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Halo Episode 8: Allegiance Review [Halo TV Series Season 1]

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Halo Episode 8: Allegiance of the Halo TV Series Review of the Paramount + Original show that follows the Master Chief, Cortana & other iconic characters dealing with the Covenant. It dives into the humanity of the franchise while highlighting unique aspects in live action. Cast characters return whereas new faces appear within this fresh take on the universe.

Halo TV Series Review of what contains nine episodes for a first season, that already has a second season confirmation. This follows the story of the Master Chief making decisions to protect the UNSC and generally humanity as well. A super human battling against the Covenant Elites and Prophets.


#Halo TV Series Review of this rather interesting take on the franchise that isn’t canon and follows events entirely different from the games. It features familiar sounds and action but does entirely new things with the formula which is unique for sure. A reaction to the Halo show one would say. Covers episode 8

It aims to provide some action, more heart to the heroes and a range of Spartans to get used to. It dives deeper beyond the guy with a man that won’t put that mask on at all it seems. The ultimate best Halo TV Series Review.


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  2. Spoilers

    Never thought i would ever see the day where
    Master Chief has sex

  3. No Kwan HA arc usually means a well-received episode in Halo TV series lol

  4. Love the action both physical combat and on bed 🙂 Master Chief and McKee that brings the love and hate complexity at different level the conflict. I’m not sure who to side with, but I heard next season as promised by Paramont+ there will be more action like this episode 8. As far as Kwan, I already understand her role and her vision in connection to episode 8. Please stop putting Kwan down. I am assuming that you will understand at very end her decisive role….for now I am very thankful and love the action as it should be for these sci-fi genre . Peace.

  5. I didn't like this episode at all.. the relationship made me cringe, Halsey is a voyeuristic lurking in the background. The Action sequence was cool sure, but no covenant other than the battle damage, personally I think they took the wrong angle with this show completely. Still don't have Master chief in full on uniform. Not a fan of this episode, should of stuck with the episode 5 angle.

  6. They just had to make it a love story huh, I didn’t have high expectations with the show but come on really

  7. This show is heresy. Absolute heresy.

    It’s shameful, insulting really, to see how much the writers butchered and ruined the main components of the source material, and for what? So we could see Master Chief, the faceless, badass super soldier, clap some Covenant girl’s cheeks? To turn against his own teammates?

    Waited forever to see Halo on TV, or on film, but now? I wish it never came to be. This is no longer Halo, if it ever was to even begin with.

  8. I wrote this on another video, but its worth repeating here.

    I swear to god, this entire season is just one massive prologue. Its horrible at pacing, and it gives a wrong impression of what the bulk of the Bungie Trilogy's story is about. A good writer would've started their story somewhere more relevant and attention grabbing (LIKE, OH I DUNNO, THE PILLAR OF AUTUMN???). 90% of the shit in this season is either pointless additions to the story or padding for time. Its more padded out than Zach Snyder's Justice League, and that movie uses fucking slow-mo. But at least Batfleck kept his mask on while in his costume.

    The only good thing about this episode is that Cortana is finally starting to act like Cortana.

    Some of this stuff should've been addressed in flashbacks or some shit (after having seen it play out on screen, I dont think we needed an entire season to sell the point that Halsey is a fucked up human being like I once thought we did), some of it should've been outright omitted from or saved for and incorporated later into the story (i'm looking at Kwan), and a lot of it should've gone through more redrafts (i'm looking at the suppression pellets).

    I also almost had a stroke when i saw the city's name was "Reach City." Couldn't they have used an already established location like New Alexandria, Quezon or some other place? This show's complete and utter disregard of existing lore is fucking appauling.

    If they don't fuck up season 2, i'm just telling new viewers to start there. This season is a total clusterfuck and a waste of everybody's time. I'd rather just give someone the cliff notes than make them sift through this drek.

  9. Finally a YouTube video supporting this series.
    We finally get a halo show and people are just nit picking 🙄

  10. I just want to say I love your channel. Keep up the good work. Everything is well done and fun!

  11. The only person john can trust is Cortana now i don't how this show will progress. I already knew this thing between john and makee will happen 😜🤣 and it's funny a Covenant took Chief's virginity

  12. i think this is a prequel showing how Master Chief truly lost his humanity. i think the last episode will show Reach falling then close with a shot of Chief putting his helmet on and never takes it off again…

  13. I feel like this is a slow beginning to the halo show, but honestly I can't wait for future episodes.

    Geez though, that sex scene caught me off guard, that's really the only part of this whole episode that I didn't like, but, well i'm willing to keep an open mind. The other parts of the episode was pretty good though, even the non action parts, I enjoyed it.

