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Halo Infinite | Campaign Launch Trailer

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When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the vast reaches of Zeta Halo, from stunning heights to mysterious depths below the ring. Rescue UNSC marines to gain reinforcements in your fight against a fearsome enemy known as “the Banished.” Enjoy true Spartan freedom in the biggest, most wide open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet, launching December 8 2021.

For more information on Halo Infinite, head to: xbox.com/haloinfinite

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  1. Fix your trash! Give me season point for losing social and competitive games in MCC Im sick of fighting you programmer, trolls and cheaters you support at 343

  2. I have never been a big Halo fan, i have played halo 1 – 3, and after reach i just stopped. but man…from now on, count me in. 343 did an amazing job with the campaign. For me the best game of the year!

  3. I didn’t like this campaign. Its missing a lot of content like the big convenant spider boss And banshee fights. Its never gonna be like before.

  4. Holy shit 343 you did a more than amazing job this game giving me vibes that I don't feel the last couple of years with gaming, what a experience much love and keep this up

  5. this story is shit like the mp this was my last time played halo you ruined it

  6. Goose and Hog need patch: more grippy, less tippy

  7. So….Cortana isn't evil anymore? I'm not understanding.

  8. Me encanto la campaña la disfrute como nunca, me recordó tanto a Halo 3. Espero poder seguir la aventura de Jhon 117 y su equipo 💯

  9. I just finished the campaign. it left me what every game should leave us, that is the emotions. Thank you very much❤❤❤❤

  10. This game is trash thank God I got it for free (not through game pass 😉) would never support these developers who just copy and paste other people's ideas 🤣 343 buncha posers. ( I also don't read replies so good luck with gettin back at me ✌️)

  11. This is a marvel of a game. Beautiful and balanced. Congrats to the devs for creating one of the best games made to date.

  12. boycott 343 calls for a change of developer and a new halo.

  13. Will there be a firefight mode in the future???

  14. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for me but as good as this game is, Halo Reach is better.

  15. I got 1 question everyone seems to be avoiding. Wtf happened to cortana and the whole story that was suppose to be following? This campaign feels like it took a sharp left in a direction no one even knows or can see clearly… like wtf happened after halo 5 exactly?…

  16. I heard Master Chief is killed off in the first 5 minutes and Replaced by a Black Trans Women, is this right ?

  17. 343 PLEASE do not allow The Endless to be designed like the Harbinger. Her design is super unremarkable. The Endless should look ICONIC. PLEEASE

  18. All I can say is… NOSTALGIAA..
    Halo’s back b**ches :’)

  19. сталкер сила!

  20. Halo Infinite Collectors Steelbook Edition Xbox Series X

  21. 343 I would love if there is a future update where marine sqaud can drive vehicles.. or even vehicle section in a dlc.. loving the open environment on infinite so far

  22. I don't know what the game looks/plays like on Xbox One. But I can tell you that on Series X, with a 4k Samsung Qled TV, the campaign looks gorgeous.
    The textures are so fine that you can't even see the pixels when you get close and zoom in all the way.
    The lighting looks exquisite. When the sun sets over the horizon and the night begins to fall over the ring, the sky looks so beautiful. You can see the starlight and the light from the nebulae and constellations shine across the landscape.
    I don't see how anyone could say this game doesn't look amazing.
    343 knocked this campaign out of the park. I love it!!!! Halo is back baby!!!!!

  23. I played through the campaign 5 times now, and for the life of me, I can't remember if I ever saw 0:57 in-game at all. I might just be going a different route and because of that I never got to see this section. Obviously we've all been to places that look like this area in the game, but that small section at the time stamp I posted… I don't ever remember seeing what looks to be a forerunner man-cannon like that past the enemies chief is shooting at with the Hydra. Let me know if its in the game or not. Yes, there are cannons like this but the setup of that room just doesn't look like any of the forerunner areas I remember visiting.

  24. I bought a Samsung 65K TV for this to play with Series X.. and wow, it's everything I dreamt it would be. Absolutely love it!

  25. I just finished it yesterday. It's not my favourite Halo game but it's pretty good.

    My biggest complaint is that because of the open world all of the missions are in the same area which makes them all feel very similar and nothing is very memorable. It's either on the surface of the ring, which feels the same no matter where you are, inside a banished structure, or inside a forerunner structure. In previous games with a more structured mission order where you move through different locations every mission becomes way more memorable because they all look and feel very different. I couldn't tell you my favourite moment from Infinite because there's not really a single moment that stands out.

  26. I thought this last halo game was about the final conflict with Cortana and that didn’t happen. Now there are The Endless and Atriox to fight. Hopefully 343 Industries releases the next mission soon.

  27. When is The Arbiter coming back. I want to see him and Master Chief team up like in halo 2 and 3.

  28. Игра норм !! графа оптимизация.

  29. hi 343 industries, I want to make a humble comment on halo infinite … did I like it? Yes, I did like it, but it didn't really meet all my expectations, obviously there were many pretty good things, practically everything but with a few exceptions, one of them is that it became a very linear game, the map seemed very small to me, definitely miss the diverse geographic setting compared to other halo games. I did not like the story at all, I would have liked much more that they had made a direct sequel to halo 5 and that little by little they will reach the context handled in halo infinite. I do not like the blackouts left by the narrative of the game, for example if we compare the original trilogy the three games are closely connected and I do not feel that is the case with halo 4, halo 5 and in this case halo infinite, I mean that Many things have been left aside that in my point of view the novels do not compensate because there is no way to play halo and immerse yourself in that story that has captivated us for years. I hope you have updates and dlcs planned or something that complements or enriches the story. frankly I'm a fan of halo but for me the best thing about halo is its campaign in story mode and I need more history, not summaries or vague memories as there was in this last installment. That said, I think I'm not the only one, we need more halo, much more, maybe they should consider bringing some of the novels that have emerged to Xbox consoles that enrich the game's narrative, without neglecting the master chief. . In fact speaking of the master chief, Cortana was also and has been a fundamental part of the franchise and with everything and what happened to her in halo 5, it seemed unfair that they put her aside like that, I think she deserved a more dignified ending . Anyway, thanks for one more delivery and I hope that soon there will be a complement for halo infinite that will leave us with a better taste in our mouths. thank you 343 indutries

  30. Get rid of cross play or take it off pc ,,hackers ,lag,glitching etc
    Xbox vs Xbox is sweet

  31. This game is a joke . Nothing but a stupid cash grab and bs “battle pass” might as well be “Call of Halo “

  32. H..O..L..Y FRELL!!!

    It's back… Halo is back…."falls to knees and weeps"

  33. The character customisation was better in the previous games

  34. Those graphics on master chief's mask. chefs kiss 👌

  35. the biggest halo ever? Nope! A boring and dead open world, fetch quests and a crap story is the reality. Thats not big! The biggest fail in halo history (before the non remastered halo 3 in the master chief edition)

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