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Halo Infinite – Official UNSC Archives: Lightbringers Trailer

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Check out the latest trailer for Halo Infinite ahead of the game’s release on December 8, 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

After the Covenant bombarded a UNSC excavation site, Colonial miners volunteered to extract an ore needed to fortify the Master Chief’s exoskeleton. Only the ore reached the surface before the ongoing attack threatened total collapse.

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  1. This wasn't a waste of time at all –___

  2. Worshipping Master Chief like he is a messiah. Unsettling.

  3. this reminds me of the scene from pirates of the Caribbean lol

  4. Damn, talk about the passion in making a trailer! Bravo!

  5. From soil to stars. In reference to man ascending into heaven. "Become" what exactly. Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear. For nothing hidden shall remain hidden.

  6. Que ridícules es esa???!! 💔😵

  7. Why does this thumbnail look it could be from get out

  8. Halo looks better than Batllefield 2042 🤗

    Let Microsoft show you how it's done 👍👍🏅🏅

  9. That music always remind me of the third mission: the Truth and Reconciliation.

  10. Boring…. Seriously, if we wanted a Halo the Musical, we'd have all just went and watched Halo the Musical 1, 2 & 3 parodies from

    the channel yrulaughingon YouTube from a decade ago.

  11. This made me go watch the halo odst trailer again. Brings a tear to my eye

  12. Don't know why but the song reminds me of ODST for some reason. I'm sure I'm wrong about it but it reminds me of it.

  13. At first glance this video thumbnail looked like Get Out to me.

  14. Youtube sucks because theyre removing dislikes says:

    Nice to see the blood sweat and tears that went into that suit.

  15. Yo, are they wearing MICH 2000s?! That's crazy XD

  16. Computers still make mechanical hard drive sounds in the future?

  17. Just think, these miners sacrificing so much for Chief's armor…. Then chief gets sniped by a jackal.

  18. That was the shittiest trailer for a game I've ever seen.

  19. They fortnited the s*** out of this game. You're witnessing the death of a franchise.

  20. And guess what infinite will still flop

  21. Only 9days 4hrs an 4min untill halo story launches

  22. Ok why does the start of trailer have the sound of a spinning up harddrive, that's not very futuristic is it. 😀

  23. Is this just marketing for the game, or is this actually a scene for the halo tv show in 2022?

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