    Maybe i'm just not used to a TV show really, as I know the culture behind it is way different.

  14. You enjoyed an episode of master chief having sex and cortana creepily watching. Nothing about this show was good, and you never said anything of substance about why you liked anything. There are no pay offs with the Makee storyline and it's all made-up crap with Halos title. Like, the chief acts retarded atleast twice an episode, including this one where he trusts Makee after 1 date… You never played the games or read the books.

  15. Tasteful compared to a Spartacus or Game of Thrones "Love Scene" . The conflicts with all of the switch up with high command during the overall mission really has to pay off in this last episode. We need to have a strong finish and satisfying end

  16. This show is some of the most cringe television to ever get created. They definitely spent the money for 2 seasons already because this shit is flopping so hard.

  17. I actually really liked this episode, even better than episode one!

  18. Have you seen the Martenitsas on the pink tree outside when 1-1-7 and Makee were talking. Its a Bulgarian tradition, do you know how they ended up there?

  19. Ep 8 I. Spoiler: Master cheeks clapping cheeks while Cortana watches

  20. Ep 8 (In a nutshell) (Spoiler): Master cheeks clapping cheeks while Cortana watches

  21. What the hell happened to the MP that was holding onto Makee, he like incinerated as soon as she touched the artifact.

  22. Good review as usual! I like that you keep it OBJECTIVE while still voicing your concerns and opinions about the negatives that you have. The show is it’s own thing and needs to be held up as such. I personally think that EVERYONE attached to the show is giving their ALL and turning in their very best, from the visuals, set pieces, costume design, interiors, props, lighting, direction & great action and acting. The story itself was ALWAYS going to be a tough sell to diehard game purists. But I’ve been around since CE, played all the campaigns (loved em’ ALL, especially HALO2), have read some of the books & have most of the HALO encyclopedias, and I REALLY like what they’re setting up for the conclusion of season one. Hopefully, season 2 will take place on the sacred ring & introduce some other frightening and Forerunner characters!😎👍🏿

  23. i agree. this show right now is building up slowly. people may disagree but you will see a better season 2..

  24. I think the show is going great and I think Kwon is is a strong character that is important to the over all story line. I am amazed with how many people out there don't like Kwon to the point of spouting a visceral hatred of the character. Do they hate and or dislike Soren as well, probably so, they just are not as public with it because maybe he's a man and Kwons a woman of color with a hair style you don't approve of and her story is being told and you were not asked permission to tell it.

    Same crap different platform, same old tired system, Long live Halo !!, loving the series.Don't be racist, not a good look at all.

  25. I think this season will end with REACH being glassed

  26. Yeah it had splitting sides… My splitting sides while laughing at this shit.

  27. what everyone is forgetting is that, They were actually going to let her touch the Artifact anyways, so its not like they made a mistake, every thing happened so fast and then Mrianda runs to tell them the truth, if the coms were not down, she would have told them in their ears and then they would back her away lowkey.

  28. Nothing makes sense in this show. Halsey is a unintelligent villain for some reason instead of a mastermind. It’s all so generic

  29. Great show and phenomenal episode you guys are petty who cares if it's not like the game! 😂

  30. Finally someone who reviewed without saying this show is so bad and it is not even close to the game… blah blah blah. Thank you for doing this. I agree, having played halo, I think chief stories are exciting.

  31. In short: the Chief clapped cheeks, then came the Fall of Reach

  32. With the Halo community drowning in its own toxicity over this show, this take was refreshing 🙌🏼

  33. Great review. Glad you can accept the short lived romance and see it as a set up for future drama and tensions. People need to be patient and allow master chief to have a backstory before he becomes a total badazz

  34. Does everything in the world need a love story?

  35. Kwan is important to the show somehow. She is first a diverse actress and being a woman in a male led show created the whole sense of equality. The fact that she has a different set of storyline kinda sucks though it's not as strong as the master chief storyline. I think they should find a way to link them, maybe in the final episode so as to have a great second season. Those are my thoughts and I love your videos. Congrats man

  36. The fall of reach happened cause chief had a booty call with the covenants pet human. Fuck this show!

  37. As a HALO longterm fan, after seeing ep.8

    WHAT THE FU*K 343 ?

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