Halo Live Action TV Series - First Look Trailer The Game Awards 2021 [HD 1080P] - gametvseries.com

Halo Live Action TV Series – First Look Trailer The Game Awards 2021 [HD 1080P]

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First Look Trailer The Game Awards 2021 of Halo Live Action TV Series. All the latest trailers and gameplay from The Game Awards 2021 here! Subscribe for all the latest trailers and gameplay:
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  1. more woke casting and blackwashing white characters, nice

  2. Master Chief's armor looks like a mix of his Halo 3, Halo 4/5 and Halo Legends/Halo Infinite looks all into one. Neat.

  3. its going to suck, Halsey being British gives it away.

  4. Looks bad. Even with how diverse Halo is already they still made it feel incredibly forced.

  5. I'm a bit afraid that Master Chief will be only be a mere bait and won't be the main protagonist

  6. Jesus christ above…. please, please don't stuff this full of woke twitter crap… I just want something good and not idiotic… is that so much to ask for?

  7. The armor look good but the color feel so plastic

  8. I dont get why people are upset about race changes? Like not to start an argument but does it really matter with the story? Its just a race change lmao, doesn't matter to me, as long as the story is good Im game

  9. Wow. they actually threw a bunch of money at this. I am hopeful because visually it looks great.

  10. I don't care much for the emotional bravado behind the marketing

    It was fine for Halo 3, but anything origin related- if it's lore accurate, is a nightmare for the human species. Hunger, embargo, planetwide surveillance, and annihilation at the crescendo

    And now we're getting into "the endless" with Atriox at the helm. The series is getting deeper and deeper into the shit between flood, the didact, what cortana wanted to do, and whatever the primordial told prehistoric humanity that made them all want to kill themselves. Notwithstanding the war between mendicant bias and offensive bias that literally melted the minds of sentient life

    I guess what I'm getting at is, you either make halo a story about civilization or you make it about the chief and chief alone. I don't get how we go from a man who can't give another human being a hug to a thriller/drama about rife with "character development" and personality. It never fails with Hollywood

  11. Please do not be a woke pile of trash… Halo was my childhood, and Still is a big part. Just do not push an agenda and stay true to halo..

  12. If that kid is a major plot point I'm going to throw all my toys. I hate it when mature series or movies make a kid a focal feature to add "le humanity" and shit.

  13. The irony if it launches on Apple TV+ would be immense 😂😂😂

  14. It seems like there's no place for white adult men in Halo universe.

  15. Ohh cool they show Master Chief, then a close-up a woman, again close-up a woman and then again woman? What the hell is this? Maybelline commercial?

  16. Had a tough week (or 10 years). This made me cry.

  17. I fear they will focus on boring side characters, with master chief only showing up in some scenes.
    Add to that soap opera crap between the characters etc.
    But I hope I'm wrong.

  18. Judging by this trailer it's going to be woke.

  19. Please don't make it into a character/political drama. Jusg give us sci-fi action, with some interesting plot as a background.

  20. Судя по ролику, мужиков спартанцев очень мало было. В основном одни бабы…

  21. Stay away from the comments. They're full of anti-SJW people with pitchforks throwing a tantrum because the ethnicity of two characters was changed. It makes zero difference to the story and shouldn't matter to an actual Halo fan, but holy heck, they're crying anyway,

  22. Oh dear. Really wish they'd let halo die in peace.

  23. You can tell the elves made this just look at all the diversity.

  24. next they're gonna revela master chief is a jogger, cuk, gay, his pronouns

  25. Been playing Halo since I was 10 years old and that gave me shivers

  26. Well at least the chief is in it at least. bunch rando nothing characters. entertainment just sucks now finally get a halo series and i bet masterchief isnt even the focus. should of been made in 09 or something. at least then we would of gotten a real halo adaptation starring MC

  27. This looks kinda like Fall Of Reach. At least there was something like that Rebel space station as well as little Jhon(?).
    At The same time High Charity makes you think about Halo 2.

  28. Please dont suck! ; I have been waiting for this for so long lol

  29. Looks like they were more interested in showing diversity than showing anything interesting.


  31. Looks like it ticks all the woke boxs. Flop

  32. Nice video just subscribed to your YT Channel 👍👍

  33. If anyone read the books, it looks like The Cole Protocol time frame (About ten years into the Covenant war). The asteroids strung together are The Ruble, and the three other Spartans could be Grey team (Led by Jai). It's the first we hear of Thel ( later becomes the Arbiter). Lots of lore happening during this time frame.

  34. 😂 I cant wait for it to be absolutely ruined!

  35. Visor is not shiny enough. My Oakley 24k gold iridium lens is as deep and shiny as the chief's Halo infinite cut scenes

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