Halo Episode 3 Gotta Make The Humans EVIL! The Plot DEMANDS It! Halo TV series Reaction And Review - gametvseries.com

Halo Episode 3 Gotta Make The Humans EVIL! The Plot DEMANDS It! Halo TV series Reaction And Review

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Please…. just shoot SOMETHING! KILL SOME ALIENS! Halo is breaking new grounds in slow walking in front of a camera whenever it’s not busy desperately fabricating evil humans to fight INSTEAD of the genocidal alien race!
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  1. Honestly I'd love the seeing the UNSC as the bad-good guy they were portrayed as in the first Halo novel. Too bad these writers have no idea that book exists. Hell, they even ignored it once before to make Halo:Reach.

  2. In canon Halsey does use flash cloning to make a Cortana, she flash clones just her brain, to reduce the waste of resources, she didn't just grow a whole ass clone as it takes a long ass time, I struggle to understand why they made this change. On top of the fact the it seems that Cortana is meant to be the first AI ever produced in this timeline.

  3. As with most shows in current year it is the left wing elements that makes it worse than it needs to be. Things like People of color can not be shown in a negative light, women can not be shown to be under male characters, this goes as far as not making cortana small as it might be seen as servitude, same for giving the blonde girl an attitude towards the male Covanent. A general hate for the military and authority in greneral, as well as unnecessary nudity and voilence which does not fit the Halo world.

  4. I have a feeling that Primarch Vulcan himself is offering Master Chief the biggest of hugs to help him deal with the bastardization of is franchise.

  5. Subversive propaganda, plain and simple. Same with Star Trek, Star Wars, 40k, ect. It's corporate cock full of race commies "fighting" to bring about their messages while sullying every last piece of fiction you and I have cherished for our whole lives. This is one small product that is mass-produced propaganda meant to make people confused and despondent.
    Criticize and mock. Gatekeep like hell. Do not give these race commies/socialists/losers any benefit of the doubt. It's been over a decade of pure shit and mockery; it's no longer a matter of producers and committee being morons. It's deliberate.

  6. When did the government of Halo start governing like humans from 40K?
    Next episode: Human male spreads ground up rat over his imperial issue rations and gets a fine. He can appeal.
    He fails to pay his air tax because his been fined for spreading ground up rat over his imperial issue rations. He can appeal but he already has one appeal pending so his got an additional fine but he can pay it later.
    He dies of starvation because he can't afford food due to fines so his surviving family is taken as prisoners and sent to the trash planet to be a slave for the rest of their lives.

  7. Good news is the show continues to hang in there with a 7.2 out of 10.

    The ratings stay strong and y'all might even have a season 3 to continue hating it.

    Love your coverage of the Rus invasion… keep up the good work and never forget to keep yer helmets on. Real shrapnel can leave a mark on an unprotected noggin.

  8. A recycling Planat thats a level of inefficiency you would expect from the Imperium 😀 but thats the point that they are inefficient and corrupt …. to a large degreee

  9. So if you noticed through the episode they make him look small sitting on the exam table and pick every emasculating picture you see him in. I’m pretty sure they did this to say “he’s mentally and emotionally a child” and then having his “childhood wonderment” happen while walking around. In reality, and this is a disservice to them, those types of behaviors and inability to emotionally relate are signs of autism. But even people with autism show more emotion than him. So we have a retarded super soldier with an abusive dad, mommy issues, and no spacial awareness. Fuck paramount for this.

  10. When you let activists write your shows and they have no knowledge or respect for the source material on top of it this is what you get.

  11. The show brings so much sorrow, seeing kibs in pain brings joy

  12. Halsey and Keyes did actually produce Miranda together in the books, but Halsey cut the relationship off and pushed both of them away.

    And Cortana was produced from cloned brains. Not full functioning human clones. Basically just reconstructions of Halsey’s brain. It took multiple attempts to get right.

  13. Why would they put a recycling planet, on a beautiful, lush planet? REAL people with brains, would put the facility on a dead world with no atmosphere, an uninhabitable world like an Ice planet/ planet too close to its Star, or a moon of a Gas Giant.

  14. Trash planet you say? You mean like in Soldier? :/

  15. 21:52. That sounds like fans of the Halo games imagining what this show is doing to them in that moment. 😛

  16. 22:50. Also, wiping out the entire crew leaves no space for further tension. If the worms had cornered some of the crew in some space, she could use that distraction to do the hacking, and leave them to their fate after having got what she came for – cementing her ruthlessness and showing how much she actually hated humans. But nah, why do that? :/

  17. 27:42. You're missing an obvious reason why they made her full-size – look carefully at that visual. She's pretty much as big as the lead character. If I had to speculate, the reason might be they don't want her to appear in any way, shape or form as "smaller" than Master Chief. Even though technically as an AI, she's an assistive tool for a Spartan now – a very SMART tool. :/

  18. 33:00. I actually find the possibility that possibly vegan writers need to create a character that would eat an animal far more interesting and amusing? Not to mention the pure fact of how said chicken got to asteroid, since you would have to feed and give said chicken water for it to stay alive? So did you create a story where chickens simply exist on said asteroid, or is there some explanation of how said chicken came to be on said asteroid? It's not like chickens are asteroid creatures? 😛

  19. 39:17. Some people: this series is FINE. You lot are just haters. I watched the first episode and it was fine (because the first episode is a reflection on a whole season, apparently). I hope it's gonna get better. You lot just hate everything, you hate things before it even launches, you're all anti-SJWs and your negativity is killing good TV and storytelling (not the fact that people who are put premium properties can't write a story to save their bacon because they can't).

