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Halo Episode 7: Inheritance Review [Halo TV Series Season 1]

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Halo Episode 7: Inheritance of the Halo TV Series Review of the Paramount + Original show that follows the Master Chief, Cortana & other iconic characters dealing with the Covenant. It dives into the humanity of the franchise while highlighting unique aspects in live action. Cast characters return whereas new faces appear within this fresh take on the universe.

Halo TV Series Review of what contains nine episodes for a first season, that already has a second season confirmation. This follows the story of the Master Chief making decisions to protect the UNSC and generally humanity as well. A super human battling against the Covenant Elites and Prophets.


#Halo TV Series Review of this rather interesting take on the franchise that isn’t canon and follows events entirely different from the games. It features familiar sounds and action but does entirely new things with the formula which is unique for sure. A reaction to the Halo show one would say. Covers episode 7

It aims to provide some action, more heart to the heroes and a range of Spartans to get used to. It dives deeper beyond the guy with a man that won’t put that mask on at all it seems. The ultimate best Halo TV Series Review.


  1. Halo Episode 7: Inheritance Review. If you're enjoying the video be sure to leave a like!

  2. Noooo you were right it's a kwan episode😭😭😭 they need to ditch her already so annoying

  3. For me this was just a pointless filler episode. Spartan Soren is the only redeeming thing about this Kwan subplot.

  4. If they had of killed her off screen in the first 30 seconds I might of given it another chance but nope, they’ve clearly committed to this stupid character for the whole season and probably season 2 as well.

    As for an Insurrectionist War to be occurring at this time, they all seem mighty preoccupied with not doing anything remotely war like.

  5. Spoiler Alert! 
    We get a glimpse at the oracle dipping into a hole. Or Oracle like AI

  6. Nothing against kwan ha, but who thought when they were writing the series that fans would think it was a good idea to include a separate plot that has nothing to do with halo and the main story?

    I already thought why in the previous chapter nothing related to that kwan ha’s plot came out.

  7. Why do you even watch if you hate every episode?

  8. Coarse, rough and it gets everywhere c'mon man, get it right.

  9. I can imagine this girl walking around in public and ppl shouting “you ruined halo” cause that would be me I would be doing that 😂

  10. After watching the episode and a couple reviews, I can say: this episode is clearly NOT for Halo fans. People who dont know anything about Halo can still "enjoy" it a bit.

    But overall i think the episode was slow at first, Soren just magically got out of Madrigal and later came back in seconds. Then the raid on the UNSC ship? was it necessary to prove Soren leadership? The mystical trip and Master Chief beating the F out of Kwan was really great lol. The last 10 minutes were also good, good action to alleviate all the kwan crap

    Its clearly now the direction of the whole kwan history. She needs to find the portal and the IA to tell her where is the ring or teleport her there or whatever and later tell Chief where the ring is.

  11. Absolute garbage episode been ok up till now but that was just shit full episode of the worst characters in the series any more like that and I'm done with halo

  12. I hated this episode so badly . I rolled with the flow on the other episode but this one I hated. Please no more Kwan.

  13. Anything with Kwan is terrible. Just give us chief.

  14. So much wrong with this episode but I guess the one I want to point out the most is what the hell is up with that well? So there's just a well that leads to Halo? So are they really going to have Mastercheif run in there and Mario warp pipe to Halo?? Was that Guilty Spark? You mean Guilty Spark has had a magic warp pipe to human civilization this whole time? One of the major conflicts in the first game is because he went crazy with loneliness and mistook the chief or someone else

  15. Filler episode 🙁 Don't mind having the Kwan HA arc progressing slowly bit by bit for Season 2 Wasting an entire episode for the Kwan HA arc is NO GO.

  16. It was garbage nobody gives a single fuck about Kwan or her story

  17. Can't help get that feeling when space Hitler proclaims the elites as ugly they are setting us up for a 'the humans were the bad guys all along!' reveal.

  18. The Kwan Ha show. 7 episodes in and still nothing really Halo. This series is really sucking.

  19. What a waste of time. Completely skippable episode.

  20. It's the Banished introduction. And I like it.

  21. Just a terrible episode to an already declining series, as a Halo fan this is just really disappointing.

  22. This is very similar to Star Wars and Star Trek having story arcs that did not make a ton of sense to the flow of the plot.

  23. after the first two scenes was no chief, i honestly looked just through preview thumbnails to see if there was any chief and there wasnt so i turned it off. even if there was key stuff in there i cant bring myself to watching anymore kwan stuff.

  24. Ya so right I totally don't care about that girl I mean eh what's the point she annoying as hell

  25. Paramount+ bout to cancel you for not loving Halo TV show.

  26. I’m always amazed watching NPC’s discover the nonsense that SJW’s peddle in Hollywood. Your surprised the episode had nothing to do with the Master Chief or the whole franchise in general? Really? Where have you been the last several years?

  27. Halo TV is made for general audience with diversity. There are billions of Asians around the world that Asian can relate through of eyes of Kwan Ha.

  28. Worst episode of the series so far hopefully that is the conclusion of this character

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