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Halo Forward Unto Dawn vs Halo TV Series (Paramount)

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New halo tv show vs Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
What are your thoughts ??

Halo tv series Episode 2 coming out on Thursday


  1. I liked the halo series more, it's more interesting, people mainly English speaking didn't like it which I don't understand, they are closed in being purists, even when it's only a tv series; it's not the game, that was specified before, and even so they criticize the plot even without having seen it, or only fragments, it's sad. On the other hand, most of us in the Hispanic community have liked it, as long as you see it as just that, a non-canon series, that is not related at all to the story of the game; and in part we liked it because we think that this story is better than what was delivered as Halo 5.

  2. FUD felt more like a soap oprea. They portrayed a futuristic military boot camp very well in keeping with the customs and traditions of today's military. (Much appreciated) However, the Spartans' Auido especially Master Chief's, sound more like a Narration than actually coming from the actor on set. FUD was over written. The writers had to much power. By contrast, the Halo TV series strikes more of balance between all the parties of a production.

  3. I think Cudmore walks better in Máster chief suit.

  4. Forward unto dawn hands down. Need that chief in the TV series. Not what we got.

  5. I don't like puny spartan
    I like 7 feett Spartan looks more intimidating

  6. The live action trailers are 100x better than the show.

  7. OG / 02 Halo fan here. What bugs me the most is Cheif is letting the butt of his rifle float above his shoulder, it’s not stable like the games. Looks like an 11 year old air-soft player. Maybe lore is that Spartans can control the recoil better so they don’t need conventional rifle bracing

  8. Forward Unto Dawn is a vastly superior product when compared to the offering from Paramount Plus. It stuck to the existing lore and tied in with Halo 4 to give a lot more context to one of the most compelling new characters introduced in that game. It doesn't hurt that Chief and the Covenant races he fights are pretty faithful adaptations of the designs from the games, although not everyone is a fan of the 343i elite designs. Still, I'll take it over the dumpster fire designs from the show.

  9. I think the show is crap and Forward Unto Dawn is way better;-; Edit: In other words, Halo The Series has bad CGI, terrible face reveal, terrible green screening- I could keep going. Then here we have Forward Unto Dawn, ultimate music, great characteristics, amazing covenant species, great plot, amazing emotion, amazing movie. I think you get it now.

  10. There's no reason to be getting things wrong if you had a halo fan working on the tv show. What's up with that elite armor it's not that hard to get it right

  11. Somehow the animation and sticking to the god damn plot of halo was better in that old dumpster fire of a film, what even is this paramount, it's worse than a dumpster fire

  12. I hadn't realized paramount screwed it up that badly.

  13. The CGI of Halo series is so bad!!
    Many years waiting for this???
    WTF Spielberg XDD

  14. chief just looks like a power ranger. He can jump 20 feet in the air and do a backflip? While weighing a ton? That's how much your car weighs. If you throw a car 20 feet in the air and watch it land, is that just a quiet little poof? No. There's dust, and a crator.

    150 rebels shooting guns at the first elite couldn't even take out 1? But chief picks up the same minigun on the truck (of which there were multiple) and instantly takes out a few?

    Isn't chief a heartless angry kill bot for the heartless empire? Why does he act like a caring and nice heroic guy that's here to save the terrorists? He basically never speaks and doesn't open up to anybody. Why is this so different?

  15. Legendary mode Master Chief vs Easy mode Master Chief

  16. I mean… The new stuff looks like cosplayers with airsoft guns and the studio couldn't even bother to get the extras halo guns. They just gave them aks that were likely the cheapest movie prop they could find. That gun would be like 550 years old by that point. It would be like using a broadsword in the Ukraine. That would be cool, but not lore friendly.

  17. forward unto dawn may not have been great, but at least it stayed true to it's source

  18. Forward unto dawn has like this weird filter over it. But there both amazing and have different goals

  19. FUD looks and feels more like how the MC would move, as seen in the games. In the giant turd of a tv show he moves like a cgi ghost inputing quick time event commands, and who the fuck likes those most of the time.

  20. 10 year difference, millions of dollars more of a budget for P+, and the CGI and movement still looks janky AF.

  21. Forward unto dawn was the best halo film production to date.. replace Pablo atleast with Daniel cudmore from Forward unto dawn his voice was so much closer and he was so much more into the Character of masterchief..

  22. So am I completely in the minority in that I think the paramount show looks better?

  23. am I the only one who thinks that forward unto dawn is better than the new show

  24. Both are great. But when CGI is not used in the TV Show the actors look really uncomfortable in the suits.

  25. Haven’t watched the show but seen clips. It’s garbage

  26. Fud for sure, better actor (didn't need to take his helmet off, he was that professional) would didn't complain about lack of emotion behind a helmet. And more grounded fighting, even with Cgi monsters.

  27. I was ok with it all untill I saw his face. After over 20 years I know my expectations were super high so I honestly never wanted them to do any face reveal.

  28. the thing i think make FUD look better is the ratio of practical effect vs CGI. the series seems to over rely on CGI for majority of effects. the other thing is FUD is cut and edited better there are alot of pointless shots in the tv series that probably should of been cut like a CGI rendering of an assault rifle landing on the ground.

  29. They shoud've teusted the source material more

  30. Master chiefs visor on the halo 4 movie is super short

  31. Halo forward into dawn walk movement is way better than halo series

  32. Both of them had there problems. Both of them had there issues. But, Foward unto Dawn followed the main cannon, had better action and an even better atmosphere then the series does. The CGI, sure not the best but at least the actor for cheif was much better and the choreography was better for the Spartans.

    The cadets in FUD's acting was better then the colonists was in the series and the only good thing I have seen about the series is the CGI they did for the prophet. Other then that, not much else good from it. Also FUD did much better portraying cheif as a character. The practical effects in it puts the series to shame having actually built a warthog for the movie.

    If they made the series about another spartan besides the cheif they could have done much better and it could have been made cannon potentially, but they just wanted money and used cheif like he was a South East Asian hooker.

  33. FUD not only has better action and choreography, it's got better CGI.

  34. This implies we’re talking about two different depictions of Chief. Because when that helmet came off, Chief was no longer the Chief, he became Pablo.

  35. FUD is way better than the series! Like it was more realistic, it to be honest follows with lore way better than the series, where the series have all these incorrect characters and stupid face reveals immediately! I really hope a new series comes out that actually follows lore, and not some emotional wreck that goes rogue!

  36. I’ve always loved FUD I thought it was great when it first came out, and in comparison to the TV series’s that has only increased. First of master chief sounds more like master chief. I could say a Ton of things that FUD does better the the TV series.

  37. The live action armor in Forward Unto Dawn was much more fluid and natural compared to the armor in the new show. The only thing the show has going for it in this comparison is the CGI is much better than FUD thanks to the larger budget.

  38. halo tv has a better suit but forward unto dawn has a better cheif

  39. People it’s a show on tv grow up and stop crying and complaining already

  40. Ah yes, a man giant in a suit of armor that ways over a ton can leap over another giant.

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