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Halo Episode 4: Homecoming Review [Halo TV Series Season 1]

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Halo Episode 4: Homecoming of the Halo TV Series Review of the Paramount + Original show that follows the Master Chief, Cortana & other iconic characters dealing with the Covenant. It dives into the humanity of the franchise while highlighting unique aspects in live action. Cast characters return whereas new faces appear within this fresh take on the universe.

Halo TV Series Review of what contains nine episodes for a first season, that already has a second season confirmation. This follows the story of the Master Chief making decisions to protect the UNSC and generally humanity as well. A super human battling against the Covenant Elites and Prophets.


#Halo TV Series Review of this rather interesting take on the franchise that isn’t canon and follows events entirely different from the games. It features familiar sounds and action but does entirely new things with the formula which is unique for sure. A reaction to the Halo show one would say. Covers episode 4

It aims to provide some action, more heart to the heroes and a range of Spartans to get used to. It dives deeper beyond the guy with a man that won’t put that mask on at all it seems. The ultimate best Halo TV Series Review.


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  3. I really hope by the end of this season we see a Fall Of Reach, and the finding of the first Halo installation.

  4. Show more master cheeks and less of Qwan just insufferable of a character

  5. Some please tell me why we are watching a teenage girl half the episode NO ONE CARES

  6. Fucking finally, a good episode of this show

    Its not 10/10, but its at least a strong 7. Although, its mostly because the shit we get with Master Chief and his squad this episode is really good. Quan is still dragging down the story. Like, its just going nowhere and I lack any interest in this random refugee. She's done next to nothing to make me invested in her story and just feels like a glorified accessory that only exists for world building outside of the UNSC.

    At most, I tolerate it because Soren is kind of entertaining, but its pretty sad that there's this whole side plot going on and my only investment is in some random body guard who just happens to be a former spartan with some ties to John. That'd be like if in Avatar, whenever the story shifted to Zuko, i only cared about what Uncle Iroh was doing.

    If they wanted to do this sort of survivor getting retribution story, they should've taken the time to build her up first and they should've saved this for later in the show, possibly season 2 or later. Maybe if they did save Quan's story for later, they could've put more energy into building up this random woman that the covenant have who can just control Hunter worms for some reason(???)

  7. Insufferable Qwan episode, I can’t believe they devoted half an hour to that whinny pointless character. Everything else in the series is picking up, and this insignificant rebel planet keeps driving the story.

    At this point, I am simply rooting for the covenant to glass the whole planet into oblivion. Extra points for leaving Qwan solidly embedded like an amber mosquito in it.

  8. I see what they meant when that guy said it only gets worse from the first episode we haven’t seen chief in action since the first 20 min in the first episode show is trash they there’s no redeeming it unless they show 2 hours of master chief action in the next episodes

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