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Halo Infinite WTF & Funny Moments #183

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Halo Infinite Funny Moments and Best Highlights Episode #183

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  1. Hammers is really messed up, don't know why is taking so much for 343 to fix it, I mean, they ask for micro transactions but the game is still sh*!, nothing like halo 5 after all 🙃

  2. What in the name of unholy fastballs was that second clip 😳

  3. Imagine if whenever you shot somebody’s gun with a precision power weapon, it would either destroy it completely and do a cool little animation, or just disable it for a couple of seconds

  4. Maybe it's just me, but it kind of looked like at 6:00 he missed both slams. Granted yes, like some of the weapons notable for having inconsistencies and no hit reg, the Gravity Hammer is one that has some issues, but the most either of those swings might have done was chip the enemies shields from the blast radius.

  5. Sure Halo Infinite is having its problems, but I think that when forge gets released, it’ll start looking up!

  6. 2:37 the Desync and hit detection in the game is still really bad, it all needs fixing.

  7. In Halo lore the guns have a "heart" in them and the users blood flows through it. Shooting a gun is like shooting a major artery.

  8. DVørchweęssé1fœrfdözēßmkåâñai says:

    Halo logic, you shoot at someone's gun, then he dies

  9. 1:55 itsa me Mista Wulfy

    2:37 there’s something weird about the campaign hammer, it’s like it does nothing if they’re close but it obliterates them from farther away, I have this same thing happen all the time

  10. That last clip has happened to me so many times its crazy people always check line of sight

  11. 4:18 I'm surprised there isn't a medal for getting a kill with the grapple like there is for killing someone with a direct grenade hit.

  12. Im seeing a few reused clips lately. However great vid as always

  13. First clip not exactly genius. Everyone knows weapons count as hit markers loool

  14. I gotta say, the Gravity Hammer range is very inconsistent. It seems like sometimes it has a sniper scope on it, and other times, you have to be in the other player to kill them. Now I haven’t really learned how to use it correctly, as I just discovered how to correctly use the Energy Sword, but it’s very strange

  15. Yes, hammer need to be fixed!!! I had that happen twice tonight

  16. Big Team Battle still no ranked leaderboard? also new Snow map. also ability to tame monsters as your mount or more fun cool veichles

  17. I love these videos but the commentary has to go. Feels like I’m watching ridiculousness

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