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Halo Episode 4 Is Back To Being TERRIBLE – Halo TV Series Review

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Let’s talk about Halo Episode 4. It’s back to being full on horrible and I have a lot to say. Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!! #HaloTVSeries #Halo


  1. I think they are trying to make Halo into an expensive B-movie Battlestar Galactica. Except Halo is not Battlestar Galactica,

  2. Imagine making a Halo show and forgetting the threat of the Covenant throughout basically the whole show thus far.

  3. I agree with u 100%, I can't watch all, but the last 5sec of the episode is the best, else are garbege

  4. At this point, If in episode 5 Chief randomly pulls up in his pelican and throws the helmet into a nearby black hole – I would not be surprised at all. They HATE the helmet!

  5. Kwan is so annoying. I cannot believe her storyline gets this much screen time.

  6. I change this time i look this video first then I know the ep will be amazing and this was the best episode love this show i can't understand the crying this show is amazing whant next episode now🍾🥳

  7. Halo needs more action and less talking I am getting sick of tired of see them talking and making there self love and naked to I want action man💔

  8. The show is absolute trash. Chief and the other spartan are walking emotional non helmet wearing cry babies and we see more of kwan than anyone. We need chief in all if his focused mission objectives with his team and not a spartan dying her hair cuz shes a rebel. Super disappointed.

  9. This show sucks and soured my view of Halo. Was going to play through the first 3 games for the first time but not sure if I want to anymore since this show is so bad imo. Seems like the Halo franchise is all about human politics and 'relationships', so generic and annoying.

  10. Kwan Ha is an example of how poorly these WOKE writers and producers write female characters poorly. She could be rallying humanity to come together to face the Covenant. She saw her friends and family vaporized by aliens. Why is she doing what she's doing? She's also an idiot and can't act incognito in large crowds when she's already seen her wanted poster. Gaddamn I hate her character. Women should be insulted by this crap.

  11. The show is great I don't know why you're such a hater, but I do agree with you kwan needs to die. Seriously though what is it with you people and watching TV shows after video games that don't get it it's a TV show not a video game.

  12. Or maybe you should just stop watching the show

  13. The best part of this episode is the implied logic of Chief towards the end. He is definitepy pissed at Halsey cuz she knows his past and is lying to him about it. But it's implied that he accepts what's beem done to him and is still looking att he bigger picture which is winning the war over his own personal loss. That's good story tellings.

  14. The whole Kwan side plot seems like a completely different show just tacked onto a mediocre Halo show. I just watched Halo: The Fall of Reach animated movie and it was so much better than this show. If they would just use what was already written it could have been so much better.

  15. im done with halo, its boring as shit, i mean seriously boring

  16. to be honest their creating characters to please every race, kwan is a forced character

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