    Same honest people towards end of every terrible series: cricket sounds (if I stay silent, nobody will call out my bad take on this series)

    Those who can't cope: I LOVED this series. It was everything I could have hoped for in a series like this (despite having very little in common with the original franchise it was based on) and it was filled with interesting characters (debatable, but different people like different things, so okay, you get that one). It's so much better than the games (how? – it's borderline a different story?) I'd give it a 10/10 (now you just KNOW they're BS'ing). It's the BEST sci-fi I've seen in years (I doubt you've seen sci-fi at all, because if this is your top-tier, you've never watched anything else, or your sci-fi knowledge could fill a very small container). :/

  20. These writers aren't subtle enough to Show:

    -Legitimate Corruption within the UNSC
    -Peaceful elements on Both Sides of the War
    -The Covenant's alliance politics
    -Differences in Religious Zeal on scales from less so to Fundamentalist in the Covenant's Faith

    Everything 'evil' these writers make is on the same Black White 'Yes he's bad' as the Villains from Cartoons. Except now its on Progressive Racial Marxist color coded lines.
    It speaks to a drought of creativity nowadays.

  21. it's political messaging with a halo skin

  22. Woke and liberal shit has ruined nearly every game and show that is fucking released these days, its such shit

  23. So it's a show for pedos…. Or at least with a pedo call out

  24. The flood would be unable to gain any nourishment from the people in the show
    As they lack the necessary brain mass.
    It would appear the Halos worked a little too well 🤮

  25. I blame KIbs, Kibs being born caused all of this.

  26. In the moment you say something like: "That's a realistic view of the eco-facist future", you're intelectually as done as the woke bubble you so rightfully laugh about.

  27. hud on this micguffin is hundred thousand years old…… they do know the Forerunners were around for millions and millions and millions of years as was 9 foot tall ancient humanity? right?

  28. His name is Pablo. Mini Ladd once called himself “Pablo.”

    Oh god this show is worse than I thought…

  29. how in the sweet fuck do these worms kill people, if they were this effective on their own why are hunters even a thing, im surprised they didnt have one fucking marine with a flame thrower to end this problem right quick

  30. The whole "single hunter" thing pisses me off because Hunters are specifically made up of a single colony of lekgolo worms split into two bonded halves. The pair are in constant contact with each other, move together, fight together, sleep together, etc. Just having half the colony go off on a little adventure? Especially when they then divide further to act as singular entities? That's not how the lekgolo operate. At all.

  31. It’s amazing there are any blanc people at all in 2552 with everything being pushed now to encourage & facilitate extinction.

  32. Just looked up the writers and I don't think they ever made anything like this which explains a alot

  33. Is it too late to make a time machine to go back in time so we can remove said person that created this saz pool of garbage? Cuse I am starting to feel that the future is not worth living to see all this shit go from bad to even WORSE!

  34. I hope you're happy Paramount+, you made Kibs and Arch sad…bad Paramount, BAD!

  35. Yeah the show is painful, so obvious which direction their going for cause current year politics

    Humans bad, aliens foreign good or misunderstood never evil just shades of gray

    Dumb military how they didn't realize the oddity of her, boring Asian girl, pretty much any female in the show is annoying cause strong is toxic argumentative

    Soldier realizes not to listen to authority cause anti authority message cause corrupt

    So many unnecessary changes in the halo verse story. It can't be looked at by its own merit cause it has none without that name

  36. Lets be real tho… the fact that this show exists is evidence enough that humans are evil. These writers are all the evidence we need… the covanent was right, humanity was a mistake.

  37. This seems much more entertaining than the show itself. Im not even a lore nerd but I am a halo fan and have loved it since combat evolved.

  38. Just hearing you explain this is physically painful to me.

  39. Cortana is basically also been deattractified. The Message requires a genderless look. They basically removed her breasts for example. Otherwise this would be rather irrelevant but this is now happening in almost EVERY show.


  41. Paramount, owned by CBS, who also owns CW. Now you know why it sucks.

  42. The creators didn't know how to adapt a story from a game with a story, because its an action game. So instead of adapt the story that exists, they decided to go into modern politics. Which is tantamount to saying "I dislike the source material or couldn't be half assed to actually read it. So I am telling my own story." If you want to tell your story, do your own god damned franchise.

  43. my prediction for when the two female main characters meet, sooner or later they're gonna start an affair

  44. While I agree with most of what you said, the creation of Cortana is actually accurate the lore.
    When smart AIs, like Cortana, are created the brain of the original person is destroyed.
    Cortana was created of a clone of Halsy.

  45. Love when people who know nothing about the universe ruin everything to make a show cause its not the story they want to tell. Stop letting these people make things they don't understand.

  46. What about the fact that hunters are always in bonded pairs, just gonna ignore that one.

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