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  1. This show looks like a generic sci fy series and those girls look way to soft for me, they look like the people that cry easelly, and why they always use the "minority orphan girl who is flawless" as the chosen one?
    It was crap in star wars and it will be crap in this series too.

  2. Yep, easy pass for me. Never going to bother watching it since it is a complete waste of time.

  3. first star wars, then LoTR, now halo. but "the message" has to be spread everyone. The reason they dont write there own show's or media is because these people have no skill and no one would want to fucking watch their shit. they need to hijack our beloved franchises. fuck all the way off. the disgusting part is how shameless they are being with this, they dont even give a damn about halo past being a platform.

  4. Calling all Halo fans 😇 – boycott this woke garbage 🗑 They have taken a great story and turned it into their own woke prequel. Classic video game movie being mutilated for their own agendas/profit gain. If the Halo fans unite, maybe, just maybe they will learn their lesson on sticking to the source material. Otherwise, they will just keep doing this again, again and again and only we the real fans will the ones to blame.

  5. Exactly what I wanted, A TV show about a divers group of people from diforent ethnicities that will SOME HOW end a galactic war, when the source material is about a super soilder who was kidnapped at age 6 that fought a war against an alien religious covenant that wants to whipe out humanity, and a parasite that brutally infects its hosts and wants to take over the galaxy! Yup! Definatly going to be great when the main character is taken by a 16 year old girl and a bunch of adain and black people!

  6. This looks bad for the same reason halo 4 and 5 were. They were bad because at its roots halo is a MILITARY Sci-Fi. Due to the show runners surface understanding it will be just generic sci-fi based around a 16 year old girl with a thin coat of Halo painted over the top.

  7. I give it 2 episodes tops before she fully realized her power showing her to be a forerunner descendant and relegating the chief to the background.

    They know they couldn't play around too much with the character of established icons so they have to create mary sue's. They can't create good movies/series with great writing so they take an existing popular franchise and inject it with their own ideas because they know for a fact that their ideas alone can't stand on its own merit.

  8. I cant be happy about anything anymore. I was like oh snap my man master chief on the big screen. Just to make it girls. Stupid

  9. The reason they make the actors look as ugly as possible to make the audience feel like it's more realistic. I would suggest using actual ugly people in these roles but the actors have to play in other movies and shows. They don't want an ugly person playing the part of a princess in a castle. Even though that would be more realistic

  10. This story makes halo 5 story a master piece

  11. Kat is what a real female spartan looks like. The women in this trailer all have long pretty hair. God im so over this day and age.

  12. I have played halo 1, 2, and 3 and the latest one halo infinite. The games are great and the story is cool. You would think the creators of halo would have a say in who and how to make a series so it doesn’t damage the brand but I guess enough money was given to them and the fact that Spielberg is involved was the deciding factor. The lead actress looks like she could barely take on a grunt.

  13. My favourite two Pablo Schreiber movies:
    13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and Den of Thieves

  14. I heard they signed for a second session 😵‍💫

  15. As a woman, I'm sick to all hell of this "woman is the key to everything" bullshit. Especially when it comes to physical battles. It's just laughably pathetic at this point.

  16. The moment I heard they gave Master Chief a Batman-like badass-wannabe voice, I know this show is going to shit on the game franchise.
    Part of the reason Master Chief is alpha is because he's always clam & in control of the situation & could respond accordingly to anything. That's why in the game his voice was always calm. Remember in the end of Halo 3, when everything was blowing up and Cortana was like "90 percent….cHiEF??!?!" He replied with a straight face "we'll make it." (we didn't get to see his face but sounds like a straight face tho)

  17. Master queef tv sirries wil flop with all this nonsense end not make it like the game fuck this feminist woke shit its a dumpster fire

  18. steven spielberg trash again so it is a plagiarism with diversity

  19. But master chief had everything but fighting and following orders removed from his mind when getting genetic implants so he wouldn’t even know what gender is

    Also halo reach had completely no master chief in it and people still loved it

    I do however agree that no one should be able to beat master chief. He’s the strongest soldier to ever exist and he get beaten by a 16 year old? WTF?

  20. The more I hear about this abomination of a show the more I hate it and the people who are making it for fucking up my absolute favorite franchise.

