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Halo Infinite will Feature Halo TV Show Content in the Future

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Halo Infinite will someday feature content and cross-marketing with the Paramount Plus TV series, according to 343 Industries.

“We will have some content that is inspired by the show that will be coming out in the game a little bit further down the road,” Jarrard said, with no timetable specified.

New Halo TV Series (paramount)

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  1. They are gonna kill the franchised as Disney kill StarWar. We are the age of dead sci-fi.

  2. Nice! can't wait to see some Silver Team armor sets

  3. it’s always “this is coming soon” or “this is coming later but we don’t know when” i just want content

  4. theyve made to many promises and have barely kept any of em therefore i will belive this piece of news when i see it

  5. Is 343 really that desperate for content that they have to bring in assets from the show?

  6. Disappointing. I thought these timeliness were not connected? I feel like I'm witnessing the death of HALO.

  7. It’s too damn late. Other YouTubers have talked about this, but if they were going to cross-promote between the show and the game they needed to plan it out so that happened around the show’s premier. Saying there will be content at some nebulous point in the future won’t get anyone excited, especially if that point is after the first season of the show has finished up

  8. Of course they are…. because you know, lets use stuff from the show that reminds us all that Halo's golden age has been dead for 10+ years

  9. Please dont add that liberal garbage into a good game and series. The show is horrible and doesn't fit the series seems like somebody just watched trailers and decided to make bullshit up.

  10. Didn't they say the show is set in a whole different timeline?!? God this franchise is DEAD.

  11. …Just keep it to cameos. Last thing we need is this cringe canon becoming real canon like with Star Wars!

  12. 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  13. Some people need to relax, most likely it will be armour and stuff like that probably just like the Witcher 3 added something from their Netflix series

  14. One of Halos problems is the community itself. It's never happy, always complaining and hating on stuff.

  15. I wonder if the Covenant will receive updates in line with their presentation from the show?
    Paramount style elites look like they’d be fun to fight alongside regular ones

  16. I like silver team's armor so thats fine

  17. Lets not intertwine this garbage with the game please yall already messed up so many times already.

  18. If we get the Mark 6 Gen 3 Core we could get Halo Legends Blue team and Silver team armors since they are all similar.

  19. they will add the silver team emblem repeated 4 times (armor, nameplate, weapon and vehicle) lol, and a nameplate background, I don't really expect they add silver team armours nor even some coatings

  20. Getting real tired of "further down the road"

  21. At this point they could add anything, anything at all to make people happy but nope. Is it really that difficult to add a playlist in a live service game?

  22. I just hope they don't make a helmet-off helmet for spartans.

  23. Comingsoon™️

    Not this shit again!!!!!

  24. Can't wait for this to come into the game after the show is canceled lol.

  25. Keep that trash show out of halo infinite!

  26. I hope that means we’re getting a DMR—I really miss it.

  27. If we could get some actual content in the game and not a ye ye ass “we’ll feature the show in the game” that’d be great the show is hot garbage halo infinite needs not just content but GOOD content

  28. They should have been ready to release marketing well before the show into the first episode and continuously, another Microsoft and 343 fail.

  29. TBH I want Spartan Vannak's armor especially the chest armor

  30. Does this mean we'll be getting pea shooters in the form of AK 47's for multiplayer?

  31. j mean they already have one of the halo tv show colors in the game

  32. I would be angry but honestly after the Vikings and Romeo armor I can't say to much I just hope they take the same approach as MCC and actually think about new cool stuff other then just cash grabs

  33. So they’re gonna put Halo TV content into Halo Infinite instead of putting Halo Infinite content into Halo Infinite…?

  34. Hope it doesnt consist of chief adventure here or the face of masterchief

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