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Halo is RUINED! TV Series Boss OUSTED from 343 Industries?!

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Is the Halo franchise ruined? Seems like a lot of industry pundits have NO idea what Microsoft has planned for the games or the TV series. Kiki Wolfkill, who oversaw the TV series, has supposedly been “moved” to another division of Microsoft and nobody knows what’s up with 343 Industries. Meanwhile, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has nothing but praise for The Last of Us on HBO Max. He probably took a good, hard look at the garbage that was the Paramount Plus series and made some tough decisions…

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  1. Halo TV series was truly awful … they should can it and get that dude from district 9 to pick it up. Or they could make a decent animation / anime like some of the recent Netflix series.

  2. halo and the xbox brand have benn dead since 2013

  3. Leaks are saying that they are preparing to reboot Halo, so instead of making the tv show like the games, maybe they will make the games fit the tv show.
    Say hello to Mater Cheeks in his video game debut.

  4. Modern western entertainment: Let's kill off everything that made old entertainment actually good.
    Old fans: We hate it!
    Modern western entertainment: You are a -inst or -phobe then.
    Old fans: Of course. facepalm

  5. There are so many stories they could have made with show an you were handed pretty much a script if too just remake the games into a movie it would have worked instead we got an abomination of a show

  6. Anybody remember when the "HALO" franchise could've been legendary when Peter Jackson showed interest in making a movie of it when he finished creating "Lord of the Rings," but Microsoft effectively killed it because they wanted most, if not all of the box office revenue?

  7. I don't think I'll be watching season two if it even comes out.

  8. Paramount doesn't have chief it has cheeks.

  9. To be Fair 343 Didn't make Halo Bungie made Halo so first red flag

  10. They bounced a heavy gun/dropship like a ping pong ball after hitting it with a damned light scout. They deserve what they got.m

    Funny thing is. That was the PRAISED sequence.

  11. If they wanted to do something proud feminist with Halo, they should've investigated the Red vs Blue parody instead. It's got literaly everything they need: the red and blue teams for a comedy series, Texas and Carolina for strong females, who both deserve their own more serious spinoffs, and also allow for some really deep storyline about the artificial mother/daughter relationship between the two. Heck, if done right, even the most conservative of sci-fi fans would still dig it! There's literally a sci-fi universe for everyone to enjoy there.
    As for Master Chief? Just let him Master Chief around as he always did!

  12. I mean the cortina piloted corpse was the closest to the MC we know in the entire show run.

  13. It's okay, they said before the show released that this was Halo "In a different universe" so they could just do whatever they wanted with it. So it's okay, and you're a bigot if you didn't like the tv show because it was never about you anyway.

    Ugh………..they have done a significant amount of damage to this brand.

  14. Male centric franchises purchased to draw in a male audience … woke CEO …. "let's put a man-hating feminist in charge of that franchise."

  15. Kiki Wolfkill should be name of Prey reboot protagonist if the game was to be made for modern audience.

  16. Stopped watching after around 20 mins and just watched YouTube's reviews – it's a terrible show. Never played the games past the third one

  17. This show made halo 5's campaign look like a masterpiece i'm glad they are gone as they hired people that did not know nothing about the lore within the franchise and just wokifed it to hell

  18. For your information, I'm driving the corpse of Master Chief LIKE A YOUTUBING MAZDA!
    – Max0r's Cortana

  19. Understanding and respecting both lore and the fans that kept it going is so easy when the developers and writers are not up their own asses for the warmth in the middle of a desert.

  20. Need the people who are making last of us to do halo or people with that level of passion of the games not people who probably never played Halo

  21. Common denominator= this character is being ruined that character has been ruined this character is going to be ruined… all of our culture is being ruined systemically with a vengeance .what I want to know is why?

  22. Good riddance to the dumb idiots at 343i in management who honestly have been living under a fucken rock about the incompetent leading of halo ever since 343 took over. Its amazing how fast 343 attempted to flee from Bungie's legacy and how fast the IP fell into the toilet by following the ideology of "making our own halo" just KILLED the series

  23. This was obviously before episode 3 of TLOU…

  24. Collective failure of both Microsoft and 343i. They have done nothing but tarnish the franchise, Master Chief used to be a mascot for an entire console and now he's one of it's biggest failures. 343 has failed us in all the Halo games they made that suck while Microsoft failed us with protecting the sanctity of Halo's universe and its characters by letting Paramount+ With Showtime (real name btw) to literally shit on film and call it Halo.

  25. The Halo TV show was a promising misguided adventure in how to mind f@&k fans while entertaining those not familiar with the existing lore.

  26. Fans: We want to see Master Chief kick ass and chew bubblegum!

    Microsoft: How bout some buttcheeks, canon breaking nonsense, and a big dose of idiot woke nonsense instead?

    Fans: 🤮

    Microsoft: The peasants must be "review bombing" us, continue ahead, they're the one who're wrong!

  27. Paul Tassi is Biased Sony simp amd Bungie boot licker aka Captain of Destiny 2 White Knight forces.

  28. Soon their heresy will be quelled and the rest purged

  29. Every single franchise you loved will be co-opted & destroyed in service of; THE MESSAGE…

  30. They deserved it.
    People should vote with wallet, playtime and talk shit.

  31. Not surprising if it gets axed, Halo Tv series was (Before Ring of Power and now Velma dethroned it) the adaptation that screamed: "We dont like nor care about this thing but we wanted to make an our own thing but couldn't get it greenlit so we had to put the Halo name on it" the clearest ive ever seen

  32. Waiting for the obligatory race/gender/identity swap of Master Chief into a trans/gender-fluid/blended black/white/Asian fe/male lesbian in lightish red armor coated with rainbow glitter with SJW internet meme jargon in bubble lettering plastered all over it.

    Give it a month,…
    It's going to happen,…
    Yes it will be as bad as I predicted.

    SJW SJW Mowy wackspin!
    SJW SJW Mowy wackspin!
    So,… insert your braindead extreme left SJW feminist gender obsessed bizarro world identity politics gender-fluid pronoun here 👉(_______________________________________________)
    SJW's win again!
    Sooooo much winning!
    Mowy MIMS!!

  33. 3:50 As a filthy casual of the Halo franchise, Geeky's reaction is spot on.

  34. Master Chief is going to transition in season 2.

    Halo joins Star Wars in things I no longer care about.

  35. What I can’t stand is how they try to “make sense” of the multiplayer.

    Making it a training simulator, arena style sports shooter was dumb and paints itself into a box now.
    BUNGIE Halo multi made ZERO sense but that’s where the magic came from.
    It left it open to people like Rooster Teeth to make “the lore” of why the fuck these cyborgs are in a giant canyon fighting 😂

  36. The show was ruined from the very first episode

  37. So season 2 will be Weekend at Master Chief's?

  38. So season 2’s going full “Weekend At Bernie's”?

  39. That's okay, just give the person 20-30 more million dollar projects to head up until they get their hiversity dire feet under them. This stuff makes money.

  40. I am 100% convinced at this point that there has to be some weird nepotistic money laundering shit at 343 for Microsoft. Dude, they were give 12 years to torpedo THE biggest franchise they had – the same management kept on falling upward, it makes no sense

  41. They followed the lore. Don't listen to the cry babies. They have all the major story hits going in the show, they made a few changes, but if you want the exact story from the games, play the games.

  42. H Infinite campaign writers salvaged the absolute mess that was done to the story that H4-5 did.

  43. Should be called halo the quest for bowel movements

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