  21. Gordon Ramsay's "commentary" in the opening had me laughing hard!

  22. Here's a small list of the "Strong" female cannon characters

    Spartan 010- Naomi

    Spartan 019- Serin

    Spartan 023- Daisy

    Spartan 053- Margaret

    Spartan  058- Linda

    Spartan 062- Maria

    Spartan 065- Sheila

    Spartan 075- Cassandra

    Spartan 081- Rene

    Spartan 087- Kelly

    Spartan 093- Grace

    Spartan 111- Adriana

    Spartan 130- Alice

    Spartan 137-Carris

    Spartan 143-Roma

    And that's just the Spartan 2 program.

  23. Look, the point of having an extended universe is to tell stories that aren’t the main story that started a franchise. If they can make a good show they can make a good show. It doesn’t have to master chief all the time with halo. Let me give it their shit. If it sucks it sucks. But they at least deserve a chance to try

  24. Honestly, I don't have any affinity toward or loyalty to Master Chief. He was just the guy you played out the story with, not someone I care about. If they want to create a series of stories in that world where Master Chief is not the main character, eh, I can live with that… IF they are well written and entertaining. IF they are well characterized and plotted. The show is HALO not the Master Chief Tales.

  25. Just another modern agenda pushing pile of 💩.

  26. Master Queef-Another WOKE Bait and Switch!
    There is no limit to the destruction these vile narrative partners employ (ie Marxist) to sell the same old message (White Males bad… Spread the word). NOW using the Same Old STAR WARS Woke failing "REY is the BEST-EST EVER" Story Line! How fast can the game players reject this Woke Game? Storyline alone should sink the game because even the indoctrinated generation playing this Propaganda piece will know a Lame story when they detect one. Perhaps communication could be cut off between players so no one shares Hacks, Hints and Scoring gimmicks in case the LAME FACTOR gets out among Fans of a beloved Classic story!

  27. What a bunch of shit……………..no words

  28. Red vs Blue , is a lot better !!!

  29. The “Message” is Paramount (pun intended) rather than story. Kicking the imaginary patriarchy and “white privilege” is also Paramount in everything produced these days. I can’t wait to not watch this dreck.

  30. We've been waiting for the feminists to pick up on the most famous early female lead shooters, Samus from the game Metroid. It'd be kickass to have a Metroid-Halo crossover, but no, they have to actively ruin what's out there, versus look at actual videogame history for a female lead that deserves mentioning and remembering.

  31. I just gonna watch Red vs Blue from rosterteeth. Thanks m8.

  32. when i saw rose tico i honestly never thought i would be wishing to go back to the days of jar jar binks

  33. Damn another fallen hero…Another TeHE-MAN regurgitation Cowbay Bobeep syndrome.

  34. Hey YouTube do you want me to fold these losers. There's no more than parasites. They feed off of people. No more no less. Sorry sweetheart. I don't need followers

  35. UGH god. This is just depressing. I like a lot of fandoms but Halo is the one fandom that I can truly call my self a fan for. The one fandom i played every game and read every book for. Now they are going to take a massive steaming acidic dump on it and then soak it in a pool of putrid sewage while shredding it with a nine tailed flog of wokeness. fuck the people ruining halo.

  36. They’re trying to ruin my childhood with this one

  37. A bit redundant at this point but unless Master Chief is the main protagonist this new show is going to be garbage… Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and now Halo; seems like all the major franchises are getting the woke, ultra feminism, white man bad, masculinity is toxic, replace men with women, all the while highlighting certain orientations and or terrible haircuts. I enjoyed the first few video games and some of the books but I'll pass on this trash tv show… It seems hollywweird will never learn, go woke go broke and without respect we reject.

  38. I would love to rant a ton, even more than I'm about to, but you all won't read a massive rant. So let me rant only a little. The only person who thinks the patriarchy in Halo needs a good kicking in the balls has no clue what they are talking about. They have a fictional version of what Halo is in their head. Their version of Halo doesn't have Commander Miranda Keyes, It doesn't have Cortana the female lead to be the counterpart to Master Chief in every game. Their version doesn't have Dr. Catherine Halsey, the woman who created the Spartan 2s. One that doesn't have two of Chief's most trusted friends and basically family members in Kelly and Linda two of his squadmates. What they think of Halo isn't Halo. It has always had a powerful and intelligent woman, from day one. They are gonna make this alternate version to fix problems that don't exist and just make us all upset then say were all sexist and racist for not liking it.

    As a side note whatever they make Chief's face I'm not gonna be a fan of it because what matter to me about Chief was never what he looked like. He was made a faceless almost voiceless protagonist so the player could put themselves in his shoes. So they could imagine themselves under that helmet. Putting any face under that helmet will ruin that. Suddenly I'm no longer Chief it's that other guy. You are no longer Chief, it's the other guy. he will have a definite face and it won't be ours.

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