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Halo 2×07 Promo “Thermopylae” (HD)

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Halo 2×07 “Thermopylae” Season 2 Episode 7 Promo – Check out the promo for Halo Season 2 Episode 7 “Thermopylae” airing next week on Paramount+. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Halo season 2 promos in HD!

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Halo 2×07 Promo/Preview “Thermopylae”
Halo Season 2 Episode 7 Promo
Halo 2×07 Promo “Thermopylae” (HD)


» Watch Halo Thursdays on Paramount+
» Starring: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana


  1. Fans want a REAL Halo TV Series and Future Movies that are Canon to the Better Books and Video Games.

  2. If Kai dies sacrificing himself then John would become the last active Spartan II.

  3. I GET IT, Spartans….. the "Thermopylae" pass was where 300 Spartans lead by King Leonidis died defending Sparta from an invasion of the Persian army so I expect lots of references to the movie 300 in next two episodes

  4. So he mentions how ma y spartan 3s will they have to sacrifice and she says all of them….I cant help but feel like that's a reference to noble team. I have a feeling Perez will become either noble one or jun since he was the only surviving member of noble team getting halsey off a reach. It's a little backwards but I like the fact they might be setting up at least a mention of noble team. But their story alone would have made an amazing season. I'm enjoying this season so far but the original source material was perfect….why change it so much??

  5. Episode 7 and not worn the armour they have outdone themselves.

  6. I enjoyed the first Season and I am enjoying the second season even more. I've never played the game; however, I enjoy a good Science Fiction series about humans fighting powerful aliens. It could mean the end of humanity and I'm here for it. 😅😮😢 0:31

  7. 0:16 would have been a cool easter egg to put 051 for the pelican number in honor of Kurt.

  8. Cancel the show and give it to someone with balls to make it from the start, the halo that our childhood hero deserves

  9. Everyone bitching about Chief not having his armor on is getting tiresome. Behind 117 is a human warrior so maybe open your minds a bit and let Chief show how badass he can be without the Mjolnir covering him up. Change is inevitable and “no armor” Chief is part of the change. Look at the end of Halo 4? Chief was getting his armor taken off. The books talk about Chief without armor so why bitch when Pablo is doing a great justice portraying Chief. The Silver timeline isn’t that bad. We can, however, all agree that Kwan Ha is a pointless and boring character that was more of a diversity hire for Paramount than anything….

  10. I can't believe the Great Schism was caused by a white woman :/

  11. I know that everyone is entitled to there opinion about the show. But im getting bored of hearing about how its nothing like the game. If you dont like it dont watch it simple. I for one am enjoyong the show and looking forward to the last few episodes

  12. This was yet another steaming pile of 💩

    I really don't know how they've got the nerve to call it halo.
    It's got the name Halo, but that's about it – this could and should of been one of the best shows ever
    But no – no instead we got this pathetic travesty.
    They keep reaching into the magic woke box and surprise, surfuckingprise they pull out something woke.

    Just utter crap.

  13. I honestly find this show a masterpiece towards my childhood.
    All the gamers bitch on how this isn't the story of Halo they knew.
    No it's not this is pre-Halo.
    look what's happened…
    Team of 4 down to 1.
    about to reach Halo…
    Literally setting up the first game…

  14. awesome lead actor , but a 🗑️ series. Garbage story with 🍎 🍉 🍌 & females in unrealistic rolls. Ruined

  15. Disclaimer All covenant action scenes will happen off screen.

  16. I’m getting bored about the fans in this season and of course the first season like seriously don’t watch it this show is supposed to be different than the game itself seriously are you gonna keep talking politics in here there are people who still like it and we don’t listen to the critic reviews seriously your all blinded by this show and I bet none of you ever play the games and I’m saying is I played the games but I like a different story this ain’t Bungie’s Halo at all anymore this show is getting a lot better but people are just blinded by the reviews

  17. Spartan III in coming…omg!!🤩👍

  18. Upcoming halo series
    Halo – legend of Kwan ahh

  19. Give the man his armor, every episode with his armor on is significantly better than when its off.

  20. I wish chief got mjolnir mark v from halo ce before he actually gets on the halo


  22. You can easily skip at least 35 to 40 minute of each episode of useless filler

  23. kill kwan. kill makee. bring back keyes. introduce pillar of automn
    thank me later directors

  24. Why did it take so long for John to finally get his armor back & I hope Cortana realizes John has her best interest

  25. I really dislike most of thr episodes after episode 4.

    The fall of reach went into 1 night and we've got nothing more.

