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Halo Landfall

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  1. Still the best Halo Movie 🎥 🍿 as of December 2021. This is relatively low budget and old. But I love how gritty it is.

  2. If you put Icon – Nutronic at 2:00, it fits quite well. Except the song doesn't last long enough for whole video 🙁

  3. No one gonna talk about how that one marine literally chucked that spike grenade to a flying banshee?

  4. Never played the game, but I'd watch hours of that

  5. I know this was made in 2012, but goddamn this whole thing screams "2010 cinematography".

  6. Whoever the Props Master was gets 10/10 for what them and their crew made with this. The CGI is very 2012 low budget, but it's also a decade old at this point.

    I do gotta say how funny it is watching old videos on future tech though. Because yes, we'd need to put marine lives & assets in danger just to have a piece of tech scan in the drop location of chief, as though somehow an orbital satellite, or flight capable craft couldn't have done the same, with much less stress incurred, or loss of life. The last thing we'd be doing with that level of technology, is getting boots on the ground to scan something with what equates to glorified binoculars.

  7. Still the best halo live action till this day I hope the soon to be halo series can do it to

  8. Glad to see the solider was being a good boy and got the jab

  9. By far the most brutal scene is at the end when the Brute Chieftain gets completely atomized by the force of the rocket blast.

  10. Que????????? 9 anos??? Que magnífico

  11. I love this but realistically they would’ve put the legs of the sniper down for stability

  12. Please green light a full feature directed by Neil Blomkampf!

  13. Dude I remember when this came out. I was so excited to see live action Halo 🎬. It's been such a joy to grow up having Halo. A universe that saved us all in some shape or form.

    Now my kids play Halo. Halo 5 was the first campaign my oldest beat.

    Seriously Halo, Bungie, 343… you saved my life more then a few times.. just grateful I'm still here to see it and share with my family.

  14. For me the games never really displayed the lethality of Brute Spikers; this did.

  15. this is peak bungie, in their prime. they've fallen so far

  16. I give respect to that ODST sniper though, he got caught by surprise and evaded that brute chieftain and used his pistol and fought until his death poor guy was probably scared out of his mind.

  17. Thank you, Neil Blomkamp. Your Trailer still hold's up to Sierra 117 Legend.
    Long-time HALO Fan, and Airborne afghan Veteran.

    Also,…too many comments in the comment section to like! 🙂

  18. Seriously they need to just go and hire Neil Blomkamp back again to have him do the halo show. Don’t focus on the chief or characters we know or shit. Just follow a group of basic ass marines or at most, some ODSTs.

    Nightfall was so close with good outfits and some decent props but then most of it was bogged down by immediately taking all the cool outfits off, having no interesting enemy and being stupid (you need to power up a gun to shoot it? I think the fuck not unless they have electronic primers or a electric safety which would make no god damn sense)

    Forward unto dawn was just weird. Like who cares about some fucking cadets? It felt like an adaptation of a Halo YA novel that didn’t exist. Though again it had some decent props.

    But yeah get Neil back, set it during the human covie war, follow marine dropping like flies, and get Weta Workshop on to do the props. And for the love of god, keep the fucking moralizing kilo 5 trilogy bullshit out of it and stop sucking chiefs dick. I like him as much as everyone else but I’m tired of only ever seeing shows with him.

  19. Watching this after the new series trailer has released. I can only hope it does halo the justice that this would have

  20. May Yahuwah God damn the black Pope to eternal Hellfire

  21. Is the new halo tv series is anything like this I’ll be happy

  22. I’m so disappointed with Infinite, imagine if it had the utilitarian art direction and cinematic style of Landfall, which would be possible now on PS5/Series X/high-end PC.

    Given the soft reboot approach, Infinite was an opportunity for a clean start away from the space fantasy of Halo 4/5, to return Halo to it’s more grounded military sci-fi roots focused on the UNSC. Instead it has an artificial, sterile and amateurish visual design, with unsatisfying gameplay, vehicles and missions. It’s lame and juvenile to me, 343i just don’t get it.

  23. It only took 9 years for this to get a show

  24. I never noticed before that the spike grenades have timers and the battle rifles are full auto. I must've been blinded by the awesomeness.

  25. Sad that this came out basically a decade ago and still better than trailers to this day. Even for movies

  26. Is this not something that can be bought on dvd 📀 or whatever???

  27. This is what is needed for a halo Show to be Successful not all about spartans and the chief it should be about A Battalion or a Squad of ODST'S something where they are ultimately bad assess but they arent Super soldiers that punch rockets out the sky

  28. People must be thinking that the past must be scary for all the fights that took place but watching this video makes me think that the future is scary

  29. Did anyone notice…
    That thing on fire crashing down…
    That’s master chief, from the start of halo 3…
    Although in halo 3 video it was night and here it’s day, Wich is a little mistake from the filmmakers, it’s still master chief

    They were holding up for him to arrive,

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