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Halo In Movies And TV Shows (Master Chief In Movies And Tv Show)

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Halo is one of the most iconic franchises in the history of gaming, so of course besides Halo and Master Chief in other video games, Master Chief and Halo also showed up in a bunch of movies and TV shows over the years. Halo in movies and tv shows throughout the years.

Intro 0:00 – 0:53
Halo in Movies 0:54 – 1:10
Big Bang Theory 1:11 – 1:52
The Simpsons 1:53 – 2:18
Supernatural 2:19 – 2:30
Scrubs 2:31 – 2:52
Robot Chicken 2:53 – 3:33
South Park 3:34 – 3:48
Spy Kids 3:49 – 4:10
Star Wars 4:11 – 4:35
Power Rangers 4:36 – 4:56
Ready Player One 4:57 – 5:10
40 Year Old Dude 5:11 – 5:32
Jumper 5:33 – 5:42
King Of The Hill 5:43 – 5:59
MAD TV 6:00 – 6:25
Dexter 6:26 – 6:39
Community 6:40 – 6:47
Mission Impossible 6:48 – 7:02
District 9 7:03 – 7:28
Wall-E 7:29 – 7:37
To Love-Ru 7:38 – 7:47
Twilligt Zone 7:48 – 8:03
Jeopardy! 8:04 – 8:37
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 8:38 – 8:43
Marvel 8:44 – 9:02
Lil Wayne 9:03 – 9:11
Castel 9:12 – 9:30
Other Music 9:31 – 10:01
American Dad 10:02 – 10:13
Halo References 10:14 – 10:54

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  1. similar to District 9: in Blomkamp’s next movie, Chappie, during the attempted kidnapping/mind heist scene one of the heist crew is wearing what appears to be a UNSC Marine helmet.

  2. The ready player one scene with the spartans gets me excited every time. I love that movie. Also the district 9 thing makes me sad because I would fucking love to have a halo movie made by Neil Blomkamp

  3. missed chance to include the song better believe, "they rode through the town like its halo"

  4. In deadpool comics there is a shitton of halo weapons

  5. theres a grunt in ready play one i must watch movei now freeedom 2 the grunts

  6. I own the movie Jumper, and as soon as he said "you can hear "Tank beats everything!"" I played it, skimmed to that point in the movie, and it's true. You and VERY CLEARLY hear " Tank beats Hunter. Tank beats everything!"

  7. "The hud looks like it's right out of Halo 2" Halo CE you mean

  8. One you missed is the opening of the song Begging by Madcon, the singers are literally just playing Halo 3

  9. Look up the band Shadow Of Intent. First 2 albums are pretty much all Halo inspiration. And I believe one of the Russian thugs in the first John Wick movie was playing Halo as well.

  10. There was an episode of that one TMNT future show that parodied the hype around halo 2

  11. I don’t remember the mentioning of halo in spy kids

  12. Was that red v blue thing a joke cause it’s literally about halo

  13. My children my bride did a whole song straight up about halo called head shot

  14. theres also a reference to halo in the game Fable 2, where theres master chief style armour with both an assault rifle and energy sword inspired sword.

  15. OMG HALO SPARTAN IN RED VS BLUE??!!!!!1!!! 😱😱😱

  16. The longest yard had the captain of the guard team playing halo 2

  17. Veronica mars. I don’t remember the episode though. A male main character at high school is playing it

  18. RvB is actually a marathon game. Just look at the beginning of season 2

  19. The red vs blue characters look like halo Spartans huh?

    So uh, anyone wanna tell him?

  20. My favorite was actually the halo song being in Guitar Hero 3

  21. Wait rvb isn’t call of duty advanced warfare?? I’m baffled 😂

  22. Mychildren Mybride has a song called Headshot! which is all about fucking halo

  23. i swear that the weapons in lilo and stitch were based on halo i thought that as a child too

  24. Red vs blue is a halo show it just doesn’t have master chief

  25. Great video but you missed the fact there is a band called "Shadow Of Intent" one of my personal favorite bands btw but they have a album called "Reclaimer" and another called "Primordial" then songs like "The prophet's beckoning" "The Didact's Will" "The Index" and my favorite "The Heretic Prevails"
    Legit a great band with some dope nods to the games. If you're in to heavy metal music at all I strongly recommend looking into them.

  26. in agents of shield in one eposode they play halo 3 i think

  27. I know this is an older video but in terms of music check out "Headshot" by My Children My Bride. It's all about Halo 2

  28. There was also its appearance in The Longest Yard where Unger is brought into the Guard's break room (I think) and he says "Hey, you guys have Halo 2! I didn't even think that was out yet!"

  29. Just wanted to say,you could use the halo songs in your videos Ronnie Radke fuckin loves it when people bump his music in videos and stuff

  30. Some of the backgrounds in RvB are also maps from Halo games

  31. There’s a song by lil darkie named genocide pt. 5, which has the lyrics. “Kick it punt, I don't fuck with runts, one-one-seven killin' grunts”

  32. Also in the war reenactment episode of American Dad Steve Was In The Hospital With Stan and they where in room 117 and Stan Was wearing a military uniform

  33. Shadow of Intent is a metal band that’s all about halo

  34. One time I saw Halo reach in the background of parks and rec, so yeah that's cool!

  35. For the music section there's a band thats called "shadow of intent" that makes music about halo

  36. That is the To Love Ru HALO reference you went with, instead of the moment when Rito is clearly Master Chief in the HALO 3 cover art pose while the Great Schism happens near a Halo Ring?

  37. You missed a big one, Halo shows up all the time in the NBC show created by Tina Fey called 30 Rock.

  38. I am SO happy Escape The Fate got a mention.Also in Ted 2 they go to Comic Con or something and there's the beta stations for Halo 5 in the background.

  39. Woow finally someone mention the reference from To love Ru, I surprised seeing that when I watched the episode 4 I didn't expect them to make a reference to halo, They usually always make references to star wars when they mention war in space.

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