    Fall of Reach in this show was just a joke.

  26. Please just let Master Chief wear his armor and go nuts on the covenant! PLEASE!

  27. Can someone explain to me why………are the Spartan 3’s in this show!? They better not ruin them too!!!

  28. I can’t believe they made this season pretty much, if not more boring than the last season. I’ve mentally checked out. I wasn’t even mad when it was revealed S3’s are adults and not orphans manipulated by ackerson and oni to become the next generation of cheap expandable super soldiers. I just sighed in defeat and once again realized that this show has no desire to be like the halo we know and love. It doesn’t matter they decided to show the covenant great schism before they even get to a halo ring. I don’t even know if the prophets matter anymore. The covenant stripped of all personality and lore that made them interesting. in the service of watered down brain numbing tv. What a joke paramount. I really hope this is the last season and we can all forget this show ever happened.

  29. I like how everyone shits on the Halo series. I played the games, but I actually don't mind the changes. I think the actors do a tremendous job, the showrunner gives each valuable character enough of a story arc and time for us to feel like we care about them. While there is less action, I actually feel like less is more here. If there was action scenes every episode, the impact of each one wouldn't hit us the way they do. They put high budget on these scenes and as a result, they can't make as many. But, if everything is an action scene, then nothing is an action scene. Some shows are just littered with it, that the viewer becomes numb to them. The action scenes come just frequently enough to make you jump out of your seat. If there was 2-3 action fights every episode, not only might the quality be worse but it wouldn't be as exciting when it happens.

    Show is absolutely incredible. I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. So what if the show deviates from the source material? I actually don't mind when show runners do that, assuming the decisions they make, make sense. Not all of them do here, but most I'm fine with. If you know what happens, it's less exciting for most people when it actually happens. I'd rather have a twist that you can't see coming, even if you've played all the games religiously like many have. Visuals are off the charts and I love all of the characters. They've even done a good job of making you care about some of the characters that you wouldn't expect to care for. The villains in this season aren't really the Covenant, they're the leaders of Oni that make decisions that only benefit themselves, and yet, those characters you can still empathize with because you know they're doing what they think is right. Not because they're evil or something. At the end of the day, they're still human and they're still trying to win the war, just in a different, more destructive way like how they abandoned Reach and let all those people die.

  30. Kai is about to have her Last stand, this will be her finest hour 🫡

  31. I kinda hated season 1, but Season 2 is so much better, that episode 4 was fire.

  32. Kai will be sacrificing herself to complete her character arc. I reckon she'll die with that short-haired ONI soldier who was taunting Chief when he was tied up

  33. This all just isn’t halo. It doesn’t look like halo, it doesn’t sound like halo, and the story line of the absolute worse! Why is everything getting ruined? The books and games had their success for a reason!

  34. sorry but this show butcher chief. the UNSC wouldnt betray chief, they wouldnt take his armor, and kai or any other spartan wouldnt betray chief either

  35. In the game halo 1,2,3 what happened to his team? Dead? Is this team's in the game

  36. The Spartan III’s are barely even ODST’s, the battle of Reach lasted 45 minutes. Chief has been better portrayed to a degree, but has barely even dawned his iconic armor. And now- the UNSC leadership is portrayed as completely self-destructive, idiotic bureaucrats. Where’s Lord Hood, Sergeant Johnson, and the other real Spartans. Your Spartan III’s would have made more sense as ODST’s.

  37. Bet when he puts on his armour, he’s never taking it off again. I hope that’s his whole armour arc.

  38. This show is a disgrace and you're an npc if you think it's good.

  39. Jimmy rings will fight naked in the Halo. The arbiter would wish that both his eyes are blind because of the horiffic sight of the master cheeks and his plasma sword flailing around and screaming like a grunt

  40. Just get to the Halo (& skip the pillar of autumn) i bet that happens btw 😏

  41. You know this shows is really good and i love every episode since seasone 1. I dont play the games or read the book that the story here is very good. I dont know why many are said that this show is a trash. Maybe its different than the book but i think they do a good job here. Well nothing is perfect. Just enjoy without this without too much protest and more acceptance. This shows is really good.

  42. This show makes me so sick and angry. To watch one of my favourite childhood games/universe be thrown in the mud and into the shredder. 1/10 stars

  43. Adam Xšayaršah 𐎧𐏁𐎹𐎠𐎼𐏁𐎠 😏

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