest of the series, Chief is gonna on the hunt to recover his rarely-worn armor tbh.

  24. The Fall of Reach is Better for 1 Season of a Halo Reboot TV Series that it has 10 Episodes and we could see More Covenant, More Space Battles, More Spartans and make it 100% like Halo: Reach Video Game but also like the Better Book.

  25. Master Chief is now Jason Bourne and hasn't worn Spartan armor, much less a helmet in 3 episodes. Wtf is this trash?

    The first 4 episodes were actually interesting, now it's total trash. Good job 343 clowns.

  26. I still hope his friend could be brought back to life somehow.. He has to come back somehow..

  27. I hope they kill off Ackerson after what he done

  28. I'm thinking the Master Chief and Halsey are going to go to Halo; Installation 04. They are going to meet Guilty Sparks and have access to the super advanced Forerunner technology. Which only he (and that other woman can use). Which is where he will get a new suit of armor and maybe even Forerunner ships. Which is what Master Chief is gonna use to get back at ONI, Ackerson and etc and those who betrayed him and his Spartans. So he's probably gonna end up killing Kai-125 and the other Spartan-IIIs.

    Reach is also already lost. The UNSC/ONI abandoned it. No fleet or support to help. So I doubt we will see Reach again.

    Also, where the heck is Johnson?!

  29. I just want to see what he gonna do when he see Kai 😂😂

  30. Halo Seaso 2
    10% fall of reach
    30% Kwan Ha
    60% Chief Getting his armor back

    They have one of the most amazing video game stories then they somehow manage to screw it all.

  31. You started off so good and kept the audience wanting more. Now you have become lame and dragging episodes out just to fill time and it's awful. I mean really………PEOPLE WANT TO SEE MASTER CHIEF KICKING ASS……….not being a turd. Get with the program. Your audience are bill payers and hard workers. Not snowflakes 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  32. When you suddenly decide that you want to focus more on the video games. But want to keep some of your own story, so you end up with this mess. If you want to do the fall reach, you should’ve just did the fall reach. And let it be it’s on the story.

  33. Can we go ahead and activate the Halo ring in this alternate universe?

  34. You could’ve easily made 3 episodes of reach, the fight, the counter atack , and the retreat… wtf is this, and where is the pillar of autumn? Thats how you set up the halo trilogy

  35. the end of the last episode where they mentioned the kid was taken by the UNSC and then the shot of the Spartan-III was pretty fucking brutal. If you've read the books you know how bad things are gonna get for those kids.

  36. God damnit this season started off good but it’s crashing so fast

  37. Klaus Mikkelsen lost his powers and joined the UNSC

  38. Kai better stay out of Chief’s way or she’ll be taken care of too.. blaming on Ackerson andAdmiral Parangosky for taken their armor and death of Vannak and Captain Keyes

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