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Halo Episode 1 Fight Scene|| Shadow Clips

Shadow Clips
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  1. This looks pretty good. And the CGI is overall decent in this show, overall I’ll give this show a 7/10. I just can’t wait for season 2! Also the prophet’s in this show are so beautifully rendered! I mean the combination of practical effects and CGI are really beautiful! Cortana is also surprisingly cute in this show, I was not expecting that.

  2. You would think the officer should have machine guns all of them

  3. The cgi in this series looks bad for today's standards. It looks like it was made in the 2000s.

  4. Is this actually from the show? Looks bad lol… Now I don't feel so bad that it's feminist propaganda, I'm not missing much lol

  5. If there was ever a video that showed the mind of a simple fire ant battling giants this is it.


  7. I don't care what you people want want what I want

  8. This battle was a bit of a joke.
    Why didn’t he ask the guys on the wall what they could see? Why weren’t there more people on the wall?
    Why was everyone not behind cover?
    The elites appear immune to bullets because npc don’t do much damage.
    Yet the Spartans use bullets and succeed, in fact chief uses the gun that the npc was using and suddenly it’s powerful.
    Chief distracts the elites and female spartan decided to do nothing.
    Somehow the 4 Spartans run around and didn’t notice or hear the man shooting at an elite until the last second.
    Chief decided to tell them that there were no survivors without checking for survivors at all.
    And even after the battle..
    Pelican didn’t notice the nearby phantom.
    Spartan sniper didn’t notice the phantom and was strangely 5 feet away from the other Spartans.
    Other 3 Spartans were too busy looking at the ground to notice the phantom.
    Motion trackers don’t detect the sneaking elite.
    Second spartan isn’t doing her job and watching his back.
    One of the Spartans shoots what looks like a DMR but the audio is an automatic gunfire.

    I’ve only seen the first episode for now but this was rough.

    Chief fighting the 2 elites was really cool though.

  9. From a cinematographic point of view. Ok execution on elites story wise poor execution

  10. started so well and ended up being a gigantic pile of smelly crap full of twitching worms.

    What a disappointment.

  11. This show had potential but the writing was bad and the annoying side characters

  12. Combat actually looks atrocious. Who is silver team? lol They butchered this show hahahahaha

  13. 0:11 Hold that son, innies are working with those alien hinge heads.

  14. The CGI from most of the games are superior to this janky looking mess.

  15. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯🎩💯🎩💯🎩💯🎩💯🎩💯🎩💺💎💺💎💺💎✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️💪💺💪💺💪💎🎖️💎🎖️💎🎖️💎🎓📽️🎓📽️🎓📽️🎓📽️🎓🙏🙏🙏👁️🙏👁️💯🎩

  16. I love how’s the elite duct like an homage to combat evolved

  17. This is basically star wars but with a player controlling the main character

  18. As a reclaimer who has followed the lore of this world left by the forrunners for us to explore and fight on with our UNSC Warthogs and highjacked banshees, did we win the fight? Custome game lobby’s on a saturday night. The books were the only kind of books actually worth reading. We remember Sams sacrifice. Should i watch this? is there hope?

    Careful how you answer. ONI is watching 😅

  19. Why do people give me birthday gifts on Facebook but I can't respond 20 more days blocked

  20. So many mistakes. This would be good for fan made, but not for 10 mililon per episode.

  21. Imagine if the 1st person view looked like how we would see it in the games….

  22. This is like this halo come from another alternative universe

  23. Этот сериал странный дешевый кал.

  24. None of the human weapons are actually firing. Not even the AK is shooting blanks. That's just sad.

  25. Should of made a animated show like avatar🤦🤦🤦

  26. 액셕수준이… 후뢰시맨보는 느낌이네 쉬벌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 10년전에 나온 워즈에 나온 액션이 훨 낫네 ㅋㅋ

  27. They actually had me fooled for a bit that this show was going to be kindof cool. Then the rest happened

  28. This 2 minute fight scene was nice to watch, but I still wouldn’t be watching this show in its entirety (lol).

  29. This was horrible jus sayin all that budget do have shit Cgi bruh Halo reaches live action trailer was a million times better than this

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